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Ray Hanania Attacks Activists Risking Lives For Gaza

By Richard Lightbown: This article first appeared in The PalestineChronicle On July 20, 2011 under the title Audacity of Hate’: Palestinian Writer Loses Plot (Photo provided by Ikhras)

Hanania must have had better days when he wrote his award-winning pieces because in this article he has clearly lost the plot…Palestinians in Gaza face a dire future and yet one of their own people living in the comfort of the U.S. tells his Israeli readership that those risking their lives to expose and stop this crime against humanity are “exploiting Palestinian suffering as a political tool”, that they “make […] phony arguments to make Israel look bad” and “the purpose of the flotillas is to express their own selfish hatred of Israel”.

Audacity of Hate’: Palestinian Writer Loses Plot

Checking the coverage of the assault on the ‘Dignité al Karama’ in the Jerusalem Post yesterday I was attracted to another article entitled ‘Another Flotilla Stand-off. The Audacity of Hate’. The link led me to a piece that was thin on factual content but rich on malicious abuse of the flotilla organizers. There was nothing unsurprising that such a rant should appear in this particular newspaper, except that the author this time was the Palestinian award-winning columnist and activist Ray Hanania. May God protect me from my friends?

Ray Hanania Behind @ikhrashasbara Twitter Account

[Ikhras Note:  We would like to assure both our supporters and detractors  we will not be silenced or intimidated.  Whether it’s thuggish, bullying tactics or silly attempts to discredit us, whether the increasing attacks on Ikhras come from the idiots or the intelligent among you, they will all fail. All you have done is reinforce our determination to expose all the frauds and opportunists falsely claiming to speak in the collective name of our community while pursuing their petty ambitions even at the expense of intellectual honesty and the dead bodies of millions.] 

The @Ikhrashasbara twitter account belongs to Palestinian-American Zionist Ray Hanania

Ray Hanania Again Denies Being Sacked By ADC, Continues To Explain His Departure

Palestinian-American Zionist, failed comedian, and interfaith marriage counselor Ray Hanania continues denying he was jettisoned by the ADC.  He is now saying he declined seeking reappointment in order to focus his work on, among others, Ikhras:

He declined reappointment to another one year term on the ADC National so he could focus on his writings to skewer the extremist hate groups like Ikhras, KabobFest and other fanatics

Let’s be clear about what Ray is asking us to believe.  

Palestinian-American Zionist Ray Hanania Denies Being Removed From ADC Board

Palestinian-American Zionist Ray Hanania is claiming he was not tossed into the trash bin by the ADC, but rather on his own volition decided to not remain on the national board.  He is lying, of course, just as he lied about referring to Arabs as “raghead fags” after his private emails were obtained and published by Ikhras.  This claim was made in his latest opinion piece for the right-wing, Zionist rag that publishes his weekly blathering alongside his colleague Daniel Pipes‘ lovely commentaries.

Last year, I was appointed to the national board of the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC)…I chose not to seek reappointment to ADC National. It’s not because of the extremists,…

If Hanania (or Haaanaaa na na na kneee-uh, as he pronounces his name) decided to not continue serving on the national board why wouldn’t the ADC issue a press release thanking the  “award winning columnist, Pulitzer prize nominee, and distinguished pillar of the Arab-American community” for his dedicated service to the organization during the past year and wish him well as he moved on?  In all likelihood the ADC folks decided to very quietly get rid of this clown in order to not remind anyone they had appointed him in the first place the previous year.

Palestinian-American Zionist, Vietnam Veteran Confuses American Holidays

Palestinian-American Zionist Ray Hanania, the racist, homophobic, Jerusalem Post columnist, failed comedian, and ADC board member who describes Palestinian resistance groups as “terrorists” and refers to Arabs as “raghead fags” confuses Memorial Day with Veterans Day.  In his typically juvenile, silly style he writes:

“This has been the worst Memorial Day of any I can remember. Yes, we have had rain on this holiday remembrance of the veterans who have served our country, but there was always a day of hot sun tucked in between the thunderstorms…It was Memorial Day, damn it and I was going to enjoy my barbecue!”

Beginning after the civil war, Decoration Day was established to commemorate Union soldiers who died in the American civil war.  Today the former Decoration Day is Memorial Day, a United States federal holiday remembering those who died in any of America’s wars.  Veterans Day, on the other hand, was first established at the end of World War I as Armistice Day, and later expanded to remember all veterans of war who served the US Military.  Although it technically includes veterans who may have not have died in battle but have since passed naturally, it is largely considered a day to remember those veterans who are still alive.

Many Americans confuse the two holidays, but you would expect someone who “served his country” during the Vietnam war (we don’t know much about his role in the killing of 2 Million Vietnamese , but back in the 70s he was likely calling Vietnamese resistance fighters “terrorists” and Vietnamese civilians “gooks”), describes himself as a “media and political analyst”, and continues to falsely claim he was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize would at least know the distinction between Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

At one point in the article Ray writes:

“It was the first real holiday of the impending summer and I wans’t about to change my annual backyard hejira. (Look it up. It may be an Arab Muslim word, but it has meaning pal.)”

This was another attempt at humor, but with a new twist.  Not only is Ray still pretending he knows a few Arabic words, but he now wants us to believe he’s familiar with events in Arab or Islamic history.  He’s not, but this time we’re not correcting his embarrassing language or history mistakes.  If he can’t distinguish between two modern American holidays, one of which is dedicated to a group he belongs to, we should probably postpone Arabic language and Arab history for another day.

For more on Ray Hanania visit Ikhras.com http://ikhras.com/tag/ray-hanania/


James Zogby Too Radical For Hussein Ibish

Forget Dean Obeidallah, Ray Hanania, and Maysoon Zayid.  The self-appointed spokespersons and representatives of the Arab-American community in Washington DC are the real Arab-American comedians.  James Zogby is now the “radical”, “extreme” Arab.  His comments on the Obama speech were too harsh AND uncompromising for the more moderate, pro-peace Hussein Ibish.

Ikhras and Daniel Pipes?

It’s no surprise Palestinian-American Zionist, and failed comedian Ray Hanania fails to see the irony in comparing Ikhras to his own colleague at the Jerusalem Post, Daniel Pipes.


“Hanania Emails” Released: ADC Board Member Emails Include Anti-Arab Epithet “raghead” And Reveal Angry, Disturbed Individual

Ikhras recently informed readers we had received a batch of emails sent by Palestinian-American Zionist and member of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) National Board of DirectorsRay Hanania.  At the time we did not release the emails, but did report that in one of them Hanania used the word “raghead”, and published a short snippet that included the anti-Arab epithet.  The emails which were sent from Hanania’s publicly listed email spanned from August 2010 – March 2011, and were part of an extended thread of exchanges between Hanania and an Ikhras reader in Michigan, Mahmoud.  In our initial report we stated we agreed to use Mahmoud’s first name only, but did confirm his full identity, and verified he was the person corresponding with Hanania and to whom Hanania’s emails were sent.

After our report Hanania denied using the anti-Arab slur and claimed the emails were a fabrication.  We then sent a letter to the national office and leaders of the ADC including the President and Vice-President asking them to address the behavior and misconduct of their board member.  We expressed the concerns of the Arab-American community, urged them to give this issue the attention it deserves, and asked them take whatever action they deem appropriate.  The ADC leadership has not repudiated Hanania or taken any action. After Hanania’s denials and ludicrous allegations, the ADC’s refusal to address this serious matter, and repeated requests by our readers we have reconsidered our initial decision and decided to publish the emails.  We warn our readers the profanity-laced emails contain obscene language and vulgar descriptions.  We are releasing them in their entirety and publishing them in context.  The following are the “Hanania Emails”:

The Resolution ADC Never Issued On Board Member Ray Hanania’s Anti-Arab Racist, Homophobic Epithet

Whereas, ADC received evidence on March 21, 2011 indicating ADC Board member Ray Hanania had used the words “raghead fag” in an email to a young Arab-American, Mahmoud, who resides in Michigan;

Whereas, Hanania’s remarks are antithetical to ADC’s mission;

Whereas, ADC is appalled by Hanania’s use of racist and homophobic language, whether made privately or publicly;

Whereas, ADC should have easily surmised Hanania’s anti-Arab racist character by simply reading his Jerusalem Post articles online;

Whereas, ADC is desperate to redeem itself after having supported tyrannical Arab regimes, which were recently overthrown in Tunisia and Egypt, and hosted war criminals at its conventions;

Be it resolved that ADC expels Ray Hanania from its board immediately;

Further resolved that ADC apologizes to the Arab-American and LGBT communities for having appointed Hanania to its board in the first place.

The ATFP And Yesterday’s Explosion In Occupied Jerusalem

That was fast.  The American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP), the Washington public relations firm of the Israeli-sponsored, Western-funded, American-supervised collaborationist Palestinian Authority (PA) in occupied Ramallah made sure to “deplore violence” immediately after the bombing in occupied Jerusalem yesterday.

While the Zionist entity routinely murders Palestinians it is only when an act of violence targets Israel does the ATFP feel obligated to issue a condemnation.  The statement expresses the ATFP’s concern with recent events by saying:

The “Hanania Emails:” ADC Board Member Scandal Update, Ikhras Sends A Letter And Forwards Email To ADC Leadership

Ikhras recently revealed Palestinian-American Zionist, and member of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) National Board of Directors Ray Hanania has used the word “raghead” in an email correspondence.  Hanania denied using the anti-Arab, racist epithet and claimed the emails were a fabrication. The ADC has yet to repudiate Hanania or take any action. Although Ikhras has thus far refrained from publishing the emails we have now forwarded the email which includes the anti-Arab slur to the ADC along with a letter asking them to address the behavior and misconduct of their board member, and an attachment that leaves no doubt as to the authenticity and source of the email.  How can an organization that defines its mission as “combating defamation and negative stereotyping of Arab-Americans in the media and wherever else it is practiced” allow someone that throws around the word “raghead” to serve in a leadership position?  The following is a copy of the letter Ikhras sent to the national office and leaders of the ADC including the President and Vice-President.  Contact the ADC and tell them what you think.

Dear President Sara Najjar- Wilson, Vice-President Nabil Mohamad, and ADC leadership,

We are the co-editors of www.ikhras.com, an Arab-American website dedicated to providing coverage  of Arab and Muslim political activism in the United States.  We recently received a batch of emails sent by Mr. Ray Hanania to one of our readers who subsequently forwarded them to us.  Unfortunately, in one of the emails Mr. Hanania uses a homophobic, racist, anti-Arab, epithet, “raghead fag.”


Since Mr. Hanania is a member of the National Board of Directors of the ADC, we assume this revelation is worthy of your time and attention. We must all agree such language and the sentiments behind it should always be repudiated regardless of the personal background of the person who engages in such expressions. It is especially disconcerting when ugly, hateful references are employed by a member of an organization which, according to its own mission statement, is committed to combating defamation and negative stereotyping of Arab-Americans in the media and wherever else it is practiced.”


Due to their obscene nature and the heavy use of profanity we have not published or otherwise made public any of the emails, but we did inform our readers and members of the Arab-American community about the contents of the emails and released the short snippet in which Mr. Hanania casually hurls the “raghead fag” remark.  Mr. Hanania subsequently denied using this epithet and claimed the emails were a fabrication, a laughable allegation he must know is not true, but nevertheless hopes will create a cloud of doubt surrounding the source and authenticity of the emails allowing him to maintain plausible deniability.


Although we have over ten angry, profanity-laced emails, we are forwarding to you the one relevant email in its entirety which includes the “raghead fag” reference.  The included image leaves no room for any doubt as to its authenticity or that it was sent by Mr. Hanania.


In the interest of candor, we are not members of the ADC nor are we supporters of the organization.  In fact, we have been very critical of the ADC, but we are hopeful that combating homophobia, negative stereotyping and anti-Arab racism in the United States is one issue we can all agree upon.


This is a matter of concern for the Arab-American community, and we believe should also be of concern for the ADC.  We urge you to give it the attention it deserves and look forward to the ADC taking whatever action it deems appropriate.


Qasim Lutfi, Thabit Al-Arabi

Co-Editors, www.ikhras.com

The “Hanania Emails:” ADC Board Member Scandal Update

Palestinian-American Zionist, and ADC Board Member Ray Hanania continues to deny he used the racist epithet “raghead.”

@webwabi Ikhras can’t write very well and it can’t get its facts right so it just lies … it’s a ridiculous claim

The ADC has yet to repudiate Hanania or take any action.  If Hanania continues his denials and the ADC continues to ignore this issue we may feel justified in releasing and publishing all the “Hanania Emails” so the Arab-American community can draw its own conclusions about the self-described “largest Arab-American grassroots organization in the United States.”   The ADC’s mission statement says the group is “dedicated to combating defamation and negative stereotyping of Arab-Americans in the media and wherever else it is practiced.”  Contact the ADC and tell them what you think.

Ray Hanania Is Now A Film Producer

Palestinian-American Zionist Ray Hanania (or as he says Haaanaa na na na knee-uh) whose recently leaked emails revealed he refers to Arabs as “ragheads”claims to be a journalist, comedian, talk show host (this one is true, but only because he bought his own air time), media relations expert, a crusader for peace, and expert on “extremism” and “fanaticism.”  He’s now also a film producer transitioning from comedy to drama.  Anything he’s involved in producing will be available only on obscure websites, and no more than three people will watch only the first two minutes before they quickly click away what promises to be very lame.

ADC National Board Member Calls Arabs “ragheads”

Ikhras recently received a batch of emails sent by Palestinian-American Zionist, and member of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) National Board of Directors, Ray Hanania.  The emails which were sent from Hanania’s public email spanned from August 2010 – March 2011, and were part of an extended thread of exchanges between Hanania and Mahmoud, an Ikhras reader in Michigan.  We have agreed to use Mahmoud’s first name only, but we did confirm his identity, and verified that he was the person to whom Hanania’s emails were sent.

We have decided to not publish the emails.  We reached this decision after taking into account the right of the Arab-American community to be fully informed about the people who sit on the national board of the self-described “largest Arab-American grassroots organization in the United States.” Although Arab-Americans have a right to be informed about the character and quality of their self-appointed representatives, we believe the obscene language and nature of these emails serve no useful purpose for the community and determined their highly offensive contents were not suitable for publication.

We will, however, release a small portion from a single email which offers a glimpse into the substance and tone of the Hanania emails and confirms he has no qualms about using anti-Arab, racist epithets. In an email sent on November 13, 2010 Hanania referred to Arabs as “ragheads.” In order to not litter our readers’ screens with obscenities we deleted the subject line and the entire email except for the sentence in which the word appeared.

What Ever Happened To Those Ray Hanania Supporters?

It’s been over six months since Palestinian-American Zionist and ADC National Board Member Ray Hanania declared IKHRAS was part of a “smear campaign” against him, and claimed Arab-American “leaders” from coast to coast have contacted him and “offered their support” as he bravely withered a sustained personal assault by racists and fanatics.  In response we at IKHRAS issued an open letter and challenge* to Ray which included the following:

1) Reveal the names of those who offered you their support.  If they indeed offered to “stand up” for you why would they remain anonymous?

Arab-Americans continue to throw shoes at Hanania (or “Haaaanaaa na na na knee uh” as he pronounces it), but as of today there hasn’t been a single member or leader of the community that has publicly supported him.  We’re still waiting.  Where are they?

*Read the open letter for a detailed explanation of Ray’s claims.

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