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Ikhras Reader Shares Personal Experience With Hussein Ibish

[Ikhras Note: An Ikhras reader and friend wanted to share his/her personal experience with Hussein Ibish but wishes to remain anonymous.]

He is absolutely horrible. I told you that I enrolled (that is the best way I can explain it) in one of his Arab American seminars in 2006 while I was surveying students for my dissertation research. I thought I would be enlightened. After 4 days of the 5 day seminar, I ditched it.

Hussein Ibish And The Language Of Anti-Arab Racism

Hussein Ibish, the Senior Fellow at the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP), the Washington public relations outfit for the collaborationist Palestinian Authority (PA) in occupied Ramallah, continues to speak in the most disrespectful, condescending, and sometimes racist fashion when it comes to Arabs and Muslims especially those among them opposed to US criminal wars abroad and insist on combating and defeating the Zionist colonial project in Palestine. The language of the intellectual godfather of the establishment Arabs has grown increasingly abrasive and crude as he moves further and further to the political right and continues to adjust his unreasonably reasonable stance on Palestine to the demands of the most extreme elements of the Pro-Israel lobby.

Jeffrey Blankfort On Ibish & Zogby

[Ikhras Note: The following was a comment by Jeffrey Blankfort.* It’s not just Arab-Americans that reject the political pandering of establishment Arabs.  Palestine solidarity activists and all Americans opposed to the US policy in the Middle East have been equally frustrated with Washington Arabs that are busy garnering mainstream media acceptance and clamoring for photo-ops with US officials.  Although these opportunistic careerists are unwilling to address the false narratives and assumptions of American officialdom, principled  social activists and other Americans of all backgrounds do not hesitate to do so. ] 

Ibish On Irshad Manji & Other Assorted Nuts

Not only has Ibish’s strategy of presenting himself as a defender of Arabs and Muslims by taking on the lunatic fringe failed, it has also contributed to legitimizing the mainstream racists and extremists. It’s Ibish’s friends, collaborators, co-authors, partners in “peace”, and ATFP gala keynote speakers that are most troubling for the Arab and Muslim communities, not Manji and the other assorted nuts.  

Just When You Thought Hussein Ibish Couldnt Sink Any Lower

[Ikhras note: Hussein Ibish has now sunk further than we thought was possible, even for him. As far as the intellectual godfather of the establishment Arabs is concerned, it is no longer sufficient to condemn all Palestinian resistance to Israel’s violent occupation nor is it sufficient to simply refrain from condemning Israel’s violence against Palestinians.  We must now also condemn, or at least disassociate from and refuse to endorse, any Palestinian condemnation of Israeli violence against them]

House Arabs no ally to Occupy Wall Street

American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee’s ex Media Director and current senior fellow at the American Task Force on Palestine’s Hussein Ibish wrote the following, encouraging a hierarchical power structure in the Occupy Wall Street over its current decentralized, grassroots format:

The Occupy Wall Street movement, by contrast, shows no signs of being mobilized by a political party or organization to create real change in politics or policy. Any movement so broad-based, leaderless (though there are some organizers who can be identified) and, frankly, unfocused runs the risk of simply fizzling out without leaving any lasting legacy … Arabs should be very familiar with this conundrum. The Egyptian experience in particular has shown the limitations of a leaderless, spontaneous movement. It creates momentum but cannot harness it. That can only be done by organized political groupings.

Gigi Ibrahim

Ibish’s own previous statements undermine the value of the above unsolicited advice to Occupy Wall Street. His concern is more about tailoring popular discourse to his own taste than preserving the movement’s influence. A case in point: he recently reprimanded Egyptian revolutionary Gigi Ibrahim for her criticisms of some Egyptian activists’ lobbying on Capitol Hill.

Ms. Ibrahim had battled Mubarak’s hoodlums in the streets and endured tear gassings and beatings from the Egyptian military. Nevertheless, she became the object of Hussein Ibish and Arab American Institute’s Omar Baddar’s criticisms for rejecting the idea that meaningful change could come from the same institutions of power that had enabled Mubarak, armed Israel and waged wars, occupations and sanctions on millions of Arabs.

It’s That Time Of Year: Get Your Tuxedo, The ATFP Is Going Gala
















Ziad Asali’s favorite night of the year is here again.  On October 19 the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP), the Washington public relations front for the Israeli-sponsored, Western-funded, American-supervised Palestinian (illusory) Authority (PA) will hold its annual gala.  The black-tie event brings out the dapper and debonair version of Ziad as he dons his black-tie tuxedo and prounces around a Washington hotel  ballroom bowing before US and/or Arab officials.   Ziad must be thrilled Salam Fayyad will be the gala’s keynote speaker this year.  The last time Fayyad attended the ATFP’s annual event Ziad’s tuxedo wasn’t draped around him as tight as he was around the American-appointed Prime Minister of the PA. Hussein Ibish will also attend the gala in his own tailored tuxedo, feigning intellectual honesty and wearing urbanity like cheap makeup.

Ibish Still Promoting Abbas And Fayyad

Hussein Ibish, the Senior Fellow at The American Task Force On Palestine, an outfit which functions as the Washington public relations firm of the collaborationist Palestinian Authority (PA) in occupied Ramallah, continues to promote  Mahmoud Abbas and Salam Fayyad, the illegitimate puppets of the PA.

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas have called for a secular, pluralistic Palestinian state, says Hussein Ibish of the American Task Force on Palestine, which advocates a non-militarized Palestinian state alongside Israel.

It’s time for Ibish and his two friends at the ATFP to openly admit the purpose and function they serve and the role they play on behalf of the PA.


Hussein Ibish Treads Very Carefully, Boycotts Press TV

Hussein Ibish has taken umbrage at Iran’s Press TV for misrepresenting what he said and decided he will no longer be giving interviews to the English-language Iranian network. After the interview, Press TV posted Ibish’s latest appearance on its website with the following title: “US main obstacle to peace in Palestine.”  Hussein found this title “outrageous” and thundered “the headline attributed to me a sentiment which I absolutely do not agree with and did not either say or imply and which I find completely ridiculous.”

ATFP Finds More In Common With Zionist Fanatics Than Palestinian-Americans

Ghaith Al-Omari, who recently represented  The American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP) at the Iftar dinner hosted by the Israeli Ambassador, will be discussing the UN Palestine vote along with David Makovsky from the Washington Institute of Near East Policy (WINEP), the “think tank” of the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).  Although the stated objectives of the ATFP is to work for peace between two peoples all it seems to have achieved is a close working relationship between the three individuals that run this shop and the various components of the pro-Israel lobby.  The only individuals with whom the ATFP collaborates or maintains friendly relations are pro-Israel extremists whose views not only fall outside the scope of any reasonable debate, but are clearly beyond the pale. 

House Muslims Announce Day of Mourning

Having failed to receive an invitation to this year’s White House’s annual iftar dinner, CAIR, ISNA and Park51 shut their offices to mark a day of mourning.

ISNA at the White House at a previous iftar

“We are trying to console ourselves through this bewildering rejection,” stated CAIR director Nihad Awad in a press release. “Having spent years proving my patriotism, I was shocked to not receive an invitation. I had in mind some really good ideas to help the President win the war on terrorism and win hearts and minds. Like, offering people in Afghanistan and Iraq dates and iced water to break their fast on.

ISNA stated in a release “It’s useless. We keep offering the US Government our best and brightest youth as interns, translators and soldiers. We not only fail to condemn US war criminals, we even pose for pictures with them. Is it too much to ask for an iftar invitation?”

Hussein Ibish Concerned About Israel’s “Legitimacy”

Hussein Ibish criticizes Israel for its “self-defeating moves” and offers advice on how best to counter the International Palestine Solidarity and BDS movement. 

Responding to Israel’s recently passed, draconian “boycott law” which basically criminalizes  all calls for boycotts of Israel or the illegal Jewish-only colonies in occupied Palestine 67, Hussein Ibish wrote the following.

Hussein Ibish: “Arabic Translator” And Fraud

Hussein Ibish,  the collaborationist Palestinian Authority’s (PA) chief propagandist in Washington and Salam Fayyad’s occasional concierge, is a fraud and a liar.  He doesn’t speak, read, or write Arabic, but it doesn’t prevent him from confirming the accuracy of translations of Arabic into English.  The following is from a 2009 article: 

Arab-Americans & Egypt’s Continuing Revolution

The Arab-American community must stand with the Egyptian people and their continuing struggle for freedom, full sovereignty and independence, human dignity, and social justice.  The establishment Arabs in this country are too busy promoting their careers and enjoying their false sense of prestige on the margins of Washington officialdom.  In the meantime the Egyptian people continue a struggle (see video previous post) whose outcome is not yet determined, but the victory of which, in this most geopolitically important Arab state, can break foreign imperialist domination of the region and create a new Egypt and with it a new Arab world.  Arab-Americans must make the success of the Egyptian people and their 2011 uprising a central concern.  The counter-revolution is underway, and the US regime, its allies in Europe, and puppets in the Arab world, first, and foremost, the tyrannical Saudi regime, are working tirelessly to bring the Arab Spring to an end.  Given the continuing meddling of the American government in Egypt, and the extensive relationship between the Pentagon and the repressive Egyptian junta that continues to rule, Arab Americans must highlight and oppose the American role in trying to abort the Egyptian revolution, prevent the achievement of the Egyptians’ national aspirations, and subject the well-being of Egypt and the interests of its people to American imperialist designs.  This cause is unlikely to be adopted by the establishment Arabs in Washington, but it should be by the entire Arab-American community.

ATFP’s Hussein Ibish Continues Incitement Against Ikhras

One day after he launched his lengthy, bitter diatribe against Ikhras (see below) the ATFP’s Hussein Ibish offers a condensed, “brief follow-up” for “the attention deficit disorder set.”  It was amusing to learn that Hussein, who apparently does not suffer from attention deficit disorder and has publicly confessed his hedonistic tendencies,  had nothing better to do on a Friday night than sit in front of his computer and observe the Ikhras website minute by minute. We will continue to re-publish and disseminate all anti-Ikhras diatribes and attack pieces as we have always done in the past.  Washington Arabs who do not have their own blogs on which to rant and rave are welcome to submit their material directly to Ikhras for consideration. However, we do not accept any responsibility for any heart attacks or strokes which reading Ikhras (or responding to Ikhras) may cause.