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Ikhras Special Report: Linda Sarsour Finds A Patsy In Local Palestinian Pastor

[Ikhras Note: With Linda Sarsour’s emergence as a celebrity activist her delusional ambitions outgrew local politics. She abandoned her planned run for the New York City Council and looked for a compliant patsy, which she found in a local Palestinian Lutheran Pastor. The Ikhras investigative unit was sent to New York to look into the campaign, background, history and politics of Sarsour’s hand-picked puppet, Reverend Khader El-Yateem. The following is an Ikhras special report.]DI9r259UwAExF3J (1)

After her canonization and emergence as a celebrity activist, Linda Sarsour decided to abandon her plan to run for New York City Council. Her narcissism and ambitions outgrew local politics. As she explains to friends and relatives, she’s on her way to becoming the Muslim Oprah Winfrey. This has always been her dream. Write a book, get her own a talk-show. Fame. Fortune. Magazine covers. We think you get the idea.

At the same time, Linda is also aware that in her own backyard of Bayridge, Brooklyn (she grew up in neighboring Sunset Park) she is toxic and radioactive. So, instead of running for a seat on the New York City Council as was originally planned and often rumored, she hand-picked a local Palestinian Lutheran pastor to be her front man. Everybody knows Khader El-Yateem is Linda Sarsour’s puppet though it is a tad bit confusing because most people seem to assume that Mr. El-Yateem, or “The Reverend” as he is often called, is a Muslim-American even though he is a Christian who never seems to remove his clergy collar. You’re expected to notice the collar and assume he is a pious man worthy of respect. The decision by the 6′ 3” patsy to run just happened to coincide with Sarsour’s announcement that she is resigning from the government-funded Arab-American Association to pursue politics on a national level.

Fake Activist Exposed: The Real Linda Sarsour

[IKHRAS NOTE: In the interest of full disclosure Ikhras maintained a cordial and friendly relationship with Linda Sarsour over a period of three years. We had no alternative but to terminate this relationship for reasons that will become apparent. Moreover, and in the interest of full honesty, it is this relationship along with requests from community members to postpone this blog post in hopes of steering Sarsour in the right direction that delayed its publication. These same community members have now urged exposing this fake activist and we can no longer remain silent. The following report is partly based on a visit by Ikhras to Brooklyn, New York late last year and interviews with local community activists, former friends and colleagues of Sarsour, and Sarsour family members.]

The “Revolutionary Activist” Enjoys Being Chauffeured Between Events Around New York

Linda Sarsour is the Executive Director of the local taxpayer-funded Arab-American Association of New York (AAANY) where she began her “activism” over ten years ago. A Sarsour family friend and AAANY founder, Basemah Atweh, invited her to join the organization and assured her if she volunteered she will eventually be offered a paid position. Less than two months after her “volunteer work” helping newly arrived immigrants get settled and adjust to life in the U.S. Sarsour was hired in a paid, full-time capacity. Even in those very early years former colleagues who worked with Sarsour noticed she was driven exclusively by personal interests and eager to insert herself in the forefront, especially if an opportunity to meet with members of the local political establishment and power elite presented itself. After surviving a car crash in which Atweh was killed, Sarsour took over the organization. It was at this time that she reached an arrangement with her husband and family members providing her with the luxury of devoting all her time and attention to transforming herself into a full-time, career activist of the worst kind. Many poor and working class men and women with far more talent and potential to contribute to their communities do not have the luxury of devoting any amount of time to causes they genuinely believe in, let alone a full-time career as a fake activist without even requiring the services of a paid babysitter. With the increased media exposure she has been recently receiving, her entire public persona has now become a masquerade inundated with pretense and exaggeration. While much of it has provided entertainment for Arab-Americans in NY, activists are now concerned the activities of this fraudster have become politically corrosive to the issues and causes of concern to the community.