“I’d like to introduce #IKHRAS, a voice to those resisting US Imperialism/Zionism with focus on exposing House Arabs”

Carlos Latuff, Brazilian artist





“To the writers at Ikhras… you are cowards, and despicable cowards at that … the community should neither forgive nor forget this outrageous and cowardly website … the scoundrels at Ikhras have done a lot in the past 24 hours to add to the bill of particulars building against them in all sane elements of the Arab and Muslim American communities. They have pledged to continue their malignant activities and I have no doubt that they will.”

 Hussein Ibish, Senior Fellow, American Task Force on Palestine



“Malcom X meets Edward Said. Thanks mostly to @ikhras, the term “house Arab” is gaining traction. A critique whose time has come.”


Asa Winstanley, London-Based Author and Activist



“a different brand of extremism, still in its marginal infancy, is trying to stir up trouble in our community. …This type of strident orthodoxy demanded by Ikhras to spare oneself from baseless attacks is the sort of nasty bullying that must be confronted by all of us who value political and ideological diversity within our community before it becomes a poisonous source of unnecessary division and antagonism.”

Omar Baddar, Media Coordinator, Arab-American Institute



“You guys are kicking ass … For a website that mocks dumb Arab Americans go to Ikhras”

Professor As’ad Abu Khalil, Political Science Professor, California State University



“Ikhras speaks to a new generation which rejects the submissive role forced upon them by “experts” on the West’s imperial payroll; provoked by the often unchallenged passivity of the mainstream Arab community, it remains a steadfast voice of reason. With Ikhras we find that the chatter of complicity has been replaced with the resolute cry of dignity.”

Roqayah Chamseddine, US based Lebanese-American journalist, commentator and international activist


“You can’t understand or recognize hope until you see the ugly face of racism, hatred and defeatism which is what Ikhras represents. [Ikhras is] anti-Christian, anti-Jewish and even anti-Muslim. Pathetic. Very pathetic.”

Ray Hanania, National Board Member, American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee




“If you aren’t already, you should follow @Ikhras!”

Hossam Elhamalawy, Egyptian journalist

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  1. Genie
    November 2, 2011 at 9:55 PM

    For a website that mocks dumb Arab Americans go to Ikhras”

    I love it!
     Go Ikhras!

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