Throw a Shoe

Guidelines for Throwing Shoes and Submissions

If you would like to throw a shoe at a House Arab or House Muslim, we accept submissions for publication on ikhras.  You may submit any article with a focus on exposing, ridiculing and holding accountable House Arabs and House Muslims in the US.  So if the last gala or event organized by these groups in your area which you attended left you disappointed please share your critiques or thoughts on the subject of Arab/Muslim-American political activism with us and ikhras readers. We also accept submissions about the Arab tyrants, traitors, and criminals that rule the Arab world or any other topic that might be on your mind. Our guidelines require all submissions be consistent with the objectives and spirit of our Mission Statement, and must not include any threats, incitment to violence, or otherwise violate relevant laws. You may send your submissions to contact [at] ikhras [dot] com.