When A Hashemite Visits The House

Abdullah: “Good Day Your Excellency, Mr. President, Sir, it is indeed a joy, privilege, and honor to visit the White House, and be in your presence here at this great institution, and symbol of civilization, I can’t express just how….

Bush:  Yeah Yeah Yeah, give it a break Abdoolah.  Come on in, let’s get this over with.  There’s a baseball game starting in about an hour.

Abdullah: Mr. President, Sir, I want you to know how much I’ve been looking forward to visiting you in the White House.  I used to come with my Dad when I was a child…

Bush: Oh yeah, Fawd was a good guy I hear.

Abdullah: Mr. President, Sir, with your permission I would like to say my father’s name was not Fahd.  His name was Hussein, but if you would like to call him Fahd that’s fine. I’ll instruct my parliament to immediately pass legislation to make a posthumous name change.  He wouldn’t mind. On his death bed he instructed me to always do as America says.

Bush: (laughter) Ah Yeah, Hussein from that other smaller country with the weird shape.  Did you know if Texas was turned on its right side, it sort of looks like your country?  Its a trick my tutor told me about to help me remember.  That’s right. I remember now. He was a good feller.  Didn’t have any oil, but made peace with the Hebrews.

Abdullah: Yes Sir, Mr. President my family has always been committed to peace, peace at any cost, peace on any terms, peace without any consideration of Arab rights, dignity, or self-respect.  I want you to know whatever the US decides to do you can count on the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to be in full support as it always has been.

Bush: You follow Baseball Abdoolah?

Abdullah: Yes your Excellency, Baseball is my favorite sport Sir.  It’s a great American sport and I always try to catch a game when I’m in the US.  I also like hot dogs and peanuts and beer.

Bush: Ok, let’s go in and take our photo together so we can send you on your way. The Rangers are playing.

Abdullah:  Yes, Sir.  This is such a pleasure.  I Feel like I’m on a pilgrimage to Mecca in our old family domain in the Hijaz.

Bush: That aint right Abdoolah.  The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.  That’s all I remember about our history so you can discuss all that with the staff if you like.  Let’s go.  We’re wasting time.  And you can cut the Bullshit.  The camera is too far away to hear you.