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ATFP’s Hussein Ibish Launches Bitter Attack On Ikhras


"Cheers, Happy 1-Year Anniversary Ikhras"

[Ikhras Editors’ Notes:  The following article was written by Hussein Ibish, the Senior Fellow at the ATFP, the unofficial, Washington public relations firm of the collaborationist Palestinian Authority (PA) in occupied Ramallah, and former Media Director of the ADC.  This sudden outburst is out of character for Ibish who usually feigns politeness and is well measured.  Apparently Ibish’s unfortunate lapse in judgment resulted from our ongoing coverage of his activities and the ATFP including his efforts to undermine the struggle for Palestinian rights in this country, his role in promoting the PA, and his relationship with racist, Zionist groups, not to mention his dining with the Israeli Ambassador.  Ikhras readers will understand if we, at this time, find it unnecessary and unhelpful to respond to Ibish’s long, and at times even bizarre, diatribe.  We encourage those unfamiliar with Ibish and the ATFP to read our coverage of their activities and make up their own mind.

The one issue raised by Ibish which requires a direct response is entirely unrelated to Ikhras.  Ibish’s bitter attack piece took an interesting twist when he inserted one of his longstanding personal vendettas into what would have otherwise been the type of  straight forward, albeit more articulate, anti-Ikhras rant we have come to expect from the House Arabs in Washington.  Therefore, we would like to make it clear that Palestinian-American author and activist Ali Abunimah has never written for Ikhras, and is not associated or involved with ikhras in any capacity.  We are solely responsible for the production, maintenance, and content of Ikhras.com.]


Who is behind the anti-Arab hate site “Ikhras” and what are they hiding?

Ikhras and its Arab-bashing agenda

The website “Ikhras” (“shut up,” or perhaps more accurately, “muzzle yourself,” in Arabic) claims to be Arab-American, but in fact is one of the most enthusiastically and unremittingly anti-Arab-American websites on the internet.

Hussein Ibish Endorses Netanyahu’s Racist Demands

Hussein Ibish, the Senior Fellow at the American Task Force on Palestine, the Washington public relations outfit of the Israeli-sponsored, Western-funded , American-supervised collaborationist Palestinian (illusory) Authority in occupied Ramallah is calling on Palestinians to convert to Zionism in order to achieve “peace.”  Salam Fayad‘s Washington concierge who spends most of his time and energy trying to to undermine Palestinian rights with a particular focus on the right of return is now endorsing Benjamin Netanyahu‘s call for Palestinians to adopt the racist, Zionist project:

Netanyahu’s demand is an additional and quite recent complication to an already tangled knot, but it has sunk so deeply into the Israeli and pro-Israel consciousness that some sort of language to satisfy it may ultimately have to be found. Reciprocal recognition of the Jewish right of self-determination in Israel and the Palestinian right of self-determination in Palestine might well prove a requisite final flourish on a peace agreement.

This might make sense for a cigar-smoking, anti-“extremist”, anti-“radical”, Washingtonian “realist” who wants nothing to do with any Palestinian, and hobnobs almost exclusively with racist, Zionist groups like AIPAC and J-Street, but in the real world the idea that the only way to bring the conflict in Palestine to an end is by the indigenous people’s adoption of the racist, colonial project is absurd and immoral.  For Ibish, in order to maintain his designation as a “reasonable, respectable commentator”, as defined by Washington,  not even the most extreme, Likudnik version of Zionist colonialism and its demands are outside the realm of reason or serious consideration.

For more on Hussein Ibish visit Ikhras: http://ikhras.com/tag/hussein-ibish/

James Zogby Too Radical For Hussein Ibish

Forget Dean Obeidallah, Ray Hanania, and Maysoon Zayid.  The self-appointed spokespersons and representatives of the Arab-American community in Washington DC are the real Arab-American comedians.  James Zogby is now the “radical”, “extreme” Arab.  His comments on the Obama speech were too harsh AND uncompromising for the more moderate, pro-peace Hussein Ibish.

Ibish Boycotts Palestinians, Meets Zionist Diplomats

Hussein Ibish continues his dialogue with representatives of the Zionist entity. The Senior Fellow at the American Task Force on Palestine which claims to provide “an independent voice for Palestinian-Americans and their supporters” has never reached out to any Palestinian-American leader or activist within the Palestine Solidarity Movement in the US.  It’s counterproductive, not to mention a bit bizarre, for an outfit that ostensibly seeks “peace” between two groups to meet, talk, and work exclusively with members of one side of the conflict.

Hussein Ibish Still Pretending He Speaks Arabic

Hussein Ibish continues to pretend he can speak Arabic.  Today he provided an Arabic statement issued by Hamas which he describes as  “damning.” How would you know Hussein?  You can’t read Arabic.  Stop lying to your readers.

@IbishblogHussein Ibish
For those asking for Arabic version of Hamas statements: 1) here you go, 2) could not be more damning –http://fi.3e.sl.pt/ @YousefMunayyer

Hussein Ibish: Anti-Iraqi Racist لا بأس بالقوم من طول ومن غلظ جسم البغال وأحلام العصافير

The Washington establishment Arabs have internalized the ideology, political culture, and sensibilities of the ruling class in this country.  With anti-Arab, anti-Muslim prejudice being the last acceptable form of racism, they have no qualms making bigoted statements such as the one we got today from Hussein Ibish. Ibish would never make such a remark about any European or American city or attribute Rabbi Ovadia Yosef’s long list of hateful, vile utterings to a Jewish clerical title.  Had he done so, Washington exigencies would compel Ibish and the ATFP to issue a formal apology, and their next black-tie-gala at the Ritz-Carlton would be put in jeopardy of not having any US officials in attendance.


Hussein Ibish Hearts Raghida Dergham, But Can’t Read Her

After his recent attack on a respected and independent journalist known for his opposition to the Oslo accords, the Palestinian Authority (PA), and Arab dictatorships and as an outspoken supporter of the 2011 Arab freedom uprising, Hussein Ibish has moved on to singing the praises of a Lebanese right-wing journalist and apologist for the House of Saud.  Ibish has lately been expressing his admiration for Raghida Dergham, columnist and Senior Diplomatic Correspondent for the London-based Al Hayat, a Saudi propaganda outlet:

“Very well deserved, for one of my favorite Arabic-language columnists (by far): “Power 100 Women – 42. Raghida Dergham.”

And one week later:

“Yet another excellent, thoughtful essay by the outstanding Raghida Dergham: The “Arab Spring” and the Palestinian Cause

A recent example of Dergham’s “journalism” and propagandizing for the house of Saud came when the Saudi regime’s security forces moved into Bahrain to help its monarchist counterparts violently repress a popular uprising by peaceful protesters demanding freedom, democracy, and social justice.  In a Huffington Post piece Dergham explained the US-backed Saudi attack on Bahrainis this way:

“With respect to Bahrain, the fact that Saudi, Emirati and Qatari forces have been deployed to Bahrain constitutes the first-of-its-kind activation of the security agreement — known as the Peninsula Shield — among the six countries, which are the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain. This deployment at the behest of Bahrain is neither an invasion nor foreign intervention, as the Islamic Republic of Iran sought to portray it. The concern by the GCC countries for the security and the regimes of one another is an institutionalized agreement within a regional framework.”

Dergham is also a stark example of the Arab with an inferiority complex that maintains two personalities, one for Americans and Westerners and another for Arab audiences.  Unlike her appearances on US cable news channels like MSNBC where Dergham remains polite, professional, and courteous, when invited on Arabic-language channels she consistently comes across as rude, abrasive, and angry.  Thin-skinned, condescending, and incapable of tolerating any views opposed to her own, Dergham is quick to dismiss all those opposed to US/Saudi policies in the region as extremist or irrational, and lacking the insight and reason she gained from her time in the West and/or participation in the World Economic Forum meetings at Davos or the Dead Sea.  She’s very proud of her invitations to partake in these meaningless gatherings.

Dergham’s well-known political views are consistent with the Lebanese right-wing ideology and outlook.  Her passionate attacks on Arab resistance in any form to US-Israeli hegemony and wars in the region are matched only by her zealotry in defending the Saudi regime and all US policies. This Lebanese journalist once berated a discussant on an Aljazeera talk show for criticizing Condoleezza Rice, an enthusiastic accomplice in Israel’s criminal and barbaric war on Lebanon in 2006, for her infamous remark describing the wanton slaughter of 1500 Lebanese civilians as the “birth pangs of a new Middle East.”  When commenting on the government’s in the region, she divides her time and energy between defending the Saudi regime, the most repressive, misogynistic, and reactionary in the world, and criticizing other relatively less repressive dictatorships in Syria and Iran ostensibly for their lack of democracy and abysmal human rights record.  This hypocrisy is very common among Arab journalists working for “news organizations” under the direct or indirect control of members of the Saudi ruling family.

Ibish’s praise of Dergham came just a few days after attacking Abd Al-Bari Atwan, editor of the London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi, one of the few independent, Arabic-language newspapers unencumbered by the mukhabarat monitors of the Arab police states, and uncorrupted by Saudi oil money.  That Ibish’s ridiculous evaluations of Arabic language journalism and journalists are  politically driven and bereft of any professional measure or personal integrity is obvious to anyone who follows the writers and newspapers he has taken it upon himself to review and report on for his non-Arabic reading audience.

This is not the only reason, however, that Ibish’s evaluations of various Arabic-language newspapers and writers, if these political hack jobs can be described as such, are quickly discounted by readers of Arabic.  Despite his pretense Ibish does not understand, write, speak, or read Arabic.  We don’t point this out because we enjoy mocking and ridiculing Salam Fayyad’s Washington concierge (although we do), but because his readers in the United States are entitled to know if Ibish speaks Arabic when he offers his opinions of journalists writing and commenting in Arabic.  Just as non-Arabic speaking talking heads on American cable news channels should be dismissed when they attack Aljazeera, so to should Ibish’s politically motivated appraisals of Arabic language newspapers and writers.

Dergham does write extensively in English and her Arabic articles are often translated by the Saudi Dar Al-Hayat where she has been employed since 1989, but by referring to Dergham as his favorite “Arabic-language” columnist, Ibish is clearly implying he can read Arabic.  Ibish’s continuing efforts to promote or denigrate Arab journalists based on their political views are intellectually dishonest, and pretending to speak Arabic in order to infuse his worthless opinions on the subject with some credibility reduces him to an outright shameless fraud.  There is enough bad information about public discourse within the Arab world in the US without Ibish’s own political agenda and vendettas clouding the reality even further.

As for Dergham’s “well deserved” mention: It turns out to be a silly list compiled by an online magazine in the UAE emulating something you would see on the cover page of People Magazine and find sitting right next the Enquirer.  About 10% of the Arab world (35 million out of 350 million) live in the countries that make up the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), but 60 out of the 100 names mentioned were from the GCC states.  With the exception of a few accomplished and respected Arab women, such as the Aljazeera anchorwoman from Algeria, Khadeeja Bengana, the list is largely made up of the rich and elite from the gulf region and others connected to the ruling families’ relatives, friends, businesses associates, “foundations” or media outlets in some capacity.  Rima Fakih’s physical appearance also earned her a mention on the list. Her prime time strut last year was considered a contribution to “culture and society” which, if you think about it, is not unlike Dergham’s contribution to unbiased, independent journalism. As for Ibish, he would be well-advised to critique journalists who write in languages he actually reads and understands.


Hussein Ibish Waits For The Translation And Calls For Collaboration

Now Hussein Ibish is pretending to speak Arabic

Hussein Ibish Is A LIAR!

Still “Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places”: Hussein Ibish Dines With The Israeli Ambassador


ATFP’s Hussein Ibish Riled By Anti-PA Palestinian Journalist

Hussein Ibish has recently been pre-occupied with Abdel Bari Atwan, editor and publisher of the London-based newspaper al-Quds al-Arabi.   Although Ibish’ characterization of Atwan is obviously a politically motivated caricature of some sort we do agree with Ibish when he writes:

There is a lot of complaining about double standards between the West and the Arab world, and that’s absolutely justifiable. So in this case, I think we yet again have to look for a single standard: people who consistently talk the worst crap — especially if they are influential with large audiences — need to be held to account.

Ibish describes Atwan as:

something like Pat Buchanan’s level of chauvinism with a Michael Moore-style lowest common denominator populist demagoguery. His are politics that are guided by fear and suspicion, mainly of the West and Israel, but generally speaking of anything that undermines his paranoid and chauvinist worldview.

Atwan is an admirable and courageous journalist based in London and free of any Arab government control or pressure.  Al-Quds al-Arabi is among the most professional and credible Arab news organizations, and one of the few that has not been corrupted by Saudi Oil Money.  Ironically, Ibish’ criticism is so over the top he comes across as a much closer portrayal of his own descriptions of Atwan and Moore.

The ATFP And Yesterday’s Explosion In Occupied Jerusalem

That was fast.  The American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP), the Washington public relations firm of the Israeli-sponsored, Western-funded, American-supervised collaborationist Palestinian Authority (PA) in occupied Ramallah made sure to “deplore violence” immediately after the bombing in occupied Jerusalem yesterday.

While the Zionist entity routinely murders Palestinians it is only when an act of violence targets Israel does the ATFP feel obligated to issue a condemnation.  The statement expresses the ATFP’s concern with recent events by saying:

Arab-Americans Join The Counter-Revolution

Mona Eltahawy supports Western Military attacks on Libya and refers to them as “intervention.” Hussein Ibish supports the Saudi forces invasion of Bahrain to help a fellow Monarchist regime kill its own peaceful protesters, and describes it as a “GCC intervention” that is “legal” based on “treaty obligations.”   James Zogby supports both and is just very grateful a “Shake” in “Abu-Dobby” gave him a weekly talk show where he can discuss all good “interventions.”

Expect these same Arab-Americans to congratulate the people of Bahrain if, and when, they overthrow the dictator.  And if Qadhafi survives and his relationship with Western regimes returns to what it was just two months ago we might even see his Ambassador in Washington invited as an honored guest at an Arab-American Gala at the Ritz Carlton.

Hussein Ibish Waits For The Translation And Calls For Collaboration

In a tactic straight out of the Ray Hanania children’s play book Hussein Ibish recently threw out a memorized and canned Arabic phrase to create the impression he can speak Arabic.  Ikhras took notice of that silly ploy at the time and said it’s unacceptable for “anyone to lie and present themselves as fluent in any language in an attempt to suggest an advanced level of expertise on any region, and by extension offer native legitimacy to the pro-Zionist, pro-Washington positions they promote.”  After that serious lapse in judgment on Hussein’s part we also said we consider ourselves now justified in “mocking and ridiculing Ibish for not speaking Arabic.”  We would now like to do so.  Therefore, we are offering our readers this video of Ibish giving an interview in which he has to wait for a translation before he can answer in English.

Hussein’s lack of honesty, and childish attempt to mislead people about his Arabic language skills should cause everyone concerned with the Zionist colonial project in Palestine to consider what other more critical and substantive matters he may be trying to mislead everyone about through his well polished performances and writings.  An example can be found in this interview published on the same day as Hussein’s RT appearance (above) where he states the Palestinians “must recognize the historical ties and deep attachment of Jews to Israel and Palestine.” In fact, about two thirds of the 13 million adherents of Judaism live outside of Palestine, and an overwhelming majority of them have no attachment to the state of Israel, and don’t identify with it. Furthermore, as a matter of empirical, historical fact they have no historical ties to Palestine, and it is the Palestinian Arabs that are the original and continuous inhabitants of the land between the Meditteranean Sea and Jordan River. Any rational person, regardless of what he/she believes is the pragmatic and moral solution to the problem of Zionism in Palestine, must accept this as an established fact.  In this same interview Hussein argues that for Palestinians “Necessary coordination with the occupation is the only way forward.”  This is an interesting way to describe quisling collaboration, and a clear example of Hussein trying to mislead everyone about an issue far more important than whether or not he can speak Arabic.

Hussein Ibish’s Inconsistent Moral Compass

Check out the differences between Hussein Ibish’s stances on the Egyptian revolt v. the Libyan revolt.

Hussein Ibish On Egypt

Hussein Ibish On Libya
Under such volatile circumstances, commentators should be extremely careful. Act. Now.
There are times when commentary needs to fall silent for a moment and let events sort themselves out. Muammar al-Qaddafi’s bloodcurdling speech on Feb. 22 should force even skeptics of international intervention to think twice.

The situation in Egypt is simply too opaque, at least at the time of writing this article, for anything so glib as predictions.

It is becoming increasingly clear that these difficulties are outweighed by the risks of standing by and watching events unfold without taking any meaningful action.

There are times when commentary needs to fall silent for a moment and let events sort themselves out. Unlike other Western interventions in the region, humanitarian action in Libya would place the United States and the West on the side of the aspirations of millions of ordinary Arabs

Both Mubarak and Qadhafi have oppressed their people for decades. Both deserve to be overthrown in popular uprisings. So why this discrepancy in Ibish’s stance? The difference between the two is that Mubarak’s regime had a peace treaty with Israel and good relations with the US while Qadhafi doesn’t. As we’d previously noted,

Given Ibish’ role as the Washington concierge to PA officials, and his work for the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP), the Washington public relations firm of the Israeli-sponsored, Western-funded, American-supervised collaborationist regime in occupied-Ramallah, he’s probably feeling a little uncomfortable watching the ground shake under the PA’s main ally in the Arab world, [Egypt].

Ibish on Asali

A source that wants to remain anonymous sent us the following message:

In general, Ibish thought Asali knew nothing about nothing – he did not feel he should be in a position working “for” Asali… After one meeting, in which as usual Asali talked a lot, said nothing, and listened even less (barely noticing when others spoke) – back then, I’d compare him somewhat to Qaddafi going on and on…. anyway, leaving the meeting Ibish was quite angry (you know Ibish likes to be in the center and talking, and he is not a big fan of just listening) :)  so he was angry and fuming, and if I remember well as a direct quote, he vented: “you can’t have a discussion with THIS guy! [Asali]”