When Hussein Ibish Finally Apologizes Its To A Zionist Fanatic

Hussein Ibish finally apologizes, but it’s not to those he’s been publicly attacking over the last few years and to whom he actually owes an apology. No he’s not apologizing to the Arab-Americans he regularly attacks in a highly personal and vicious manner.  He’s apologizing to a Zionist fanatic for a tweet that doesn’t really require an apology.  The Zionist fanatic and what Ibish initially stated and was considered a transgression are not important. What is noteworthy here is Ibish’s willingness to humble himself  and offer an apology.

Those that have followed Ibish over the last few years would have noticed an obvious and stark difference in the language, tone, and attitude he adopts towards Arab-Americans compared to his interactions with non-Arabs, US officials, and pro-Israel lobbyists. We’ve covered this aspect of Ibish’s behavior previously. With Arab-Americans Ibish is abrasive, aggressive, condescending, rude, and contemptuous.  We’ve also compiled some of his more colorful outbursts which you can find below. In the past, Ibish has also made racist remarks regarding Arabs which he would never direct towards any other group of people.

On the other hand, when it comes to non-Arabs Ibish displays utmost respect, deference, and civility.  Ibish has clearly internalized the ideology, sensibilities, and political culture of the ruling class in this country which allows for a certain type of discourse about Arabs and Muslims that remains unacceptable when directed towards any other non-Arab, non-Muslim group. Ibish’s internalization of this political culture and its inherently racist double standards explains his quick reversal and apology to the Zionist fanatic. It also explains why when it comes to those Arab-Americans deserving of an apology from Ibish, no such apology will be forthcoming.

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