The Press Release ADC Never Issued About FBI Raids

Cartoon by Naji Al-Ali

The Anti-Arab Discrimination Committee condemns itself in the strongest possible terms for having failed to issue a press release expressing solidarity with the political activists whose residences and offices were raided by the FBI on September 24, 2010. Our September and October press releases have been void of even the mildest criticism of the FBI’s heinous actions.

We were reminded of our failure to uphold the values we pretend to care about in light of the recent federal grand jury subpoenas issued to pro-Palestine activists in Chicago on Friday December 3, 2010.

We sincerely apologize for failing to publicly denounce the FBI raids and subsequent subpoenas, which were clearly politically motivated and violated the victims’ constitutionally protected First Amendment rights.

We denounce ourselves for having formed warm relations with the FBI, hosted their workshops at our conventions and encouraged Arab youth to intern for them. We regret having given them cultural sensitivity trainings, mistakenly thinking that ethnic profiling would sit better with Arabs if it came from someone who could say “marhaba.”

We should have known that collaborating with one of the empire’s most oppressive apparatuses could not logically result in justice. We cannot help but view ourselves with utmost contempt for being either stupid or opportunistic (or both).

We regret deliberately ignoring the FBI’s history of intimidating people of color, civil rights activists like Martin Luther King Jr. and COINTELPRO. We are sorry we forgot about Fred Hampton and Wounded Knee.

Fred Hampton

Because we had such a cozy relationship with the Bureau, it felt awkward to criticize it. To pay lip service to constitutional rights, we reluctantly buried our organization’s name under dozens others, hoping nobody would notice our mildly worded suggestions.

While this probably isn’t a good excuse, we’d just like to take this opportunity explain ourselves to anyone  who may be indignant at our silence. During the FBI raids we were very busy hosting a meeting with a member of the US military who was assigned the job of meddling in the Sudan and advancing the US objective of dismembering that Arab state.  As you can see from our press release we were extremely happy and grateful we were able to sit with someone who participated in the US war on Iraq in 1991, helped enforce the genocidal sanctions and “no-fly zones” during the 90s, and was one of the air force commanders during the 2003 illegal US invasion of Iraq.  Although he was kind enough to allow us to ask him questions, none of us confronted his contributions to these criminal wars. We were positive our bombarded Iraqi brothers and sisters would understand.

To compensate for our embarrassing history as a so-called “civil rights” organization, we have severed both our overt and covert ties with the FBI. We have also offered the targeted activists our sincerest apologies, free legal representation and the services of ADC board member Ray Hanania to shovel the snow off their driveways throughout this winter.

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