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Ray Hanania Admonishes And Lectures Palestinians




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Disgraced Palestinian-American Zionist Ray Hanania is at it again. As usual, Hanania’s opinion pieces, if they can be called that, are incoherent and indecipherable. In his latest drivel in print form, the Ikhras Shoe-Of-The-Month award winner admonishes Palestinians about their violence and offers them an unsolicited lecture on his comic book version of International Law.

Ray Hanania Claims Christian Arabs Joining The “IDF”

Palestinian-American Zionist Ray Hanania

Palestinian-American Zionist Ray Hanania

Visit Ikhras to learn all about Ray Hanania

Ray Hanania comes out of mourning over Shimon Peres to continue his campaign to divide Christian and Muslim Palestinians. The disgraced Palestinian-American Zionist and anti-Muslim bigot has been doing all he can to divide Palestinians and Arabs along religious lines in order to better serve the interests of the usurping Zionist entity. Although the irrelevant clown in Midwest America will have no impact on Arabs or Arab-Americans, it is important to remain vigilant by exposing and condemning such efforts. Two years ago Ray began calling on Christian Arabs to join with Israel in an anti-Muslim alliance. He even started a Facebook group to “Save Arab Christians.” The group is made up of 10 people, including all of Ray’s friends and relatives. As if to claim his call has been answered he now preposterously claims that more and more Christian Arabs are joining the same Zionist occupation army that has been ethnically cleansing, occupying and murdering Palestinians, both Christian and Muslim, since 1948. All Palestinians, indeed all Arabs, understand their enemy is not each other, but the Zionist colonial entity. That is why all Palestinians and Arabs remain united and determined to liberate Palestine from the river to the sea. Zionist propagandists have failed to divide Palestinians, and there is no reason to worry that an irrelevant and shunned outcast in Midwest America will succeed in what far more capable and smarter Zionists failed to achieve. Nevertheless, Ikhras will continue to highlight and expose these aberrant voices lest anyone mistakenly conclude they represent even a minute fraction of Palestinians.

Ray Hanania Mourns Shimon Peres

Public funeral for victims of the infamous Qana massacre in South Lebanon, April, 1996. Shimon Peres ordered the attack on the UN compound that killed 106 Lebanese civilians earning him the moniker “Butcher of Qana.”

To Poland we belong and to Poland we shall return.

Palestinian-American Zionist and Ikhras Shoe-Of-The-Month award winner Ray Hanania once again reminds us why he is the most disgraced and ridiculed member of the Arab-American community. After the death of Polish, career war criminal Shimon Peres Hanania wrote the following in a Facebook entry:

The death of Shimon Peres has been too depressing for those like me who hope for peace based on Two-States…”

Hanania’s comments are an insult to Peres’ countless victims dating back prior to the establishment of the usurping Zionist entity. It is outrageous and disgraceful for anyone to express such sadness over the passing of one of the most ruthless mass-murderers of the 20th Century, but when such sentiments are expressed by a Palestinian (even a 3rd generation Palestinian-American) they reveal not only a moral bankruptcy, but a  complete and total disconnect and alienation from Palestinian reality.

12 Reasons To Pelt Ray Hanania With 12 Pairs Of Shoes

73171437For the last few years the widely ridiculed Palestinian-American Zionist Ray Hanania has repeatedly made the absurd claim he is constantly attacked by Arab and Muslim Americans and the Palestine solidarity community simply because he is a Christian and/or because he is married to a Jewish woman. We at ikhras have often been the target of this smear-mongering and malicious mudslinging. Just this week the Ikhras-Shoe-Of-The-Month award winner launched another bitter attack on ikhras claiming we are “anti-Christian” and that we have “done more to undermine and destroy the Palestinian movement for freedom than anyone else!!!!” Our readers, including both supporters and detractors, recognize this is a completely baseless and ridiculous allegation unworthy of any direct response. It is, however, an opportunity to remind Ray why he has become a thoroughly disgraced and shunned outcast among the Arab and Muslim American communities and all Palestine solidarity activists. The following are twelve reasons to pelt Ray with twelve pairs of shoes and none of them are related to his or his wife’s religious persuasion. They are listed in no particular order.

More Stupidity From Ray Hanania

HananiaikhrasThere is a reason Palestinian-American Zionist Ray Hanania is known as the dumbest Arab in North America, and lest anyone attempt to unseat him from that position, he regularly adds to his stupidity. In his latest effort to maintain a safe distance between himself and any potential challengers Ray is calling on Palestinians under occupation in Palestine 48 to form a peaceful Civil Rights movement to confront ethnic cleansing, colonialism and occupation:


This is a totally absurd statement, and if, by any stretch of the imagination, one manages to come up with parallels between the two struggles, they would be so generalized and decontextualized to render them utterly meaningless. Statements are not merely a collection of words. They convey meaning and provide the structure within which we understand the subject matter. The struggle in Palestine is not a Civil Rights struggle and the language of Civil Rights is misleading and distorts the ongoing 68-year old Palestinian Nakba.

Family Ties: Ray Hanania

One of Palestinian-American Zionist Ray Hanania’s uncles passed away last week, and Ray has been talking about him on his website, Facebook page, and Twitter account. In his last tweet about his uncle Assad Shorrosh Ray describes him as his “last surviving uncle.” The tweet included a link to a Facebook entry which, in turn, included a link to an obituary on his website in which he describes his late uncle as follows:

ASSAD SHORROSH, age 85, of Spring,Texas. Beloved son of the late Augustine and Olga Shorrosh, Nazareth, Palestine. Dear sibling of brothers Anis and Samuel, and his late sister Kamleh.” [Bolded by ikhras]

The reader will notice that only the sister’s name, Kamleh, was preceded with the adjective “late”, not the other two siblings which would indicate they are still alive.  Admittedly, this may just be the latest example of Ray’s typically confused, incoherent blathering; however, ikhras has discovered some interesting family ties that suggest something else might be at play. Before we share what we’ve learned we would remind our readers that although Ray has spent a great deal of time this past week discussing his family on Facebook and Twitter, including many specific names and pictures, he did not mention Anis Shorrosh until he (perhaps mistakenly) included him in his late uncle’s obituary.

Ray Hanania Calls On Arab-Americans To Join Pro-Israel Lobby


Palestinian-American Zionist, anti-Arab racist, homophobe (See “Hanania Emails Scandal”), failed comedian, Radio Talk Show host (but only because he buys his own airtime), former ADC National Board member , former Jerusalem Post columnist, and Ikhras Shoe Of The Month Award winner Ray Hanania is calling on Arab-Americans to join the pro-Israel lobby. According to Hanania, J Street, the racist, anti-Arab organization dedicated to the destruction of at least 78% of Palestine, “has given American Arabs who support peace based on compromise someplace to go.” Hanania considers J Street to be the “moderate”, “pro-peace” voice within the pro-Israel lobby which we’re supposed to believe stands in stark contrast to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) which Hanania says “has actively opposed peace.” In his typically confused, incoherent fashion, he goes on to invoke the model of the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP) which he characterizes as the only “major” (it consists of two people and a Washington DC office kept open with generous support from Arab oil-Sheikhs) Arab-American organization “that actively supports the two-state solution” without mentioning the ATFP proudly flaunts its collaborative relationship and alliance with AIPAC. Hanania specifically mentions Ziad Asali, giving the ATFP head a nod of approval. Asali, another recipient of the Ikhras Shoe of the Month Award, joined Hanania on that honor roll after becoming the only Palestinian in the world to celebrate “Israel Independence Day.”

Ikhras Statement On The ADC Sexual Harassment Scandal

bildeTwo Arab-American women, Michigan State Representative Rashida Tlaib and Rana Abbas, a former member of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination (ADC) in Michigan, have accused Imad Hammad, the ADC regional Director and Senior National Advisor for Public Affairs of sexually harassing them and several other women. The allegations stretch back to 1999, and apparently a formal complaint submitted to the ADC National Office in 2007 went ignored.

Sexual harassment is the most pervasive form of workplace harassment and takes several forms. According to Tlaib & Abbas, Hamad engaged in aggressive verbal and physical sexual harassment over an extended period of time. Such behavior should never be tolerated, and the failure of the ADC to investigate these allegations immediately after they were brought to the attention of its leadership is as alarming and troubling as the sexual harassment itself.

Ray Hanania – His own worst enemy

[Ikhras Note: Palestinian-American Zionist and Ikhras Shoe of the Month Award winner Ray Hanania* continues his inflammatory, offensive rhetoric and tirades against all anti-Zionist activists.  In this article, first published on occupiedpalestine.wordpress.com,  Sadika Arab responds to his latest attacks on two Palestinian activists.]

It’s always a dilemma. What to do, when people you admire are being attacked by the jealous and hateful? If you respond to it, it sometimes gives them the undeserved attention that they desperately seek. If you stay silent about it, you let baseless smears linger as if they contain some element of truth.

Ikhras Shoe Of The Month Award Winner – October 2011

Ikhras is pleased to announce the winner of the Muntadhar Zaidi Shoe of the Month Award for this October, 2011 is Palestinian-American Zionist, failed comedian, Radio Talk Show host (but only because he buys his own airtime), Jerusalem Post columnist, and former (following an uproar by members of the organization) ADC National Board member Ray Hanania.

Hanania earned this prestigious honor based on his last column in the Zionist rag that publishes his weekly blathering. In an October 25 piece Hanania criticized the Palestinians’ tenacious and honorable defense of their released heroes, compared an Israeli terrorist soldier to the released Palestinian prisoners, praised “remorseful” Israeli terrorist soldiers while describing Palestinian freedom fighters as unremorseful “mass murderers”, and “terrorists”:

A Desperate ATFP Invokes The Support Of Ray Hanania

How desperate are the three guys at the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP) for Palestinian-American support? Well, they’re desperate enough to invoke the endorsement of Palestinian-American Zionist and failed comedian,  Ray Hanania.  The outfit, which functions as a Washington public relations firm for the collaborationist Palestinian (illusory) Authority (PA) in occupied Ramallah posted Hanania’s latest article in defense of the ATFP on its official website.

That the ATFP has been reduced to highlighting the support of Hanania for the group says all we need to know about this organization’s relationship with the community it claims to represent. 

Ray Hanania Falls Into A Bout Of Depression

Palestinian American Zionist Ray Hanania is very depressed.

“Well, you wonder why you waste your time trying to do good. Does it really make a difference or does it just make you feel good? Or, does it make you just more unhappy doing good seeing that it can be so unproductive sometimes? It’s that whole “You can see the beauty better when it’s next to the bad” theory. Failed hope seems so much more despondent next to successful failure. This is one depressed Palestinian standup comedian writer and Arab father of a Jewish kid”

Of course, this is understandable. The last couple of years have not gone well for the thoroughly humiliated laughing stock of the Arab-American community.

Ikhras Exclusive: ADC Insider Confirms Hanania Ouster From Board

An American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee (ADC) insider has confirmed to Ikhras that Ray Hanania, until recently a member of the organization’s National Board of Directors, was ousted from his leadership position on the board by ADC Chair Safa Rifka following an uproar by members and supporters of the ADC at the organization’s 2011 national convention held June 10-12. The following is an exclusive look at the behind the scenes story which includes a time line of events that eventually lead to the ouster of Hanania, and what it all means for an organization struggling to maintain its relevance and regain some credibility within the Arab-American community.

Hanania Maintains ADC Leadership Role, Continues Offensive Rhetoric

[Ikhras Note: Even by the standards of Palestinian-American Zionist Ray Hanania, his recent attack on international solidarity activists aboard the Audacity of Hope, and other ships taking part in the Freedom Flotilla II was particularly despicable. As his inflammatory, offensive rhetoric continues a New York-based justice activist questions how the ADC can maintain even a modicum of credibility as long as Hanania continues his leadership role in the organization.]

By Marlene Newesri

The Audacity of Hope has been renamed “The Audacity of Hate.” 

Whether Mr. Ray Hanania is leaving the ADC of his own choice is irrelevant at this point as he is still a Board Member and notably Vice President in Chicago as so stated on the ADC Chicago website.