The Press Release ADC Never Issued About The Wikileaks Document Dump

ADC denounces the US government’s cover up of torture, rape and murder by Iraqi authorities, as whistleblower site Wikileaks recently indicated. ADC is horrified, though not surprised, at the revelation about the murder of civilians at US military checkpoints during the occupation.

ADC condemns in the strongest possible terms the US government’s denial of body count claims and its cover up of the violent, unjustified deaths of about 150,000 Iraqis as per Wikileaks.

ADC calls on Arab-Americans to boycott the upcoming November elections to send a message to both Republicans and Democrats that we refuse the bloodshed of Arabs in the middle east.

ADC also calls on Arab-Americans to engage in the non-violence tradition of civil disobedience of refusal to pay taxes, boycotting and organizing protests, in the spirit of Henry David Thoreau and Martin Luther King Jr. ADC’s legal department is available to assist all objectors who may encounter auditing or prosecution for engaging in these forms of activism.

ADC demands that the US government immediately withdraw remaining occupation troops from Iraq, pay reparations to the Iraqi people, clean Iraqi soil and water of contaminents and that war-supporting politicians, both Democrat and Republican, turn themselves in to the Hague.

ADC shall hold a protest outside the White House every Saturday at noon until its demands are met.

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