US-Backed “Comedian” Finally Got Some New Material

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It appeared that Dean Obeidallah, vapid, U.S. State Department-sponsored stand-up comic turned part-time CNN House Muslim spokesperson, finally got some new material. It was a welcome change to casual observers, who had long grown tired of his whiny state-sponsored mantra “I’m Muslim and look, I’m human.” Obeidallah (who never identified as Arab or Muslim until he discovered he can pursue a mediocre career on the outer margins of American pop culture by adopting both labels) has now mounted a defamation of character suit (a patently frivolous lawsuit that will be dismissed) against The Daily Stormer, a white supremacist blog, for allegedly fabricating tweets whereby he claimed responsibility for the Manchester bombing. Now at this point, it’s hard to say which is more hilarious, the original story by The Daily Stormer, or Obeidallah’s unintentionally hilarious, if not predictable, response. Predictable, in the sense that the attention-starved Obeidallah, constantly struggling for relevancy, is trying to capitalize on a hot-button issue involving white supremacists. Crying about “death threats” he’s received in the aftermath adds more sensationalism. Imagine the sighs of disappointment when, after digging into the Ikhras vaults, it was discovered that this is not a new tack at all; other blogs had simply refused to swallow the bait before now.

In a series of e-mails sent to Ikhras in 2011, Obeidallah insinuated that the editors would threaten his life:

“You can smear me with lies and half-truths. You can even attack me and my late father as you have done on your website as much as you choose, but unless you literally kill me, I won’t stop expressing my opinions and views.”

He repeated several times, “…I told you the only way you can shut me up…,” obviously a lame attempt to goad Ikhras into saying something that would constitute a “death threat.” Of course the vast majority of journalists and blog editors are smart enough to see the bait for what it is; however, white supremacists are not known for being the brightest bulbs, so Obeidallah finally scored. The funniest joke that the so-called “comedian” ever cracked, albeit unintentional, is that he would say anything important enough to warrant a death threat.