Wars Amongst House Muslims

ISNA at the White House

One wonders why the King hearings’ ” witness,” House Muslim Zuhdi Jasser, considers the Islamic Society of North Americapart of an insidious Muslim Brotherhood plot.” Jasser and the King hearings would be hard pressed to find anyone more docile than ISNA.

For example, at a time when the US is occupying two Muslim-majority countries (Afghanistan and Iraq), ISNA not only failed to protest these savage wars in any meaningful way, but it actually makes sure the spiritual needs of occupying soldiers are met (to the extent militarism requires spirituality). It advertises for Chaplain positions in the US Army, US Navy and US Air Force without even trying to put on a facade of peacefulness or making the slightest disclaimer that it doesn’t endorse the wars they’re engaged in. 

Instead of organizing to end the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, ISNA has poured more energy into organizing conferences for:

imams and Muslim chaplains working with hospitals, universities, the Armed forces, and federal and state, prisons around the Country.

ISNA has routinely hosted speakers from the US Army and Navy. It was also somehow able to find something positive to say about the lying-about-Iraqi-WMDs Colin Powell.

We commend and thank Secretary Powell for affirming the value and contributions of Muslim Americans.

In contrast to the African-American church, which served as an organizing hub during the civil rights movement, the Muslim-American mosque under the leadership of ISNA and its ilk has served to fuel unjust, illegal wars against innocent populations at worst and to stand by silently at best. In the tradition of House Muslims (and House Negroes before them), ISNA shares the idea that pursuit of the comforts of the American dream is more important than standing up for peace and justice. The result is that malnourished Afghanis and Iraqis are expected to understand ISNA officers’ need to stuff their faces at the White House. It’s as despicable as Palestinians of 48 dining with Netanyahu at a time like this.

It comes as little surprise that ISNA would be celebrated by House Arab James Zogby. Those with the slightest hint of concern for millions of lives ravaged by war would seize a moment of national attention to speak against the war. But not ISNA’s Ingrid Mattson and not Zogby:

I am delighted to learn that you will offer a prayer at the National Cathedral Inaugural Prayer Service … I want to, once again, express my thanks to you, for all you do, and to the Inaugural Committee for choosing you to represent America’s Muslims on the day our nation kneels before God asking for His blessing on our new President.

ISNA’s collaboration doesn’t stop at Afghanistan and Iraq. It makes clear it has no qualms with US military intervention in Libya.

“This threat of pending massive force is frightening, considering the fact he has already murdered hundreds, injured thousands, and committed horrific acts of violence,” ISNA said while urging Obama to intervene immediately on behalf of the Libyan people.

Predictably, ISNA calls for intervention only against countries that are not allies of the US, like Qadhafi’s regime. Only a month before Hosni Mubarak‘s removal from office, ISNA was spreading the idea that Mubarak’s abhorrent sons were ambassadors of tolerance and justice:

As Egyptian Copts attended mass at churches across the country, “thousands” of Muslims, including “the two sons of President Hosni Mubarak,” joined them, acting as “human shields” to protect from terrorist attacks by extremists

What more could King and Jasser possibly want in a Muslim organization?