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More Hypocrisy From James Zogby

Now that the US has launched military strikes on Libya James Zogby is concerned about the killing of innocent people by the Qadhafi regime. He is not, however, very concerned about the killing of innocent protesters in Manama by the Saudi and Bahraini regimes (see post below) with the full support of the US government.  Must always follow the Washington line or maybe tabouleh goes better with kabsa than Bazeen. In Yemen, an American-approved dictator’s thugs shot dead over fifty peaceful protesters in broad daylight this week, but not a peep from Zogby. Tabouleh simply doesn’t work with Fahsa and Salta.


No Surprise James Zogby Supports Saudi Military Assault On Bahraini Protesters: Careerism And Hypocrisy With Remarkable Consistency

James Zogby has always been enamored with the hydrocarbon Sheiks (“Shakes” as he calls them) of the Arab Gulf states.  His one-man outfit receives financial support from the arrogant and ignorant princes, he maintains friendly relations with the American approved dynasties, and has racked up more frequent flyer miles traveling to the region (often as a propagandist for US Foreign Policy on trips organized by US embassies) than he can redeem in a lifetime.  He has an especially close relationship with the ruling families of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which includes warm relations with their embassy in Washington and a weekly talk show on the Abu-Dhabi (“Obew-Dobby” as he says) satellite channel which has fewer viewers than the number of Arab countries where it’s available.

Zogby’s development of a personal network made up of oil-Sheiks, their secretaries, and spoiled brats in this part of the Arab world came natural for the shameless opportunist and self-promoter pandering to the political class in Washington DC.  The personal, political, and financial benefits that accrue from a close relationship with the Washington-friendly, oil-rich dynasties are not only obvious, but for an individual or organization lacking any base of support within the Arab-American community, it is necessary.

This personal network is so important to Zogby’s career that he’s demonstrated a willingness to make the most absurd statements without any regard for his own personal integrity or self-respect. For example, he once described  Bahrain as “a beacon of democratic reform.”  And according to Zogby the barely literate King of Saudi Arabia who just dispatched his army to help his Bahraini counterpart violently clamp down on protesters in the “beacon of democratic reform” is “an extraordinary man…a reformer…man of change.”

Jamese Zogby: may not represent Arab-Americans, but he certainly represents UAE royal families

Lebanese-American Professor As’ad Abu-Khalil on James Zogby. From the Angry Arab Website.

This man lost his credibility with the Arab-American community very long time ago. But I am not saying that he does not speak for anyone: he surely speaks for the UAE tyrannical and polygamous families:  “In this area, Bahrain’s neighbors have a key role to play. Earlier this year, Gulf Cooperation Council members made a commitment of long-term financial assistance to Bahrain. And now they have sent troops into the country deepening their commitment to their neighbor and fellow member. More must be done.”


Arab-Americans Join The Counter-Revolution

Mona Eltahawy supports Western Military attacks on Libya and refers to them as “intervention.” Hussein Ibish supports the Saudi forces invasion of Bahrain to help a fellow Monarchist regime kill its own peaceful protesters, and describes it as a “GCC intervention” that is “legal” based on “treaty obligations.”   James Zogby supports both and is just very grateful a “Shake” in “Abu-Dobby” gave him a weekly talk show where he can discuss all good “interventions.”

Expect these same Arab-Americans to congratulate the people of Bahrain if, and when, they overthrow the dictator.  And if Qadhafi survives and his relationship with Western regimes returns to what it was just two months ago we might even see his Ambassador in Washington invited as an honored guest at an Arab-American Gala at the Ritz Carlton.

James Zogby: Wooo….Whoooo….”Karim Rashid Is In Town!”

James Zogby wants us to make sure we attend this guy’s lecture on interior design.  With a civil war raging in Libya, an uprising unfolding in Yemen, protests spreading across the Arab world, and two of his favorite regimes in Riyadh and Manama shooting unarmed civilians demanding democracy in the Pearl roundabout, Zogby wants to make sure we don’t miss this important event.  Has anyone even heard of this guy?

Maybe Zogby wants to deflect attention from his glaring and consistent hypocrisy after years of maintaining friendly relations with the embassies of pro-American Arab dictators, congratulating their people ONLY after they overthrew those dictators, and maintaining his friendly relations with the dictators still in power. We do understand why Zogby must remain silent about the regimes in “Saudi Arabia” and Bahrain.  He must be feeling very uncomfortable by now given what he has said about them in the past.

The Arab-American community is not interested in some lecture on interior design at this time, and it won’t let Zogby deflect attention from his own hypocrisy, lack of perspective, and skewed priorities. This is another example of just how alienated Zogby is from the Arab world and the Arab-American community.  Pass the tabouleh please.

Egypt’s Youth Snub US Officials, Arab-Americans Bow Before Them

The clowns at the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), The American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP), The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), James Zogby, and the other careerists posing as Washington’s “Arab Lobby” can learn something from the leaders of Egypt’s revolutionary youth when it comes to dealing with US officials.

The Coalition of the Youth of the 25 January Revolution rejected an invitation to attend a meeting with Hillary Clinton.  The coalition of six youth groups that emerged from Egypt’s revolution refused to meet with Hillary in protest of the United States’ strong support for the ousted tyrant.  The group said it did not welcome Clinton’s visit to Egypt and demanded that the US administration make a formal apology to Egypt’s people for its foreign policy towards the country in the past decades.  It also added “the Egyptian people are the masters of their own land and destiny and will only accept equal relations of friendship and respect between the people of Egypt and the people of America.” One of the youth leaders told Aljazeera the decision was based on US policies including “US support for regional dictators and the Zionist entity.”

Lisa Halaby’s Effect On James Zogby





Click to enlarge and take a look at these two pictures of James Zogby. One of them portrays Zogby in his natural state, and the other one shows him in the presence of Lisa Halaby (AKA Queen Noor). Notice the difference: The normally subdued, bland, and emotionless Zogby springs to life and can barely contain his child-like excitement in the presence of Ms. Halaby.  Not even a trip to Zogby’s beloved city-states of “Abu-Dobby” and “Dew-Bye” to meet with the “Shake’s” children excites him as much as Ms. Halaby coming to Washington. And Zogby comes in second only to Larry King in how many times he can refer to her as “Your Majesty Queen Noor” in one hour.

James Zogby Upset He Wasn’t Invited To King’s Racist Hearings

James Zogby is upset he wasn’t invited to participate in Peter King’s racist hearings.  He also makes an appeal to rely on the experts which in his mind means inviting him to speak:

Any 5th grade teacher will tell you, an anecdote doesn’t prove an assertion. And yet, not one expert in the room.#KingHearings

Had Jim been invited to participate on a panel in front of King’s committee, and allowed to hold a press conference in the parking lot afterwards he would’ve been very happy, and wouldn’t be criticizing the witch hunt.  And isn’t it ironic that Zogby would say an “anecdote doesn’t prove an assertion?”  This from the person who made a career out of weaving multiple anecdotes  into a lexicon of American cliches. If it wasn’t for anecdotes and cliches Jim wouldn’t have anything to say and would have to Ikhras.  Jim is about as valuable to any real discussion – not that the hearings are anything other than an orgy of Islamophobia and bigotry which no self-respecting Muslim or any serious person with expertise would even attend – of Islam and Muslims as Zuhdi Jasser and Brigitte Gabriel, but much less entertaining.

Say No To Ethnic Voting, And Tell Zogby To Ikhras

Will someone tell the vapid and opportunistic James Zogby that Arab-Americans refuse to vote, assuming voting on a local level may be considered by some to be something other than a silly ritual in today’s American electoral system,  for anyone based on their ethnicity.  In other words, we will not vote for anyone solely because they happen to have an Arab heritage.  We are not interested in promoting Arab-Americans, and couldn’t care less about Arab-American candidates. We are, however, deeply concerned about the pressing issues of the day, and support for any candidate should be based on the positions and policies they espouse on these issues of concern to Americans and the entire world.  Go prepare yourself another bowl of tabouleh Jim, and just Ikhras.

James Zogby: Bahrain “beacon of democratic reform”

Zogby in the "beacon of democratic reform"

As Sheikh Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa’s mercenaries and thugs shoot and kill unarmed protesters in Manama this is a good time to remember what James Zogby said about the regime in Bahrain during a visit organized by the American embassy in 2004.

I talk a lot about Bahrain back in the US. I’ve been here many times before. I’ve seen the changes going on but there’s much story to tell about Bahrain. They say ‘great things come in little packages’ – that ought to be Bahrain’s motto…The country is a beacon of democratic reform…Bahrain is making changes, opening up and making improvements to allow political discussion.

When “Shake Haamed” is deposed Zogby will congratulate the people of Bahrain on their new won freedom.

Arab Voices Don’t Matter to James Zogby

House Arabs’ hypocrisy, inconsistency and self-contradiction are appalling. James Zogby’s piece in today’s Counterpunch would’ve led you to think he’d spent the last four decades of his life in the trenches of Egypt with his ear to the ground. For Zogby, the overthrow of Mubarak is a cheap opportunity to present himself as in tune with the populace’s demands. Sentences like this could understandably come from any of the millions of Egyptians who spent the last few weeks revolting against their tyrant:

The problem of not listening to Arab voices is not only a problem for those presidents who have fallen or those who are still at risk; it is a problem for the West as well. For too long, the US, Great Britain and others have ignored the concerns and sensibilities of Arab people.

Failure to listen is as much as a problem for James Zogby as it is for Arab presidents and the West. How can someone who had hosted Mubarak’s ambassador on his show and hosted Mubarak’s foreign minister now pretend he was on the people’s side all along? Hosting representatives of the Mubarak regime conveys disregard for the Arabs whose opinions he feigns to care about. Just a few days into the uprising, Zogby was adamant about ignoring popular will: “Don’t go supporting and sprinkling holy water on a revolution when you don’t who’s behind it and you don’t know where it’s going.”

Zogby writes:

It will no longer be possible to operate as if Arab public opinion does not matter.

Does that mean he’ll be shutting down AAI and Viewpoint soon? Here’s to hoping.

Ziad Asali is now an Arab Nationalist Concerned with Dignity

The Dapper and Dignified Ziad Asali hangs on Salam Fayyad

By now all Arab-Americans who follow the activities of their self-appointed representatives in Washington are convinced Hussein Ibish is the ghost writer for the empty black-tie tuxedo Ziad Asali.   If that’s the case, this recent article which appeared in the Huffington Post with Ziad Asali’s name under the title shows Ibish has a sense of humor.  When you read the title keep in mind the most undignified Arab in America considers dressing up in black-tie-tuxedo and bowing in front of a US official the highlight of his year.  Is Hussein mocking his employer? We can’t know for certain, but let’s put that aside and look at what Asali allegedly wrote by himself.

One thing is clear-the status quo has come to an end. Arab unity, long proclaimed dead and buried, has reemerged in a political contagion which is spreading among the Arabs

Its unlikely the reborn Arab nationalist will end his efforts at reaching out to racist, Zionist groups and go looking for at least one supporter within the Palestinian and Arab communities in the United States. Asali recently admitted the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP), his misnamed shop that functions as the Washington public relations firm of the collaborationist Palestinian Authority (PA), chose to be a “Washington-centered” organization.   He went on to describe his pro-Zionist views as “controversial” and described the views of the Palestinian Diaspora as being “holier than thou.”   This version of Arab nationalism is unlikely to win Asali and his tutor any Arab friends so in the future they will continue to be familiar faces at pro-Israel gatherings, but will not be found at any grassroots, Arab-American event.

It is tragic for an eighty-two-year-old leader to cling to his public job of thirty years, and it would be irresponsible to enable him to keep his job as a president of a people who have rejected him.

This is an audacious statement to make for the President of an outfit that works as a lobbying arm for the Israeli-sponsored, Western-funded, American-supervised PA.  Neither Mahmoud Abbas nor Salam Fayyad are legitimate representatives of the Palestinian people, and were clearly rejected by the Palestinians in the last elections.  Fayyad was the American selected Prime Minister of the illusory PA who received less than 2% of Palestinian votes in the occupied territories of 1967.  And when Abbas and the remnants of Fatah were rejected in a free and fair election PA thugs were enlisted into an American plot to overthrow the democratically elected representatives of the Palestinian people.  Yet when Fayyad or Abbas come to Washington you can see how frustrated they are with Asali for hanging on just a little too closely for a bit too long.

Why Zogby And Other “Good Arabs” Promote Racist, Zionist Groups

James Zogby continues to promote racist, Zionist groups on his website.  This isn’t the first time Zogby has promoted or worked with J-Street, but it is another example of Arab-Americans trying to prove they’re not “radicals”, “fanatics”, and “anti-Semites” by reaching out to anti-Arab bigots, and promoting self-described supporters of Israel.

The fictional Zionist narrative must be accepted by all Washington Arabs as the point of reference for the Arab-Israeli conflict before being granted permission to hover around the fringes of Washington officialdom.  The narrative which we’re all familiar with presents Israel as a small, democratic, civilized state that seeks only to live in peace in a tough neighborhood.  Unfortunately for Israel, it’s surrounded by a sea of hostile Arabs and Muslims driven by a violent religion and culture, and determined to “push the Jews into the sea.”

Beginning with this narrative as a starting point, establishment Arab-Americans then move on to prove their civility, opposition to racism, and non-violent disposition by reaching out solely to Israel’s supporters, and ignoring everyone else including anti-Zionist Jewish-Americans.  The Arabs’ view of the illegitimate, Zionist entity in Palestine is then evaluated to determine if the Arab is violent, fanatical, and anti-Semitic, thus placing him/her beyond the pale, or, on the other hand, a reasonable, peaceful, and moral person worthy of acceptance among the “civilized” members of humanity.

It’s only within this context that Zogby’s promotion of J-Street can be explained.  And it’s not just Zogby.  The formation of J-Street was a source of great celebration among members of the “Arab Lobby.”  Finally, after spending decades ludicrously claiming they are on the verge of supplanting AIPAC as the premiere lobby (the actual and sometimes exaggerated role of AIPAC in US foreign policy making is beyond the scope of this article) in Washington, they quickly threw themselves into the arms of the new “moderate Zionists” that would help them provide a counterbalance to the power of AIPAC. Never mind that J-Street is committed to the colonial Zionist project, and the “legitimacy” of the racist, exclusivist state in Palestine.  J-Street provided an opportunity to cling onto a “new” type of “good Zionist”, and provided a fig leaf to justify their relations with Zionist organizations.  Of course, this was not even necessary for the two-man outfit at the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP). The empty tuxedo Ziad Asali, and his ghost writer and tutor Hussein Ibish never had any qualms about dealing with AIPAC.

At the end of a Washington day, it doesn’t really matter anyway. This is all about proving they’re one of the “good Arabs”deserving the right to pursue comfortable, air-conditioned careers on the outer fringe of the US political establishment.  Given the definition of what makes a “good Arab” we clearly do not fall in that category.  We maintain Zionism is a racist, illegitimate, colonial project that must be defeated. Just in case that’s not clear enough, Israel has no right to exist in Palestine.  We also don’t make any false distinctions between “good Zionists” and “bad Zionists”, and consider the notion of a “moderate Zionist” as ludicrous as that of a “moderate fascist.”

Zogby and the other self-appointed representatives of Arab-Americans in Washington do not speak for the Arab community, or even a segment of the community.  More importantly, the legitimacy that Israel so desperately wants the indigenous population of Palestine to bestow on the Zionist project does not derive from anyone in Washington, and the acceptance it seeks from the Arab world can’t be provided by anyone in the United States.