Video & Analysis Of David “Go GOP” Ramadan’s “Prayer Meeting”

After the announcement of Osama Bin-Laden’s killing, David “Go GOP” Ramadan, the Lebanese-American buffoon and Republican candidate for a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates called for a “prayer meeting.”  David asked that no political signs be displayed by those who attended, a request intended to convey he will not exploit the occasion for his campaign which is exactly what he was doing, of course.  His concerns about an ill-timed, raucous political rally by his supporters devolving into an  inappropriate  carnival atmosphere were quickly alleviated when only three people, including himself, showed up to his “prayer meeting.”   A video of the event was posted online which shows a Republican local council member saying a prayer while David, clutching what appears to be a Bible and an American flag, works hard to appear solemn and reflective for the camera.   It was also reported David himself said a prayer “thanking the troops for their service”, but interestingly no video was provided for that portion of the meeting.  Given David’s consistent pattern of running from his Islamic background, its highly unlikely he was reading Al Fatiha. We believe people have a right to practice any faith they choose freely and openly, and we’re not concerned with David’s or anyone else’s religious orientation.  What we find troubling is an immigrant feeling so insecure that he goes to great lengths to disassociate from his religious (and/or ethnic) background. And what is unacceptable is launching a campaign for public office based on a strategy of deliberate ambiguity and deception. The insulting assumption of David’s campaign that a majority of Americans are racist, anti-Muslim bigots that won’t vote for a Muslim candidate should also be rejected.  David remains vague and ambiguous about his religious beliefs while parroting an extreme,  right-wing religious line, and his unheeded call for a “prayer meeting” while refusing to be honest and forthright about his own alleged faith was an amateurish, transparent,  and hypocritical political ploy.


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    haha, stacy, I thought I would be the same way, but Stefan just acted so calm the entire time I di9;3#&dnt feel worried at all! (So strange since usually I run away from bees).

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