Zionist Paranoia About House Arabs

Gary Fine, a self-described advocate for a “secure Israel, and a strong American-Israel partnership,” reveals interesting insights about the Zionist attitude towards House Arabs. If there was ever any proof that Zionists are paranoid, it’s in Fine’s article, The Arab Lobby in American, How Powerful?

Relying on Mitchell Bard and Alan Dershowitz, both of whom are relentless Zionists, Fine states:

Is the Arab lobby, its strongest voice-the Saudi lobby, one of the strongest in America? According to a new book by American Middle East expert Mitchell Bard, the answer is a definitive YES!!

The rest of the article, laughably, tries to make the Arab lobby appear guilty of the Israel lobby’s attributes such as serving the interests of a foreign state. It’s unclear what Fine, Bard and Dershowitz are so worried about. How exactly do House Arabs pose a threat to the Zionist-American establishment? What better ally could Zionists dream of than House Arabs? As Professor As’ad Abu Khalil remarked:

the Saudi Lobby now serves as a mere arm of the Israeli lobby.  Just notice that the mega arms sale worth $60 billion to Saudi Arabia stirred not one whisper from from the Israeli lobby–which has to approve by US law all arms sales to Arab and Islamic countries.

He also stated “the mother/father of Islamic fundamentalist fanaticism (the House of Saud) is on the side of Israel in this conflict.”

For Zionists like Fine, Bard and Dershowitz, no amount of House Arab collaboration soothes their racist anxieties. No amount of Zionist power is enough to protect them from insignificant Arab competition. Is this the model Arabs should be yearning to establish for themselves?

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