Voices From The Field: Abbas Hamideh


Abbas Hamideh at #SupportPalestineInDC2016

[Ikhras Note: Ikhras was inspired by the Arab-American and U.S. Muslim “activists” and “representatives” that hijacked our collective community name, issues and causes for their own self-aggrandizement and in furtherance of personal ambitions unrelated to our communities’ agenda, interests, and well-being. As such, we have focused on exposing, ridiculing and holding accountable House Arabs and House Muslims in the US, to borrow Malcolm X’s expression. Although you will never see them in U.S. mainstream media, enjoying a White House “Iftar”, or groveling in front of pro-Israel U.S. politicians, we do have many Field Arabs who are genuine, principled activists committed to social justice and the liberation of Palestine. Palestinian-American activist Abbas Hamideh is one of these Field Arabs. Hamideh is a co-founder and leader at Al-Awda, The Palestine Right To Return Coalition and a tireless activist. We found the following entry on his FB page which we are republishing with his permission. We call on all activists within our community to adopt this model of activism.]  You can follow Hamideh on twitter @Resistance48 and on his Facebook Page.

When Hezbollah was determined to liberate southern Lebanon they weren’t waiting for an American political miracle to do it for them they did it themselves. They finally rose up and took what was there’s. We have a few examples of Arab liberation from Algeria and so on. I want some Arabs particularly in the west to stop feeling this apathy and stop having such colonized minds. Don’t settle for crumbs and false hope. Start believing in yourself and your people and believe that you are more worthy than whatever “solution” is thrown your way. Don’t give up and don’t give in. You don’t have to accept temporary lip service or a trend that’s giving you a “glimmer of hope.” No one is going to give us anything. Spare me the crumbs, spare me the “what choice do we have?” Did Malcolm X give in? Did Martin Luther King give in? Some of you quote these great leaders without understanding their message. Don’t be afraid to want what’s yours and to claim it without any reservation. As a Palestinian you don’t have to apologize to anyone about demanding your full inalienable rights. I know I won’t.