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What Irks Us About Ray Hanania

[Ikhras Note] The Arab-American community continues to throw shoes at Palestinian-American Zionist, and failed comedian Ray Hanania.  This article is from the website www.kabobfest.com. Photo supplied by Ikhras

By Concerned KABOBers for a Better Hanania (CKBH)

Ray Hanania, the Arab-American columnist, comedian, radio host, community leader and who-knows-what-else, has been the butt of many jokes on KABOBfest.  Much of it has been juvenileand unfair. Some posts have been rightfully embarrassing for him, and have called out his idiotic insistence at being a victim of an anti-Christian conspiracy and strange idea of running for President of Palestine.

If you really want to hear the one reason to tune him out, this post explains it.  This past weekend, Hanania showed his particular mix of anti-Arab self-loathing and belief in Jewish supremacy with this enlightening Facebook status update from the J Street Conference:

Hanania’s belief in the superiority of Jews to Arabs screams from statements like this Facebook message. And this idea, at its core, is appalling, yet he’s visibly building a career out of it.

Hanania’s main theme in life is how dumb and backwards Arabs are. For him, Jews are great, tolerant and thoughtful. Seriously, this is the main thread of his writing and public speaking, and even comes out when he criticizes Israeli policies.  We’re not sure, which is greater, his judeophilia or his self-hatred. We do know that loving Jews, holding them out as special, is just as weird and icky as anti-Semitism.

ADC Board Member Defends Saudi Regime

Palestinian-American Zionist and American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) board of directors member Ray Hanania is once again defending the horrific Saudi regime:

Once again, when America needs help, Saudi Arabia is there front and center — and they are still attacked in US media

Of all the problems with the mainstream US media including functioning as a propaganda arm of the US Empire, corporate dominance, ignorance, anti-Arab bias, and sensational, entertainment-driven coverage of current events and non-events alike, it is criticism of the Saudi regime that bothers the clown of Cicero.  The most repressive, obscurantist, reactionary regime in the world and the American-appointed representative of the Arab people and Islamic world has always been the establishment Arabs favorite regime.  Most of these pro-Washington Arabs were not born in the Arab world and were raised in the US on traditional orientalist clichés.  An Arab prince in traditional Arab garb is an exotic sight, and when combined with oil-money contributions to an organization with no grassroots support, and the US government’s approval of the regime, takes on a tantalizing lure difficult to resist.

Ray Hanania Claims “Friends” On Front Lines Of Uprising In Libya

A couple of days ago Palestinian-American Zionist Ray Hanania said:

Just spoke with 2 friends via Skype in Libya. Frightening stuff there. I hope they can remain safe. Gun fire crackles in the background

This is not true.  Ray has no friends in Libya, and if he did he wouldn’t understand a word they say. He can make out only three Arabic words in a distinctly Palestinian dialect.  Also, he is not a journalist with sources on the front line that would talk to him as “gun fire crackles” in the background which is what he wants us to believe.  And how would anyone hunkering down to avoid gun fire in the middle of an uprising in Libya find the time to speak to an idiot in Chicago?  Wouldn’t they call Aljazeera or BBC?  It is possible Ray may have entered a chat room somewhere in the US where he talked to a couple of Libyan teenagers that had some fun with him.

Now Hussein Ibish is pretending to speak Arabic

In a tactic straight out of the Ray Hanania children’s play book Hussein Ibish throws out a memorized and canned Arabic phrase to create the impression he can speak Arabic:

Now informed by @OKnox that UNSC expressed “grave concern” about crackdown, demanded “immediate end” to the violence. Ahsan min balash?

Ahsan min balash” is Arabic for “better than nothing.”  It sounds like something Ibish, after running out of patience, may have asked the Palestinian Ziad Asali to teach him to say in Arabic when the empty-tuxedo asked him how he’s doing after a long tutoring session.  Although Ibish does not speak a word of Arabic we’ve never felt justified to mock or ridicule him as we do Hanania.  As we’ve told Hanania in the past, it’s not necessary to speak Arabic.  Many Americans, some with an Arab heritage and non-Arabs alike, do not speak Arabic, and we have never understood why anyone would feel inadequate for not speaking any language.  We would encourage everyone to learn a second and third language whether it’s Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, or others, but one shouldn’t feel insecure about not knowing any specific language.

Furthermore, there are many people who do speak Arabic and provide us with the most ignorant of commentary on the Middle East, and disgracefully defend Zionism and American-Israeli wars on countries like Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine, or Afghanistan.  On the other hand, there are many other Americans from all backgrounds who do not speak Arabic, but provide us with great insight and analysis of current events in the Middle East.

More importantly, many of those Americans of different backgrounds, Arabic and non-Arabic speakers, have stood in solidarity with the Arab struggle against Zionism, and opposed US wars abroad.  A Previous generation of Americans joined the struggle against Apartheid in South Africa, marched against the war in Vietnam, and opposed US crimes in Latin America.  It was never necessary to learn Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, Vietnamese, or Spanish to take a moral stance against war, racism, and apartheid.  In the final analysis, one’s personal background or what language they speak is irrelevant.  People must be judged on the ideas they espouse and the publicly stated positions they take on the struggles for freedom, justice, and human rights of their own lifetime.

For this reason we have chosen to focus on Ibish’ disgraceful attacks on Palestinians and Arab rights, and his collaboration with racist, Zionist groups.  It is, however, unacceptable for anyone to lie and present themselves as fluent in any language in an attempt to suggest an advanced level of expertise on any region, and by extension offer native legitimacy to the pro-Zionist, pro-Washington positions they promote.  This is what Ibish has now done.

We’re surprised Ibish has engaged in the sort of childish antics we’re accustomed to seeing from an idiot like Hanania.  Despite his contemptible views and morally untenable position on Palestine, Ibish is a far more substantive, serious, and articulate person than a clown like Hanania.  Ibish has also never demonstrated any insecurities about anything, and we hadn’t realized his lack of Arabic language skills was an issue for him. This attempt to mislead people into thinking he can speak Arabic is very revealing.  Given Ibish’ usually well thought out advocacy and polished performances, this silly ploy represents a serious lapse in judgment.  It also means we at Ikhras would now be justified in mocking and ridiculing Ibish for not speaking Arabic.

Ray Hanania Now Wants “vicious murderers” Put On Trial

Palestinian-American Zionist Ray Hanania (or as he says “haaana-na-na-na-knee-uh”) is now feigning humanity and concern for the killing of innocent human beings.  Selective moral outrage is always one of the main aspects of a hypocrite’s political behavior.  The smarter one’s are aware of their duplicity, and attempt to reconcile their contradictions through some novel “analysis”, but this idiot, oblivious to the blatant hypocrisy of calling for a trial for vicious murderers while defending the Zionist entity and calling for peace with a mass murdering regime, blurts out the following:

I hope Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi and his son are arrested and charged with war crimes against their own people. They are vicious murderers

Has the failed comedian ever called for other vicious murderers to be put on trial for their atrocities in (to name just a few) Deir Yassin, Kafr Qasim, Qibya, Sabra and Shatila, Jenin, Qana 1 and 2, or Gaza?  Or does he call for making “peace” with them?  The Libyan people don’t need the phony outrage of someone who was defending Arab tyrants last week because they are preferable to the “religious extremists” and “fanatics.” And the murdered victims of Muammar Qadhafi have much more in common with the victims of Zionism (and other Arab tyrants) which he repeatedly describes as “religious extremists”, “fanatics” and “terrorists” than they do with an ignorant Zionist from Midwest America.

Ray Hanania At The Local Library

This is very funny.  Someone thought Palestinian-American Zionist Ray Hanania has something valuable to say and invited him to speak at a local library. He was even described as a “humorist” and “journalist” which means the person who invited him has a better sense of humor than he does.  Here’s part of the announcement:

We’re in the middle of Chicago’s mayoral race and the presentation of the budget to Congress. What better time to listen to humorist and journalist Ray Hanania.

Hanania, an award-winning Chicago journalist and Palestinian-American peace activist, will speak at 7 p.m. Friday in the Nichols Library, 200 W. Jefferson Ave.

It ended by emphasizing:

No registration is required for this free program.

Nobody appeared for Ray’s “free” talk so maybe next time he should consider paying people to attend.  Less than five people showed up briefly.  Two parents and three kids who were at the library for another children’s activity scheduled immediately before Ray’s performance.  According to the schedule Ray was to begin as the following event was ending:

Ray Hanania: An Astute Political Analyst

Our readers will remember this flashback post on Palestinian-American Zionist Ray Hanania’s political analysis and strategy regarding the Palestinians.   We now have a more recent “analysis” of the Tunisian revolution, and a look into the future from the failed comedian.  Just a few weeks ago Ray, who doesn’t speak Arabic, predicted the following:

The real threat to the Mubarak dictatorship is in fact the reason why he remains in control of that impoverished, oppressed country. The religious fanatics are the only alternative to Mubarak’s secular tyranny, and they offer an even more frightening future – devoid of any freedoms…Tunisia may symbolize a people’s revolt against tyranny and oppression, but it’s not a pattern that will soon repeat itself in other countries.

Isn’t the internet great!?

Mansaf & Tabouleh: The Low IQ Arab’s Culinary Claim Of “Expertise”

There is a tendency among some Arab-Americans to mention different foods from the Arab world in order to boost their ethnic credentials and create the impression they actually know something about the region.  The most famous example is James Zogby and his endless mentions of tabouleh, or “taawboolee” as he calls it. Now Palestinian-American Zionist and failed comedian Ray Hanania has once again reached for a plate of mansaf:

Democracy is much like making mensiff.  No one wants to watch the lamb get slaughtered or the ladies roll up their sleeves to mix the ingredients.  People just want to enjoy it.

The dish is made of lamb cooked in a sauce of fermented dried yogurt (Jameed), served on a bottom layer of flatbread in a large platter with rice, and garnished with nuts and parsley.  Mansaf is not eaten in all Arab countries.  Its the national dish of Jordan, and also popular in Palestine, and parts of the surrounding countries, but its  not very popular in Egypt, or Morocco for example.  We at Ikhras have both enjoyed this dish, but we also agree no matter how many times you eat mansaf it will never provide you with any special insight into the region.

This tendency to mention various Arab dishes is related to other habits such as sprinkling Arabic words into ones discussion or articles or mentioning the names of public figures or organizations in the Arab world.  It’s a roundabout way to claim a certain level of specialized knowledge of the region when, in fact, they’re about as informed as the blow dried airheads on CNN.  Some of these Arab-Americans think they can feign expertise on the region by virtue of their ethnic heritage. They don’t really know anything about the Arab world so they stake out a culinary claim to expertise. These Yankee Doodle Arabs who mention different foods usually do so because its all they know.  They’re well aware of their own limitations and ignorance, but they believe their Arab heritage and last name when combined with any food from the region will convince some people they actually have something valuable to contribute to the discussion.  Falafil, Humous, and Tabouleh are among the most favored choices, but ever since they started appearing at your local grocery store our comedian has been using Mansaf which he pronounces as “maaaan-safe.”(on 2nd?)

The truth is no matter how much mansaf the appalingly ignorant Ray eats or how many servings of tabouleh (this writer recommends the lesser known but much better Fatoush) the slightly less ignorant Zogby  has, neither one of them can claim any expertise on the Arab world or has anything of value to contribute. They don’t even speak the language.  They’re just trying to exploit their own heritage, and the media attention the Arab world receives on the world stage due to current events to advance their own careers.  Obviously Zogby has been much more successful than the clown of Cicero, but their approaches are the same despite the wide gap in their own personal abilities.

Here is a list of almost 200 names that can be found at the bottom of a letter addressed to Barak Obama.  They are all recognized experts on the Middle East from various personal and academic backgrounds.  Most of them are non-Arabs, and we can assume not all of them have tried mansaf or tabouleh.  Ikhras does not endorse or reject the political views of any of the individual signatories, and does not even support addressing any letter to any US official. However, we do recognize their is a large pool of experts in this country and abroad whose opinions would be considered credible and worthy of consideration.  We wanted to share their names with our readers as an alternative to the stupidity we see among the self-styled experts within the Arab-American community.

Ray Hanania Can Be Useful

In the post below James Zogby does not say what he’s really thinking about Egypt.  This is where the stupid Ray Hanania can be useful.  He blurts out what Zogby only hints at:

The real threat to the Mubarak dictatorship is in fact the reason why he remains in control of that impoverished, oppressed country. The religious fanatics are the only alternative to Mubarak’s secular tyranny, and they offer an even more frightening future – devoid of any freedoms…The fanatics are a gathering storm in the Middle East, and the only answer so far has been dictatorship to prevent them from taking control in several Arab countries.

Campus Watch cites ADC’s Hanania to bash Electronic Intifada

You know you need to ikhras when Zionist websites like Campus Watch cite you in the course of witch hunting pro-Palestinian academics.

Linking to Maggie’s Farm Blog, Campus Watch, known for threatening the academic freedoms of professors and student groups who speak out against Israeli atrocities, did a profile on pro-Palestinian Professor Kristofer Petersen. The article criticizes Petersen’s reliance on the work of Rashid Khalidi, Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein and it parrots the usual accusations of imbalanced scholarship and support for extremism.

A censorship rag like Campus Watch found moral authority in the ADC’s board member Ray Hanania. It cited his attacks on the well-respected Palestine source, the Electronic Intifada, in order to criticize Petersen’s reliance on EI.

The student points out Electronic Intifada as the venue for two of Petersen’s writings and quotes a pro-Palestinian activist and journalist, Ray Hanania, Member of the National Board of the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, who wrote, “Electronic Intifada, [is] a place where hypocrisy is the norm, factual inaccuracies are common place, and anger and hatred drive their mission….And they are the first to denounce the killing of Palestinians, but never denounce the killing of Israelis.”

To ADC: why do you appoint people like Ray Hanania to your board? How are those who are cited by Campus Watch useful to your cause?

To Ray Hanania: just ikhras.

Ray Hanania defends Arab dictatorships

Just when we thought Ray Hanania couldn’t surprise us anymore, yesterday he wrote in the January 19, 2011 issue of the Jerusalem Post:

The fanatics are a gathering storm in the Middle East, and the only answer so far has been dictatorship to prevent them from taking control in several Arab countries.


When confronted with a choice between religious extremists and the existing tyranny that controls Egypt, Jordan and even Syria, tyranny looks far better.

Just ikhras ya Ray.

Ray Hanania 2005: An Astute Political And Military Strategist

Palestinian-American Zionist, and failed comedian Ray Hanania can occasionally be funny, but only when he’s not trying.  In this 2005 column in a Zionist rag, Ray wrote “No one elected Hamas or its partner Palestinian Islamic Jihad Palestinians have an elected government headed by President Mahmound Abbas. Hamas and PIJ have neither a moral nor or legal right to act in any capacity against Israel outside of the elected government… Rather than reach out to Hamas to invite the rogue group into a political coalition as Abbas has done, he should issue an ultimatum to immediately arrest, punish and even kill anyone who attempts to take the law into their own hands.”

Six months after that article appeared HAMAS easily won the Palestinian elections.  Eighteen months later, in a pre-emptive strike, HAMAS’ military wing was able to abort a planned coup by Israel, the US, and the thugs of the collaborating PA to overthrow the elected representatives of the Palestinians, and assert control over the Gaza Strip.  Democracy didn’t work out to well for the collaborating “elected government”, and Ray’s carefully considered political and military contingency planning, including his advice to “President Mahmoud Abbas” to “issue an ultimatum to immediately arrest, punish and even kill anyone who attempts to take the law into their own hands” didn’t unfold in Gaza quite as it was envisioned in Chicago.

Idiots must really hate the internet.

Ray Hanania Calls On Abbas And Arab League For Help Confronting “Fanatics And Extremists In The US”

[(PHOTO Amr Moussa, Mahmoud Abbas): Amr Moussa: “Don’t Give Up On Peace, Mahmoud.  We still have several options to explore, and if they don’t work we can always call Ray Hanania.  We should remain optimistic, but also be prudent.  Let’s prepare and have available a secure phone line between Cairo and Chicago, and tell our best Arabic-English interpreter to remain on standby.“]

In a recent Jerusalem Post column, Palestinian-American Zionist Ray Hanania called on the Arab League to wrest control of the Palestinian cause:   “IT IS about time that the Arab League nations finally did something. Their failure to lead has created a void which has allowed a small cabal of Palestinian extremists in the United States and Europe to hijack the Palestinian cause.”

"Please, Just Let Me Explain, And I'm Sure You Will See The Humor"

Hanania was discussing the outcome of a barely noticed Conference of Arab Expatriates hosted in Cairo by the League of Arab States.  Ray who doesn’t speak Arabic calls it the League of Arab “Nations.” Responding to the reaction to the conference by people he does not specify, but describes as “fanatics”, Ray said “As soon as the first-ever conference of Arab expatriates hosted in Cairo earlier this month by the League of Arab Nations closed, the fanatics dropped from their damp dark caves and started to scream that it was a sham”, and then went on to point out “The conference, backed by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, is calling on Palestinians and Arabs who are expatriates living in the West but more importantly in the United States, to organize…the Palestinians and the Arab League want to rip control of the Palestinian cause from the hands of fanatics and extremists in the United States whose sole mission has been to block peace and to reinforce the power of Hamas, the terrorist religious organizations.

We will largely ignore Ray’s description of the democratically elected representatives of the Palestinians, and the largest Palestinian resistance faction as a “terrorist religious organization.” Ray’s shameless, and amateurish attempt to dismiss Hamas as a “terrorist religious organization” by invoking the image of groups such as Al-Qaeda is not new.  Such outrageous language is not uncommon among supporters of the usurping entity, and serves as a stark reminder of the mindset that continues to prevail among the proponents of the Zionist colonial project that continue clinging to their dream of wiping Palestine off the map.

In his short and typically jumbled article the failed comedian, and Chicago radio talk show host that buys his own air time used the words “fanatics” and “extremists” twelve times.  Ray did not mention the names of any activists or organizations in the US, but he’s clearly been very frustrated that the Palestinian community, and Arab-Americans in general have not been very receptive to his call to abandon their national rights, and end the conflict in Palestine by adopting  Zionism as their own project, and accepting as permanent a racist, colonial regime in a homeland they have inhabited since the beginning of time.

Our columnist who continues to lie about being a Pulitzer Prize Nominee in 1990, appears to be growing bitter as he watches a Palestine solidarity movement enjoy limited, but not insignificant success here in the US, and show signs of increasing effectiveness internationally.  The growing effectiveness of anti-war and Palestine solidarity activists is evidenced in a new wave of repression that has targeted activists in several US cities, including Ray’s own Chicago.

After realizing the futility of any effort to win recruits among the Palestinian community, and its supporters within the US, he is now taking his appeals all the way to Cairo in hope of enlisting the Arab League in his struggle against the opponents of peace.  He argues the Arab League can turn the tide against the “fanatics and extremists”, but only if they “follow through with concrete actions to strengthen the voices of Palestinian and Arab moderates in the West and particularly in the United States.  More importantly, they need to reach out to Palestinian moderates, slam down the extremist voices and speak consistently about peace based on the 2002 plan.”

In other words, our comedian believes the best way to promote peace is for the Arab League to reach out to him in Chicago, and help him not only defeat, but “slam down” the “fanatics and extremists” in the US who are “anti-Semitic and driven by hatred.”  This same idiot who claims Arab-Americans from coast to coast have contacted him to express their support as he fights off a sustained, personal assault by presumably the same racists and fanatics who want to block peace, is now sitting in his mid-West American home waiting for an email or phone call from Amr Moussa.  Let us know when he contacts you Ray, and, if he does tell him we said IKHRAS.

IKHRAS Finds A Second Ray Hanania Supporter

Last year Palestinian-American Zionist Ray Hanania claimed that IKHRAS was part of a “smear campaign” against him, and claimed that Arab-Americans from coast to coast were contacting him expressing their support as he bravely withered a sustained, personal assault by racists and fanatics.  In response we at IKHRAS wrote an open letter to Ray, and challenged him to produce a single Arab-American willing to publicly support him and his Zionist views.

Since then only one person has publicly declared any support for Ray.  That came on October 10 of last year when a Pro-Israel, Australian politician addressed the Zionist Federation of Australia conference in Melbourne.  The Australian bureaucrat and Zionist fanatic was looking for one “good Palestinian”, and after an exhaustive search, he had to settle for the clown of Cicero.

We have now found a second Ray Hanania supporter.  His name is Richard Silverstein, and he describes himself as a “progressive Zionist”, which must be something like a progressive Nazi, and says “I consider myself a supporter of Israel.”  His endorsement of Ray and his views dates back to 2005 when he wrote:

Ray Hanania is one courageous dude. While other Arab-Americans and Palestinians either praise suicide bombings or temper their criticism of them as a form of resistance to Israeli occupation, Hanania speaks truth to power as represented by that Arab consensus which claims that criticizing Palestinian militants is tantamount to being a traitor to the cause.  In a recent Ynetnews.com column, Ray lays all his cards on the table in the bravest fashion… I honor Ray’s bravery and candor.”

We at IKHRAS take note that as of the time of this post, this is only the second person we have found that has expressed any public support for Ray Hanania, and his views.  Both of them are self-described Zionists and supporters of the usurping entity.  The other members of the legions of alleged Hanania supporters among the Arab-American community remain anonymous.