Ziad Asali Relapsed Into Peace-Processing, Says Israel “Most Successful Model Of Modern Nation-Building”


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Palestinian-American Zionist and head of the now defunct Arab wing of the pro-Israel lobby, Ziad Asali, has had a relapse into peace-processing. It’s been years since the Ikhras Shoe-Of-The-Month winner “Ziyaaaaaawwwd”, as he likes to be called, has donned a black-tie tuxedo to prance around the Ritz Carlton Ballroom with Hussein Ibish at ATFP “galas”, but he still includes “founder and president of the American Task Force on Palestine” in his bio. The ATFP closed shop back in 2014 after the Washington-based peace-processing industry collapsed and anti-Palestinian groups and repressive GCC regimes cut off all funding. Writing in the same Saudi-Wahhabi regime rag that prints Ray Hanania’s drivel, “Ziyaaaaaawwwd” took the reader on a trip back into time with stale slogans and cliches that serve as a reminder of both, a bygone era, and the Palestinian traitors it left in the trash bins of Washington DC hotels.

The weak, vulnerable and needy state of Israel of 1948 has expanded, consolidated and built a regional powerhouse through decades of war and peace. It is now a regional superpower guaranteed to have a qualitative military edge, and a global technological superpower. It also has one of the most agile global political networks, including within the Middle East. In short, a most successful model of modern nation-building.