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ADC Does Damage Control About the FBI’s Racist Training Materials

FBI Recruitment Booth At ADC Convention 2007

The ADC is cute.

It spent years collaborating with the FBI and encouraging young Arab-Americans to waste their talents pursuing careers at this ghastly agency. Then, when written evidence of prejudice at the FBI surfaced, American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee (ADC) was up in arms (ADC did require written evidence of racism to finally realize the FBI’s modus operandi and to whisper mild criticism).

House Muslims Statistically Irrelevant

Good news! A new Gallup study demonstrates that Muslim-Americans give House Muslim organizations very little weight.

First, the New York Times gave us a heads up:

a study by the Abu Dhabi Gallup Center to be released next week found that only a minority of American Muslims say that domestic Islamic groups represent them

The study was just released and it stated:

many Muslims do not feel there is a national Muslim-American organization that represents them. When asked which of a list of national Muslim American organizations represents their itnerests [sic], 55% of Muslim men and 42% of Muslim women say that none do.

Open Collaboration with the FBI

An Ikhras reader alerted us to the below announcement, which invites young Muslims to become the instruments of their own oppression. It is sickening that the Council of Peoples Organization would direct young Muslims’ energies into working for the FBI.  Can you imagine a respectable civil rights group like the NAACP or the Black Panthers or the American Indian Movement encouraging youth to join the ranks of the organization that has killed Fred Hampton, violated the constitutional rights of millions of Americans, busted antiwar organizations and is currently waging a witchhunt against Palestine solidarity activists? Is this supposed to count as a smart “strategy”? It takes an incredible amount of arrogance and delusion to think the FBI would become a more equitable, egalitarian organization if only enough Muslims were to join.


Join In Find Out


Muslim Youth Conference!

Who are they? What do they do? What are your rights?

Job opportunities?
May 14 Saturday 10:00 to 3:00 pm

at Kingsborough Community College 2001 Oriental BoulevardBrooklyn, NY 11235

For more information contact:
Council of Peoples Organization 1091 Coney Island Ave Brooklyn, NY 11230718-434-3266 www.copousa.org

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The Press Release ADC Never Issued about FBI Raids

ADC silent about FBI Raids

The Press Release ADC Never Issued About FBI Raids

Cartoon by Naji Al-Ali

The Anti-Arab Discrimination Committee condemns itself in the strongest possible terms for having failed to issue a press release expressing solidarity with the political activists whose residences and offices were raided by the FBI on September 24, 2010. Our September and October press releases have been void of even the mildest criticism of the FBI’s heinous actions.

We were reminded of our failure to uphold the values we pretend to care about in light of the recent federal grand jury subpoenas issued to pro-Palestine activists in Chicago on Friday December 3, 2010.