Um-Zohan Goes To Palestine

lMaysoon Zayid is currently in occupied Palestine and she’s trying very hard to let everyone know it.  She highlights these trips in an attempt to bolster her claims to pseudo-native authenticity and expertise which the government-backed “comedian” thinks she can use as a gimmick to promote her career on the margins of American pop culture upon her return back home to New Jersey. On this trip she’s claiming to be booked for several “comedy” shows in various “West Bank” venues (She will not be performing in Gaza because supposedly she’s banned from there, doesn’t tell us by who) but nobody has seen any brochure, advertisement, or announcement in any form from anyone in Palestine sponsoring or organizing these alleged shows.  In the past her “comedy” shows in the Arab world were sponsored and organized by the US State Department. Nobody in Palestine outside her immediate family would’ve heard of Um-Zohan, and since the State Department isn’t sponsoring any shows this year her alleged performances, if true, will likely be nothing more but a brief appearance in front of a few bewildered school children she invited herself to visit.  More importantly, Um-Zohan will not be telling the few Palestinians she may speak with about her activities back home in the United States. 

She won’t, for example, tell Palestinians she refuses to support their call for a BDS campaign against their Israeli occupier or why she won’t support Israel Apartheid Week on US campuses. She is also unlikely to highlight her minor role in the pro-“IDF” film that earned her the name Um-Zohan. That wouldn’t be received very well by a people born, raised, and living under a brutal “IDF” military occupation.  She’s also unlikely to tell them about her efforts to undermine Palestine solidarity activism in the US, her attacks on Palestinian activists and media that defend Palestinian rights, or her latest role as Liberal Zionism’s token Palestinian-American.  Perhaps most importantly she won’t share with the Palestinians under occupation her support for the American Task Force on Palestine, the Washington public relations front for Salam Fayyad and the despised collaborationist Palestinian Authority and the Arab-American wing of the pro-Israel lobby. Um-Zohan is staying not too far from the Jalazone Refugee Camp, but she definitely won’t pay those refugees a visit and disclose her support for a Washington outfit dedicated to undermining their right of return.  No, Um-Zohan won’t discuss any of that with the few Palestinians she might come in contact with.   

No matter how many days or weeks Um-Zohan intends to spend in Palestine it will not help bolster her pseudo-native authenticity or expertise.  One, two, three or dozens of trips to Palestine cannot hide the fact she’s a fraudster that uses the Nakba as comedy material and has turned Palestine into a punchline as she clamors for a place on the American pop culture scene. While she’s there, however, she can get in line with the other tourists for a picture with a camel. The header photo on her twitter page from a much earlier visit needs updating. Oh yeah, and she better hurry back. There’s an ATFP “gala” coming up very soon and she hasn’t missed one yet.