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ADC Board Member Defends Saudi Regime

Palestinian-American Zionist and American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) board of directors member Ray Hanania is once again defending the horrific Saudi regime:

Once again, when America needs help, Saudi Arabia is there front and center — and they are still attacked in US media

Of all the problems with the mainstream US media including functioning as a propaganda arm of the US Empire, corporate dominance, ignorance, anti-Arab bias, and sensational, entertainment-driven coverage of current events and non-events alike, it is criticism of the Saudi regime that bothers the clown of Cicero.  The most repressive, obscurantist, reactionary regime in the world and the American-appointed representative of the Arab people and Islamic world has always been the establishment Arabs favorite regime.  Most of these pro-Washington Arabs were not born in the Arab world and were raised in the US on traditional orientalist clichés.  An Arab prince in traditional Arab garb is an exotic sight, and when combined with oil-money contributions to an organization with no grassroots support, and the US government’s approval of the regime, takes on a tantalizing lure difficult to resist.

From Angry Arab

From As’ad Abu Khalil’s blog:

Zionists get a Zionist to cheer Zionists

“Ziad Asali, president of the American Task Force on Palestine, welcomed Shapiro serving as US ambassador to Israel, though he stressed that no official announcement had been made and his comments were based only on the possibility that he would be named.  “Dan will make an excellent ambassador. He has a grasp of the complexity of the game and knowledge of all the main players, and is committed to a peaceful resolution to the conflict,” Asali said. “Dan will make an excellent ambassador.””


Ibish on Asali

A source that wants to remain anonymous sent us the following message:

In general, Ibish thought Asali knew nothing about nothing – he did not feel he should be in a position working “for” Asali… After one meeting, in which as usual Asali talked a lot, said nothing, and listened even less (barely noticing when others spoke) – back then, I’d compare him somewhat to Qaddafi going on and on…. anyway, leaving the meeting Ibish was quite angry (you know Ibish likes to be in the center and talking, and he is not a big fan of just listening) :)  so he was angry and fuming, and if I remember well as a direct quote, he vented: “you can’t have a discussion with THIS guy! [Asali]”

Ziad Asali’s Career Is Taking Off

According to its website, The American Task For on Palestine (ATFP) was established in 2003 to provide an independent voice for Palestinian-Americans and their supporters and to promote peace.  AFTP’s Board of Directors is made up of a large group of noted Palestinian-Americans who agree with these principles.

However, the ATFP has virtually no support among Palestinian-Americans, and no activities outside of Washington DC.  Ziad Asali, the empty tuxedo and President of this outfit recently described his organization as “Washington-centered“, and publicly admitted the organization ignores the grassroots Palestinians because the Palestinian diaspora holds views that are “holier than thou.”

Asali’s pro-Zionist views have won him some friends in Israel, and his career appears to now be taking off.   In an article on the Haaretz, blog Asali said:

“What is this right of return? It’s a recipe for non-negotiations,” Asali said. “No one in Israel will accept the return of 4-5 million people, it’s ridiculous….I do not speak off record – I am not looking for a job,” Asali jokes as he describes how his group decided to have connections with AIPAC.”

Althought such statements have won Asali some friends at AIPAC and in Israel, these career-enhancing positions have made him an outcast among Palestinian-Americans, and those who truly desire to work towards a just and lasting peace will have to ask themselves what a single individual with no support or credibility among Palestinians can offer?

Asali’s Zionist friends understood the ATFP has no support among Palestinian-Americans even before he publicly conceded his outfit is a “Washington-centered” operation that made a decision to ignore the Palestinian diaspora.  Asali’s career is taking off now, but when its time to reach out to authentic representatives of Palestinians, his new found friends will be the first ones to let him know his petty role has come to an end.  And he won’t find Hussein Ibish willing to write a letter of resignation for him.

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Gala Night For Hussein Ibish And Ziad Asali

For some reason Hussein Ibish is willing to continue praising and promoting Ziad Asali.

ATFP President Ziad J. Asali gives an outstanding talk at Oxford University about the Paestinian State-Building Program – http://9mch.sl.pt

Given the role envisioned for the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP) those behind the establishment of the outfit needed a Palestinian to serve as President.  Despite a large pool of highly capable and accomplished Palestinian-Americans they couldn’t find a single Palestinian-American of average ability and intellect willing to do the job and had to settle for an empty tuxedo. One of the main reasons the ATFP is not taken seriously, in addition to the fact that it has virtually no grassroots support among any Palestinians in the US,  is that not a single known and respected Palestinian-American is willing to associate with this shop. The US-based public relations firm for the collaborationist Palestinian Authority then needed someone with the ability to write press releases, articles, and speeches for Asali, and provide whatever tutoring he needed which is the likely reason Ibish was hired.

With Ibish political descent complete he was then reduced to the role of Washington concierge to Salam Fayyad and other PA officials organizing meetings between them and racist, Zionist groups in Washington and New York.  He’s recently been further reduced to the role of Asali’s booster, and has been making some unbelievable statements such asZiad is brilliant and writes many great articles.” In fairness to Ibish this over the top statement did come after questions were raised about who’s behind the articles that appear with Ziad Asali’s name in the byline.  Nevertheless, the unbelievable nature of such descriptions of Asali and the repeated insistence by Ibish that Asali can write his own material only reinforced everyone’s suspicions that he (Ibish) was indeed writing Asali’s articles and speeches.

Ibish’ cheerleading for Asali is clearly related to his role and function at the ATFP, but his now recurring praise of the buffoonish Asali will only harm whatever little credibility (not moral credibility, that was lost long ago) he may still enjoy among a select few in Washington.  It will be interesting to see if his admiration for Asali extends beyond his tenure at the ATFP when his stint there comes to an end.

ADC and AAI “Briefing” The Tyrant’s Ambassador

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) held a briefing on Friday in Washington with ambassadors from Arab States…ADC addressed the concerns of the attendees in a question and answer session with the participation of representative from the Arab American Institute….The meeting’s chair, Egyptian ambassador Nabil Fahmy said he will be calling for a follow-up meeting…ADC President Ziad J. Asali said the ADC “is committed to working with the Arab Ambassadors…”

Ziad Asali’s Handshake Technique

Ziad Asali, the empty-black-tie-tuxedo, Hussein Ibish‘ tutee, and President of the American Task Force on Palestine has a favored handshake technique. He always places his left hand on the person’s right elbow. Look at these pictures.  Why does he do that? And what’s he trying to convey with that gesture?  Is he being debonair? Is it intended to demonstrate deference? Does anyone really believe this clown represents the Palestinian-American community? He couldn’t find two Palestinian elbows in the entire country willing to shake his hand,  and if he ever tried reaching out to the Palestinian community, he’s more likely to find a shoe within closer reach.

Again, Hussein Ibish Insists Ziad Asali Writes His Own Material

Hussein Ibish appears to be taking a break from reaching out to racist, Zionist groups, and devoting his full-time to praising Ziad Asali’s writing skills.  After saying Ziad writes “great articles“, Ibish now claims he can write a paragraph all by himself.   Why does Ibish continue revisiting this issue, and making such ludicrous remarks?

This reminds us of Ray Hanania’s comedic debacle in Chicago last year in which the audience went home early, and the next day the organizer had to apologize for inviting him.  Rather than moving on, and relying on people’s short attention span to minimize the embarasment, he kept the issue alive for a few days longer by writing an extended explanation of his jokes, and insisting he was funny.

By continuing to insist Asali can write “great articles” or, at a minimum, a decent a paragraph by himself,  Ibish is engaging in a similarly self-damaging, and unnecessary protraction of an issue which would be in his, and his employer’s best interest if everyone simply forgot.  Rather than ignoring the controversy swirling around the identity of Asali’s ghost writer, he continues to draw attention to it.

Hussein Ibish: “Ziad Is Brilliant And Writes Many Great Articles”

The Debonair And "Brilliant" Ziad With Salam Fayyad

After Ikhras ‘ New Year prediction that Ziad Asali will continue to sign his name to articles written for him by Hussein Ibish, the first article of the year for Asali appeared in the Huffington Post with Ibish as co-author.  We thought that was interesting, and mentioned it in a post yesterday with an observation that Ibish adjusts his writing level downward when he writes for Asali.

Today we found (coincidentally?) Ibish touting Asali’s writing on his twitter page:

Ziad is brilliant and writes many great articles. He isn’t on social media yet (I hope soon), but I tweet them when they come out.”

There isn’t anyone anticipating Asali’s entry into the social media network, and Hussein must realize his patently absurd, and over the top description of Asali as “brilliant” is, to say the least, somewhat exaggerated.  This is like describing James Zogby as “radical”, or Ray Hanania as “funny”, or Nihad Awad as “charismatic.”  The usually much more measured Ibish may have just gotten carried away in a clumsy attempt to to dispel the notion held by many within the Arab-American community that he’s the ghost writer behind all of of Asali’s articles and speeches.

The tweet delivered with a tinge of patronization by the employee was definitely a mistake on Ibish’ part.  He did not help Asali one bit, nor has he changed anyone’s mind about the empty-black-tie-tuxedo he works for at the American Task Force on Palestine.  On the contrary, this has only reinforced everyone’s suspicions that the nature of the collaborative writing effort between the two consists of Ibish writing and Asali signing his name or reading the speech.

This tactless tweet was also not helpful for Ibish himself.  It served as reminder of why he was hired by the ATFP in the first place.  Asali, and the ATFP, the public relations firm of the Israeli-sponsored, Western-funded, American-supervised Palestinian Authority (PA) needed an articulate spokesperson, and a good writer who lives in the United States, and is unburdened by any moral considerations or self-respect.

Ibish’ comical description of Asali may have been well-intentioned towards his much less able employer, but it would have served them both well had he ignored the discussions and suspicions swirling around their joint writing efforts, and directed his thoughts towards the two-man team’s far more serious, but no less embarrassing, and contemptible political collaboration.


Asali And Ibish: Clowns To The Left Of Me, Jokers To The Right

It’s been often said among those who follow the activities of the American Task Force on Palestine that the despicable, but capable Hussein Ibish is likely the one who writes all the speeches Ziad Asali delivers at their events and galas.  We also believed that the articles which appear in the name of the empty black-tie-tuxedo were also written for him by Ibish.

A few days ago, as part of our predictions for the New Year, we at IKHRAS tweeted that Asali will continue to sign his name to articles written for him by Ibish before he sends them to the Huffington Post.   The prediction, that they obviously took note of, was only partially correct.  Asali’s first piece in the Huffington Post this year appeared with Ibish as a co-author.   Someone may have concluded this is slightly more believable than Asali writing an article all by himself.

What is even more amusing than their discovery that people have noticed and questioned whose been writing Asali’s articles, is Hussein’s obvious adjustments of his writing level.  In order to present a product which Asali can plausibly claim as his own,  he clearly shifts down several notches (although not enough in our opinion) when he’s writing articles that appear with Asali as sole author.

Ziad Asali Praising The “Servant of the Two Holy Mosques”

The relationship between members of the “Arab Lobby” in Washington and pro-US tyrannical regimes in the Arab world remains strong.  Ziad Asali, the President of The American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP), the public relations firm for Israeli-sponsored, Western-funded, American-supervised, collaborationist authority in occupied Ramallah, was interviewed by one of the Saudi family newspapers.

The paper described this empty black-tie-tuxedo who signs his name to articles Hussein Ibish writes for him as someone “with a strong presence on the political scene.”

In response to the first question about the “servant of the two holy mosques” call for bridging differences within the Arab world in Iraq, Palestine, and Lebanon, Asali responded by saying “there is no doubt that the call of the servant of the two holy mosques takes on special importance given his own personal role and credibility…

The second question presented to Asali was about the Saudi peace initiative that was later adopted by the illegitimate Arab dictators and misnamed the “Arab peace initiative.”  Asali described it as “the most important and positive step taken by Arabs in decades.