US-Backed “Comedian” Dean Obeidallah Is Now A “Muslim-American Leader”


Dean Obeidallah, in his own words, has gone through a dramatic evolution in the past decade.  As if being “white” before the September 11, 2001 attacks and waking up Arab the very next day wasn’t traumatic enough, there was the issue of religion to negotiate. Religion is evidently a bit confusing for Obeidallah, who became the butt of long-running family joke by proclaiming he was a “Catholic-Muslim.” Several years ago he began professing Islam as his sole religion, eking out a fairly lucrative career by being the token Muslim serving as a US government mouthpiece on overseas “comedy” tours. Obeidallah had lived and identified as an Italian-American and Roman Catholic for the first 40 years of his life. It was only after 9/11, when the US State Department began looking for Arab-Americans and US Muslims willing to participate in propaganda campaigns to help “improve the US image abroad”, that Obeidallah discovered his Arab and Islamic heritage. Since then it has always been embarrassingly obvious that for Obeidallah “Muslim” is merely a convenient label for a government-sponsored “comedian” pursuing a career on the margins of American pop culture in post-9/11 America. The Muslim label has also been useful in securing invitations to participate as a prop at theatrical events where the American regime presents itself as tolerant, welcoming of diversity, and hospitable to Arabs and Muslims while it slaughters Arabs and Muslims abroad. The Muslim label has also been exploited by Obeidallah to claim some sort of native legitimacy as he goes around sharing his expert insight on Islam and Arab world politics. Yet, with the exception of Ray Hanania, another one of the self-described “comedians” (although not backed by the US regime) who once explained the Ramadan fast consists of consuming only bread and water during daylight hours, it’s difficult to find anyone more appallingly ignorant about Islam and the Arab world. Fast forward to February 2015 and Obeidallah finds himself, once again, at the White House, but this time as part of an elite group of 14 “Muslim-American leaders,” invited to address growing concerns about “radicalization” and anti-Muslim sentiment in the West. With his sudden emergence as a “Muslim-American leader” Obeidallah’s evolution appears to now be complete. We’d like to wish Obeidallah much success in his new role and as he assumes the responsibility of a “Muslim leader” hopefully he remembers Muslims actually don’t worship Jesus and Mary.