Zogby Increasingly Defensive About Ties To Ruling Families In Gulf

James Zogby, who describes promotional efforts on behalf of Arab oil-“Shakes” , attending galas with Lisa Halaby (we decline to call her “HM Queen Noor”), and hobnobbing with the “moderate” Zionists as Arab-American political activism is defending his most recent poll.  The poll which was obviously conducted and manipulated to reach conclusions that are both Washington friendly and supportive of Saudi propaganda interests has received extensive criticism.  Zogby, who receives his support from ruling families in the Gulf states and whose galas are underwritten by the Saudi Arabian embassy and Saudi Aramco, has never enjoyed any credibility among Arab-Americans.  He’s long been rightfully viewed as a shameless self-promoter with more friends among the children of the “Shakes” in the Arab Gulf states than he has among Arab-Americans.  In recent years Zogby, unlike when he first arrived in Washington back when Disco dominated the billboard charts, has discovered he can no longer go unchallenged, and has grown increasingly defensive as a result.

And then there were those who, finding results with which they couldn’t agree, decided that it was easier to “shoot” or at least try to discredit “the messenger”.

Oh no Jim, you don’t need to be discredited.  You accomplished that all by yourself years ago.

When over 4,000 Arabs from Morocco to the Arab Gulf States are asked their views about critical issues of importance to the region and to peace, it is important that they be heard and understood. For too long, Arabs have been ignored. Polling opens a window, letting Arab voices be heard. There is a danger in ignoring what they are saying.

Nobody is arguing the views of the Arabs should be ignored, but what they’re saying is that what you and your polls have to say about the views of the Arabs should be ignored.

To read more about Zogby, his role in Washington, and relations with Arab oil-“Shakes” visit Ikhras. http://ikhras.com/tag/james-zogby/

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