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House Pimps

Source: Electronic Intifada

An important detail in a devastating article about the trafficking of Iraq’s girls and women:

“I deal with all these pimps and sex traffickers,” Rania says, covered in black, with black, lacquered fingernails and gold bracelets. “I don’t tell them I’m an activist, I tell them I am a sex trafficker. This is the only way for me to get information. If they discover that I’m an activist I get killed.” In one harrowing experience, Rania and two other girls visited a house in Baghdad’s Al-Jihad district, where girls as young as 16 were held to cater exclusively to the U.S. military. The brothel’s owner told Rania that an Iraqi interpreter employed by the Americans served as the go-between, transporting girls to and from the U.S. airport base.

Iraqi Lemons

The arrogant, racist words of a former Shin Bet agent (and aren’t all Zionists arrogant and racist?) on collaborators once again describe to the dispensable nature of collaborators’ services:

You squeeze the lemon and [when] it’s got no juice left, you throw it away.

One Iraqi collaborator with the US occupation of his home country took “twelve bullets in his stomach and leg” for his masters. But he still can’t afford $1,100 for his home rent.

IDF Service Doesn’t Help You

Don't be a lemon!

The whole point of Ikhras is to prove that behaving like a House Arab is a very bad idea or “strategy” as House Arabs like to call it. Being a housie* doesn’t shield you from the slavemaster’s oppression. For example, in today’s Haaretz:

A Palestinian man who is married to a Jewish woman and whose son served in the Israel Defense Forces was recently informed that he is ineligible for a permanent visa to live in Israel.

“I can’t buy a home here like a human being, I can’t open a business for fear that they’ll soon kick me out,” said Adel Hussein, who has lived most of his life in the West Bank city of Tul Karm, but now wants to live near his son in Israel …

“There is no explanation as to why they’re not letting me be a permanent citizen. My son served in a combat unit – is that not total loyalty to the state?” …

[The IDF son] changed his name from Mohammed Hussein to Yossi Peretz

Zogby weighs in

Does anyone care what James Zogby supports or doesn’t support? And where does he think Palestine-Israel negotiations are taking place, a kindergarten? “Should either side behave badly, I hope the U.S. is balanced in its application of pressure.”