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Dalia Mogahed Goes On MSNBC And Praises Bush’s “Moral Stance”

DaliaDalia Mogahed is an establishment Muslim we have written about previously and one of those we refer to as “professional Muslims” This is a group which includes self-described experts on everything and everybody from Morocco to Indonesia, political and civil rights activists, “interfaith” and community leaders, and even a few comedians. What they all have in common is that they managed to turn the Muslim religion into a profession. By simply being a Muslim (we know of one case in which the person was never a Muslim until he was offered an opportunity to participate in US State Department propaganda campaigns if he claimed to be one) a variety of opportunities that were not otherwise available are suddenly a quick and easy path to a career, business opportunity, or  mainstream media attention.

This week Mogahed was invited to appear on MSNBC’s Meet The Press to discuss Islam, “Muslim opinion” and terrorism in the wake of the Paris Attacks and a rise of overt, anti-Muslim bigotry in the US, particularly among Republican Party candidates and their supporters. The invitation was intended to make the silly Chuck Todd appear as that rare cable news host who would invite an actual Muslim to speak. To that extent, the interview served its purpose. Mogahed immediately began the interview by praising George Bush Jr. The first question was about US public reaction today as compared to after 9-11 to which Mogahed answered as follows:

Rima Fakih has a House Problem

Potential 2012 GOP presidential contender Donald Trump says there “absolutely” is a Muslim problem in the world, and he “couldn’t believe” a mosque is being built near the site of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Any guesses how long it will take for Rima Fakih to denounce Donald Trump’s anti-Islamic remarks? Don’t hold your breath, though we welcome the opportunity to be proven wrong.

Will House Muslim and House Arab organizations criticize Trump or do they feel too indebted to him for providing them with a unique opportunity to feel loved and accepted? The ridiculous jubilation about Rima’s Miss USA title almost made one think these people didn’t give enough hugs from their parents growing up.

If the slightest hint of refusing racism is anywhere near Rima’s mind, she would renounce her title in protest of Trump’s comments. In the mean time, Muslim-American and Arab-American organizations would be well served to note that pursuit of the white man’s approval is an exercise in futility, not to mention self-humiliation.

“I always enjoy being part of Mr. Trump’s events. He is such a wise, down-to-earth individual, and I have learned so much from him.” – Rima Fakih

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“It is up to American society to change, not Muslims”

Over the last few weeks, in light of anti-Park51 backlash and Qur’an burning threats, we’d ridiculed the great lengths some Muslim-Americans went to in order to prove themselves to US society and thank anyone and everyone who acknowledged Muslims’ membership in the Homo Sapiens club e.g.  Anything and Everything for the US, Thank Tolerant War Criminals, Quit Thanking Zionists for Tolerating You Already! It’s good to know Ikhras is not alone in rejecting the self-insulting “Muslims are people too!” discourse.

Anything and everything for the US

Today’s Philadelphia Daily News, among other sources, reports:

“some Muslim communities across the United States are canceling banquets or other celebrations that mark the end of Ramadan because they would fall on or near Sept. 11. In Newark, Del., Masjid Ibrahim canceled its annual feast because it was to take place on Sept. 12.”

If Islam in fact had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks, why cancel an Islamic celebration? Doesn’t that prove the islamophobes’ point? It’s sad that so many US-based Muslims feel defensive. You would’ve thought that instead of the US occupying Afghanistan and Iraq that Muslims were militarily occupying California and Florida.

To prove you’re a good US citizen, we advise our Muslim-American readers to consider the following:

1) Cancel hajj (Islamic duty of pilgrimage) and ‘umrah since Mecca is a mere 6,000 miles away from Ground Zero.

2) Do you wear a kuffiyeh or a hijab? Make sure it’s made of stars and stripes fabric.

3) Instead of reciting Al-Fatiha, read the star spangled banner.

4) Could someone invent halal beer to celebrate July 4th?

5) Name your next newborn Abdul-Washington.

6) Replace Qur’an copies at your mosque with Obama’s autobiography.

7) Halal Christmas ham.

8 ) After fulfilling the #1 priority on Muslim-Americans’ agenda, building an Islamic community center in Lower Manhattan, get to work on priority #2: get a fatwa issued allowing Muslim-Americans to face the White House (instead of Mecca) during prayer.