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Ikhras Shoe Of The Month Award Winner – November 2011

Ikhras is pleased to announce the winner of the Muntadhar Zaidi Shoe of the Month Award for this November2011 is King Abdullah II of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The Hashemite puppet of Jordan has spent the entire month of November reminding the world of his family’s traditional role as a pliant tool of Western imperialism and Zionism’s best friend in the Arab world.  After recently being invited to join the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the American-sponsored club of Arab reactionary monarchs, King Abdullah II has been working hard to remind Israel and the West of the important service his regime continues to provide them. This month he met with the head of the Israeli-sponsored, Western-funded, American-supervised Palestinian (illusory) Authority (PA), and hosted the Zionist war criminal Shimon Peres in Jordan.  Next week he will be coming to Washington to receive his instructions and learn what’s expected of him in the near future.

King Abdullah Continues Hashemite Family’s Traditional Role

No other Arab regime has been as loyal to Zionism and imperialism as the illegitimate regime of Jordan.  In this special guest submission Sumaya Al-Shawish takes a look at how the Hashemite King is spending his time pursuing his families’ traditional role as a puppet regime in the service of Western imperialism and a pliant tool of Zionism.  

Jordan’s King Abdullah II has been a busy man of late.  Last week, he paid a visit to the West Bank for the first time in ten years to meet with Palestinian President and fellow House Arab Mahmoud Abbas. Then he played host to Israeli President Shimon Peres during a brief visit to the Hashemite Kingdom. Next week he is reportedly heading to Washington.

Bin-Ali and Mubarak Are Waiting For You

A visit by king Abdullah of Jordan turned violent yesterday when his bodyguards opened fire on protesters. This incident occurred one day after the Jordanian minister of foreign affairs, Nasser Juidah, told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that “Jordan ­under Abdullah was different than Mubarak’s Egypt,” as “democratization was well under way in Jordan.”…Despite the Jordanian king’s verbal support of change and democratization of the country, he has shown a much less tolerant approach for opposition and criticism than his relatively forgiving father, the late King Hussein. Recently, an outstanding opposition figure, Leith Shubilat, wrote an open letter of advice to King Abdullah; in it, he claimed the king had sent him a message stating, “I am not like my father, I do not put people (the opposition) in jail; I just kill them;”

When A Hashemite Visits The House

Abdullah: “Good Day Your Excellency, Mr. President, Sir, it is indeed a joy, privilege, and honor to visit the White House, and be in your presence here at this great institution, and symbol of civilization, I can’t express just how….

Bush:  Yeah Yeah Yeah, give it a break Abdoolah.  Come on in, let’s get this over with.  There’s a baseball game starting in about an hour.

Abdullah: Mr. President, Sir, I want you to know how much I’ve been looking forward to visiting you in the White House.  I used to come with my Dad when I was a child…

Bush: Oh yeah, Fawd was a good guy I hear.

Abdullah: Mr. President, Sir, with your permission I would like to say my father’s name was not Fahd.  His name was Hussein, but if you would like to call him Fahd that’s fine. I’ll instruct my parliament to immediately pass legislation to make a posthumous name change.  He wouldn’t mind. On his death bed he instructed me to always do as America says.

Bush: (laughter) Ah Yeah, Hussein from that other smaller country with the weird shape.  Did you know if Texas was turned on its right side, it sort of looks like your country?  Its a trick my tutor told me about to help me remember.  That’s right. I remember now. He was a good feller.  Didn’t have any oil, but made peace with the Hebrews.

Abdullah: Yes Sir, Mr. President my family has always been committed to peace, peace at any cost, peace on any terms, peace without any consideration of Arab rights, dignity, or self-respect.  I want you to know whatever the US decides to do you can count on the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to be in full support as it always has been.

Bush: You follow Baseball Abdoolah?

Abdullah: Yes your Excellency, Baseball is my favorite sport Sir.  It’s a great American sport and I always try to catch a game when I’m in the US.  I also like hot dogs and peanuts and beer.

Bush: Ok, let’s go in and take our photo together so we can send you on your way. The Rangers are playing.

Abdullah:  Yes, Sir.  This is such a pleasure.  I Feel like I’m on a pilgrimage to Mecca in our old family domain in the Hijaz.

Bush: That aint right Abdoolah.  The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.  That’s all I remember about our history so you can discuss all that with the staff if you like.  Let’s go.  We’re wasting time.  And you can cut the Bullshit.  The camera is too far away to hear you.

Down With The Hashemites: This Traitor Should Also Pack His Bags

The traitor and dictator shakes hands with the butcher of Qana

The Hashemite regime in Jordan, Zionism’s oldest, and most trusted friend in the Arab world continues its oppression of the people of Jordan, and its collaboration with the Zionist entity. Treason and subservience to the Western powers is a Hashemite tradition, but this regime’s stability is as illusory as all the other Arab dictatorships.  Let’s get rid of it.

(Amman) – Jordan should stop stifling dissent and allow Jordanians to voice their grievances freely, Human Rights Watch said today in releasing itsWorld Report 2011 chapter on Jordan.

Jordan’s General Intelligence Department (GID) continued to influence decisions in most aspects of Jordanian public life, including academic freedom, government appointments, and the issuing of residency permits to non-Jordanians and “good conduct” certificates required for Jordanians seeking work abroad. The GID harassed citizens, including one former senior government advisor, over their criticism of government policies by summoning them for interrogation and threatening them with unspecified harm….Torture, routine and widespread in recent years, continues, in particular at police stations, where complaints about ill-treatment increased in 2009 and again in 2010, according to the National Center for Human Rights (NCHR).