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The Washington Arabs: Hypocrisy And Self-Conscious Deceit

The objectives of the Washington establishment Arabs are garnering acceptance within the political establishment, personal social or economic advancement, the imprimatur of the “civilized Westerner” represented by the American ruling class, and all the false prestige they associate with these “achievements.”  Motivated by the same goals, driven by the political exigencies of Washington, and guided by the logic which requires faithfully following the official US government line we begin to see a common pattern of behavior among these American Arabs whether they identify themselves as Democrats or Republicans.  A comparison of the positions of Democrat James Zogby and Republican David “Go GOP” Ramadan on the Arab uprisings of 2011 will help illustrate this behavior and the logic that guides it.

American support of pro-American dictatorships and opposition to anti-US dictatorships (and democracies) has been a constant feature of US foreign policy since the end of World War II.  No other regime in the world has made democracy and human rights such a consistent part of its propaganda campaigns, and yet no other government has done more to undermine democracy and human rights in the world than the US.  Among the ugliest manifestations of this hypocrisy have been seen in the Arab world where Washington has backed and maintained in power some of the most brutal and ruthless of tyrants.

"Go Go GOP"

As the historic 2011 revolution sweeps across the Arab homeland and the oppressed Arab masses rise up against the despots that have tormented them and their imperialist masters in Washington, the only rational and moral position for the Arab-American community to take is unequivocal support for all uprisings in the Arab world and a clear condemnation of every Arab regime and the US government that has supported them.  Instead, opportunistic, unprincipled self-promoters have adopted the same hypocrisy and cynicism of the ruling class whose approval they slavishly pursue.  Although they are not the brightest among Arab-Americans they do understand any departure from the strictly defined parameters of public discourse or any minor deviation from the very narrow spectrum of political debate in this country will immediately end their careers on the margins of US officialdom and land them a spot among the shunned miscreants.

David Ramadan Needs An Intervention NOW

David “Go GOP” Ramadan’s buffoonish behavior and hyper-patriotism has been as embarrassing as it is transparent.   This is the Lebanese-American who proudly posed for a picture with the war criminal George Bush Jr, supported the invasion of Iraq, and Israel’s destruction of his own childhood neighborhood in Southern Beirut in 2006.  David, or whatever his real name is, has engaged in some undignified behavior during his “American journey.”  Unlike Ray Hanania, his stupidity is neither natural nor sincere, and he can usually be found working as hard to sound patriotic as Nihad Awad does to appear calm.  He comes across as a poorly performed parody, and one almost feels sorry for him.  What is also clear is that David doesn’t realize that we Americans don’t really believe in the sincerity of his patriotism or love of America.  We can easily see through the buffoonery of an insecure immigrant overcompensating for his minority status, and trying a little too hard to fit in, and prove his Americanism.  His self-demeaning behavior should not be allowed to continue.  It’s time for someone who cares about David (we don’t) to seriously consider an intervention.

David needs to be told it’s not necessary to sacrifice one’s dignity in order to be accepted as an American.  He should understand you can be a good, law-abiding, American citizen, and oppose US and Israeli wars on the Arab world.  You can be an American without supporting wars on the country from which you immigrated.

David should also understand you don’t have to proclaim your loyalty to this country, and assert your Americanism every other day.  Doing so only increases our suspicions that you are not being sincere, or truthful, and we begin to question what drives your endless affirmations of loyalty and patriotism.  It’s also very lame, David.  We may have initially liked, and encouraged your enthusiasm for your adopted country, but it later became excessive, irksome, and slightly unsettling even for the most patriotic among us.

Disorganized Priorities (as usual)

A number of groups organized a protest today outside the White House to oppose the wars on Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen and support Wikileaks. Veterans for Peace, GetUp!, Code Pink, Chris Hedges and Ray McGovern were among the organizers and speakers. Braving snow and very cold temperature, the activists also demanded the release of Bradley Manning and an end to civil liberties erosions.

One wonders why housies* weren’t the groups leading, or simply participating in or even promoting, this effort. What could they have possibly been busy with?

ADC was busy congratulating Qatar on hosting the 2022 World Cup. It also organized another, you guessed it, gala.

Ray Hanania was advocating for the two-state solution on the pages of the Jerusalem Post; an approach that concedes 78% of historic Palestine to Zionist settlers.

James Zogby was tied up promoting his book as well as an upcoming J Street event.

Feisal Abdul Rauf was chatting with the New York Times about his 40-plus year-long career of begging for tolerance from Zionists in the form of interfaith sessions.

Mona Eltahawy was addressing the TEDWomen audience. She spoke about everything there is to know about Muslim women in a nutshell except for the fact that they’re on the receiving end of US bombs and depleted uranium and bear the brunt of oppression under occupation in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine as widows and mothers of shattered, displaced, tortured families.

The American Task Force on Palestine‘s plate was full, hosting war criminal Tony Blair.

David Ramadan’s was too busy advocating for a “a strong Reagan Republican President in 2012” and a “strong US presence and role worldwide.”

Rima Fakih joined World Wrestling Entertainment celebrities to entertain members of the U.S. military at Fort Hood, Texas.

Irshad Manji was discussing the existence of  God on the pages of the Global and Mail.

Zuhdi Jasser’s American Islamic Forum for Democracy was celebrating “the dismissal of a lawsuit filed by Nasser Al-Awlaki, father of Anwar Al-Awlaki, represented by Jameel Jaffer of the ACLU and the Center for Constitutional Rights” over the use of targeted killing of American Citizens.

Who has time for serious anti-war activism with schedules as busy as these?

* “Housies” is short for House Arabs and House Muslims, equivalent to Malcolm X’s “House Negro” and “Field Negro.”

House Arab Bipartisanship?

David “GO GOP” Ramadan is now a guest blogger on the website of the Arab-American Institute, James Zogby’s one-man outfit.   David’s latest blog entry, which we mentioned on IKHRAS earlier this week, appeared on Zogby’s website yesterday.  This is not the first time Jim the Democrat has promoted David the Republican.  A cynical mind might entertain the possibility Zogby, in an effort to discredit Arab Republicans,  is garnering attention for the buffoonish act of his counterpart in the Republican Party.  On the other hand, he may sincerely want to demonstrate support for his fellow Arab-American engaging in Zogby’s own brand of political activism in the opposing party.  Zogby, of course, is much more articulate, polished, and secure in his own skin.  David, as we have seen repeatedly, is a spoof on steroids.  Both of these self-promoters together can legitimately claim to represent 5-10 Arab-Americans, including their families.

David “Go GOP” Ramadan Returns As A Poorly Performed Parody Live On Aljazeera

Ikhras readers will remember David “Go GOP” Ramadan from our previous posts about this buffoonish immigrant who specializes in parroting American slogans, flag waving, and superficial hyper-patriotism.  Ramadan is the despicable, Lebanese-American that supported the destruction of his own childhood neighborhood of Southern Beirut by Israel back in 2006 through his support for the Bush administration that was complicit in Israel’s onslaught.

Last week we found David on Aljazeera commenting on the US election as the Republican representative during the network’s live coverage.  Unlike Ray Hanania David was very funny, and unlike Hanania and James Zogby, David does speak fluent Arabic with a demonstrated ability to accurately interpret Republican talking points and regurgitate them in his native tongue.  The cliché-ridden positions and talking points of the Republicans did not translate very well into Arabic, but made for a very entertaining evening.  At certain points in the two-hour program we almost felt sorry for David.  He doesn’t realize how foolish and caricatured he appears in what can only be described as a poorly performed parody.

Count The Nods

This is a must view video.  Watch an authentic House Arab in one of his proudest and most undignified moments, and try to count how many times he nods in agreement.

For Arab-American “activists” busy kowtowing and scouring for a niche on the fringe of Washington officialdom, this video captures what it’s all about for them.  As for David Ramadan, standing behind the political elite at a press conference is an exhilarating, life-altering experience he will never forget.  By now I’m sure he’s watched this video a thousand times, saved it on his digital video recorder, and copied it onto a DVD to be placed in a safety deposit box at his bank.

Pay attention to David as he jostles for a position immediately behind Michael Steele at the very beginning.

David Ramadan: Still Trying A Little Too Hard

In their attempts to compensate for their minority status, Arab-Americans often go too far trying to prove how Red, White, and Blue, Apple-pie, All-American they really are.  Ikhras readers may remember David “Go Gop” Ramadan.

David Ramadan “proudly” supported George W. Bush, and his war crimes including the Bush administration’s complicity in destroying Ramadan’s own neighborhood in Southern Beirut during Israel’s onslaught on Lebanon in 2006.  At that time he was shouting “Go GOP.”   He is now expressing his pride that Harley-Davidson has opened a showroom in Beirut and ends this blog post with “Go Hogs.”

Someone must have told this buffoon that no other product exemplifies American culture and  screams “made in America” louder than Harley-Davidson motorcycles.   So David now wants everyone to know how proud he is this American icon has opened its first Beirut showroom.

Just in case David’s excessive flag waving, sloganeering,  and support for US war crimes in the Arab world did not convince everyone how American he is,  what better way to remove all doubt then by expressing your love and admiration for that famous American cultural icon, the Harley Davidson.

He must not realize how transparently phony such antics appear?  I hope nobody tells him.   We don’t want this guy to ikhras.  He’s funnier than Ray Hanania can ever be without even trying.   I can’t wait till he blogs about his love of old Westerns, and John Wayne.

P.S. David also wants us to know it was an “honor” for him to stand with Micheal Steele at a press conference and take a bus ride with him and the Republican leadership.

David Ramadan: a “couple-of-properties” in America and the bombing of his old neighborhood in Beirut

David's old neighborhood, the Southern District of Beirut destroyed by Israel in 2006

Ikhras readers will remember David “Go GOP” Ramadan, one of the self-appointed spokespersons of Arabs and Muslims in the US.   As we saw in our first piece, David is the quintessential house Arab who confuses political activism with political folklore, a shameless self-promoter with very little knowledge of US government, politics, or society, and completely lacking any self-respect.  One of the distinguishing characteristics of this type of buffoonish immigrants is the need to routinely express their patriotism.  The constant bellowing of love for America and excessive flag-waving is patently insincere, but nevertheless, a necessary ritual that must constantly be performed in order to compensate for the minority status, and inferiority complex they carry around like an albatross.  The best time of year to spot these individuals in our community is the 4th of July.  So it was earlier this month as David was preparing to celebrate “America’s birthday.” While most other Americans were preparing to Bar-B-Que and watch the local fireworks show, David found himself in a moment of “reflections.”  Reminiscing on his “American JourneyDavid wrote the following: “My journey so far includes: college degrees, a happy marriage, a couple of properties, a few successful businesses, an active political life, lots of friends, and the legal immigration of my entire family… Thank you America and Happy Birthday.” David ended his blog post with “sincerely” before signing with the same name we don’t believe he had when he boarded that plane in Beirut taking him to America to begin what he strains to convince everyone is a deliriously joyful “journey.”

A few things jumped out immediately in this short blog entry.  First, it was a reminder that formal education does not immunize anyone against ignorance and stupidity.  Second, was the self-demeaning reference to material success as a basis for an amoral and self-serving patriotism which carries with it the inherent contradiction between personal self-interest and the collective well-being of a country for which patriots often express their concern.  This shallow understanding of patriotism combined with the vagaries of an insecure immigrant’s life experience is often manifested in immoral and absurd political behavior difficult to explain without taking into consideration the personal psychological complex of such a person.  David is a perfect example, but before illustrating this point, did you notice the emphasis on his family’s legal immigration?  David the Republican clearly emphasized his family members’ legal status to draw a contrast between them and the desperate migrant workers who risk their lives coming to this country to earn some money to send back home to their impoverished families.  No “illegal aliens” in David’s family, that’s for sure.  I wonder how long before he begins conducting community outreach programs on behalf of the angry, racist Tea Party crowd.

In David’s moment of reflection he tells us he grew up in the Southern suburb of Beirut.  For those who may not know, the Southern suburb of Beirut was virtually destroyed in its entirety by the Israeli air force in 2006 with the full military, political, and diplomatic support of a Bush administration that described the gruesome Israeli aggression, in the infamous words of the secretary of state at the time, as the “birth pangs of the new Middle East.”  On July 22 the NY Times reported on the extent of the Bush administrations complicity in that war which was fought in furtherance of the administration’s Neo-Con agenda:   “The Bush administration is rushing a delivery of precision-guided bombs to Israel, which requested the expedited shipment last week after beginning its air campaign. … The decision to quickly ship the weapons to Israel was made with relatively little debate within the Bush administration, the officials said.” Every Arab and Muslim knows the US is Israel’s enabler, and the entire world was appalled at the US support of Israel’s naked aggression and heinous war crimes, but not David Ramadan.  He was busy “educating Arabs and Muslims about the Republican Party and smiling for the camera as he proudly posed for a photo with George Bush Jr.  David’s blog entry was very revealing in that it may have finally explained his enthusiastic support of US administrations’ wars on the Arab world, he owns “a couple of properties” in the US.   Yet I know many people who own property in the US and oppose US wars and support for Israel.  So what explains the behavior of this loathsome lowlife?

A smiling David poses proudly with the President. The Bush administration expedited a shipment of precision-guided bombs to Israel during its onslaught on Lebanon in 2006

For someone who supported the administration that launched an unprovoked invasion of Iraq leading to the death of over one million people, the displacement of four million others, and the destruction of an entire country and civilization, another 1500 dead Arab civilians in Lebanon and destruction of his own childhood neighborhood*  may not seem like a big deal.  However, it is the perfect illustration of a disturbing moral and psychological mindset willing to overlook such atrocities inflicted on his own childhood’s playgrounds as a small price to pay for a photo-op with the American president, a pat on the back from a politician, or an  appointment to some local board.  Willing to sacrifice all self-respect, and with no purpose other than self-aggrandizement, insecure Arab-Americans like David  view US wars on their native homelands as a unique opportunity to prove just how loyal to America they really are.  Go ahead invade Iraq!  Bomb Lebanon! Hell, you can even help destroy the very neighborhood I was raised in!  I won’t oppose, I won’t protest, I’m a real American.

Republican Politician: "Get a picture of me with my boy Abdoolah. David: "My name is David Ramadan Sir, and I support you." Republican Politician: "Good Job Abdoolah"

People like David will never notice the millions of other American citizens far more sincere in their love of America and far more patriotic in their opposition to US criminal wars.  Their definition of patriotism is one David the joyful immigrant can’t apply to what he calls his “active political life”, but it is far more authentic than his phony couple-of-properties-patriotism.  These Americans will argue they’re the real patriots, and one who truly cares about the well-being of his country and people, and their place in the world would not hesitate to criticize and protest unjust wars.  Such people make a distinction between patriotism and unquestioning support for any government policy.   But before any citizen is able to stand up and voice any opposition he/she needs to feel they truly are a part of this society.  Driven by self-interest, insecurity, ignorance, and psychological baggage, people like David, despite their constant proclamations to the contrary, don’t really feel like Americans.

So instead of 4th of July “reflections” on an immigrant’s “journey” (and what a worn out cliché that is anyway), maybe some introspection would be more beneficial.  I would like to help David, and offer him some advice.  It’s permissible in the US to take a break from the flag-waving.  You don’t have to constantly tell everyone how much you love America.  I’m also an American and I and my American friends don’t believe your affirmations of love of country or patriotism.  We see them for what they really are, the insecure blathering of an immigrant trying just a little too hard to fit in.  In doing so, you’re demeaning yourself and doing a disservice both to the homeland you left behind and the country you adopted at a moment of deadly serious issues of war and peace.  We won’t try appealing to your self-respect.  You must have left that behind on the tarmac at the Beirut airport before boarding that plane for the US, but we saw you and your smiling face posing proudly with the President responsible for the destruction of Iraq and Lebanon and here’s what we suggest.  Make two copies of that picture, frame them, and hang one up on a wall in each of your couple of properties, sit back, relax, and ask yourself the following questions:  What might I have to contribute to America besides  sloganeering and flag-waving?  What would I say to the families of over one million dead Iraqis?  How can I help the disproportionally poorer American families whose sons and daughters were killed in vain based on what I know were lies but didn’t speak up so I can be on the Virginia Republican Delegation?  What would I say to the Lebanese I left behind in my old neighborhood?  How many people were killed there? How many properties were destroyed?  How could I have supported that?  Think about it David.  Are two properties and a photo with an American president really worth sacrificing your moral conscience and dignity?    And finally, wouldn’t it be better for you to just Ikhras?

*Disturbing images are followed by before and after photos of David’s childhood neighborhood of Southern Beirut in 2006

Let’s Meet David “Go GOP” Ramadan: An IKHRAS Political Profile


A smiling David poses proudly with the murderer of the Iraqi people

You in all likelihood never heard of this ordinary, uninspiring, run of the mill house Arab, but he’s been speaking in our name for a while now, and we think it’s time for him to IKHRAS. So allow us to introduce you to David Ramadan, a name not unlike Mustafa Rothschild, but house Arabs have a habit of substituting their Arabic name with a more English-sounding one, an exchange they consider an integral part of their assimilation process.  Anyway, David Ramadan, who is very patriotic as you can see from his blog and never leaves home without an American flag on his lapel, wrote this article, “Why I Support McCain”, at the height of the Presidential campaign back in September of 2008.   In this piece David introduces himself as a member of the Virginia delegation to the Republican National Convention and also vice-chairman of the party’s outreach work to the Arab and Muslim communities in Virginia.   In other words, we are immediately informed that David, a Republican in the era of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz will either be completely unknown to the vast majority of Arabs and Muslims or, when noticed, become a natural target of their contempt and ridicule.  It’s virtually impossible for David not to know where he stands within these communities, but for someone who sought the participation on the Virginia Republican delegation to the Republican convention, he probably doesn’t care.   These “political activists” view   the Arab or Muslim label as a gateway into American mainstream politics providing them an opportunity to participate in activities such as this once-every-four-years, meaningless American festival.  It should come as no surprise to anyone the one Arab-American who approves of David’s politics and activities is none other than James Zogby, who plays a similar role as his counterpart in the Democratic Party.  Around the same time David scribbled his unoriginal and vapid little piece, the website of Uncle Zogby’s one-man outfit featured David in an article hilariously titled “Arab-Americans on the move,” which for Mr. Ramadan appears to be a challenge both literally and metaphorically.

In discussing his background Ramadan says “I grew up recognizing the civic duty of every member of the community to be involved in politics.”  This is not true.  Ramadan according to his own website emigrated from Lebanon in 1989 where the state and civil society hardly existed during a civil war which would not end until a year later.  The savage Lebanese civil war that raged from 1975-1990, when David came of age, did not provide an environment conducive for learning about civic duty and political activism, but it’s something he thinks sounds enlightened.

Republican Politician: "Get a picture of me with Abdoolaah" David: "My name is David Ramadan Sir" Republican Politician: "Whatever"

Ramadan says his job is “educating the public about the Republican Party and also educating the Republican Party on the Arab-American and Muslim community on what we need from candidates in order to support them.”  Yes David, the Arabs and Muslims in this country really did not know what John McCain and the Republican Party stand for until you came along to explain it to them.   And can you let us know what it is you told the Republicans we “need” from them in order to support them?  And what did you actually get as far as substantive policy assurances that lead you to conclude you should support McCain and contribute almost $10,000 to his campaign? Since immigrating to the US, David has proudly supported every Republican candidate for President  including the  first war criminal named Bush to launch a war on Iraq  (who was also Vice-President in 1982 when the Marlboro man’s administration “green-lighted” and supported Israel’s summer invasion of Lebanon which lead to the killing of over 20,000 Palestinians and Lebanese.  David was still there at the time)  as well as the second son of a Bush who,  following in his father’s footsteps launched an even bloodier  war on Iraq,  and was complicit in Israel’s latest barbaric onslaught on David’s native Lebanon in 2006.

Given his past behavior and personal ambitions it was only natural for this despicable Arab to support a war criminal like John McCain who made his “service” during the US war on Vietnam a defining feature of his campaign and character.  This so called American “hero” flew over 20 combat missions during operation “Rolling Thunder”, the “shock and awe” of Vietnam which killed a million Vietnamese civilians, before he was shot down and captured by the Vietnamese resistance which, incidentally, treated his wounds the same way Iraqis treated Jessica Lynch.   McCain has even referred to his Vietnamese victims as “gooks” and has unsurprisingly shown the same callous indifference to the death of Iraqis.  On several occasions during the campaign season McCain “visited” occupied Iraq and turned sites which just a few days earlier were scenes of bombings, bloodshed, and corpses into backdrops for campaign stops.   Yet all this did not bother Ramadan who set out to convince the Arab community McCain (and his kooky, Pro-Zionist, airhead running mate) were worthy of their support and vote on election day.  “Every vote counts” parrots David in the article published on Uncle Zogby’s website, and then shockingly adds “we have a social and cultural duty to our ancestry to vote.”  No we don’t you poorly performed parody.  In fact, we have a moral duty to NOT vote for war criminals that launch wars on the Arab world.   We have a duty to our ancestry and the friends and families we left behind, and to any other people who fall victim to the US industrial war machine to atleast Ikhras if we can’t stop the bombs from being dropped on their homes and loved ones.  We can only imagine the reaction of the families of the dead Iraqis and Lebanese had they heard such a reprehensible statement coming from someone claiming to be looking out for their interest half way across the world in America, but we can console ourselves with the fact they never heard of this character with his patriotic talking points driveling down without any consideration or respect for the lost lives of their innocent loved ones.

In a very sinister piece of political advice Mr. Ramadan tells Arabs and Muslims “we need to separate our ties to the homeland and foreign policy from local policies.”  When translated this means they should ignore the wars waged by the Republicans on Iraq, Lebanon, and Afghanistan and support them anyway “because they are conservatives.”   Let’s ignore David’s stereotypical assumption all Arabs or Muslims are conservative. Yes this is the same person I quoted above as saying “we have a social and cultural duty to our ancestry to vote.”  If you’re a little confused by now, let me explain.  David believes we have a duty to our ancestry to vote, and this duty to vote is best fulfilled by voting for Republican candidates even if they are waging war on our living family and friends in the Arab world today.   Rational people, especially those with the misfortune to live in a country and belong to a group potentially targeted by those David wants us to support, would (although I concede their bias and vested interest) vehemently disagree with this baffling line of reasoning.  My ancestors are dead, and my living family and friends in the Arab world would not want me to vote for someone who may drop bombs on their cities and villages and burn their children’s flesh with white phosphorous, but I’m sure they would appreciate me marching along side other American citizens of all backgrounds in opposition to immoral wars which may prematurely lead them to join my ancestors.

Describing his thuggish candidate in glowing terms Ramadan said McCain “supports the US finishing the trouble that George Bush got the US into in Iraq.  The US should withdraw its troops from Iraq but first they need to get the job done and that job is to secure America’s interests and secure democracy in a solid Iraq.”  Trouble?   And what sort of trouble did the US get into, David?  This sounds like 200 thousand American soldiers and mercenaries involuntarily stumbled into Iraq, and, in the process of their unfortunate mishap, accidentally destroyed an entire country.  Is “trouble” an appropriate word to describe the invasion of an innocent country leading to over a million dead and over four million displaced Iraqis? And if so, how would you suggest the Iraqis describe their own plight brought about by America’s trouble? Is that what you consider “outreach” to Arabs and Muslims in the US?  Is that how you “educate” them about the Republican Party?  All we have to do is pick up the NY Times or switch our TV to CNN to read or listen to this gibberish so don’t waste your time and please spare us the clichés about “getting the job done” or “securing democracy”.  It’s insulting enough listening to it from those who wrote the talking points for you.

David also says “As an Arab, I am very worried about what would happen in Iraq if US troops withdrew today. I would anticipate genocide and civil war in Iraq if that happens.” If you were truly worried, “as an Arab”, or an American, or whoever you are spoofing at the moment, you would not have supported any war on Iraq and you would today call for the immediate withdrawal of the US occupation.  And your anticipation of “genocide” and “civil war” shows that you, in addition to the slogans and catchphrases, have adopted the white man’s burden and its accompanying paternalistic notion that Iraqis need the US to keep them from slaughtering each other.  I have news for you David:  Iraq has never seen civil strife until the Republican president you supported along with his minions and the Pro-Zionist forces decided to invade the country, dismantle its institutions, and actively stir civil strife.  As for the Genocide, that started long ago with the first Bush you supported and the US imposed sanctions and routine bombings which lasted over a decade (presided over for eight years by the Democratic Administration of Bill Clinton which the same Uncle Zogby who provided you with his imprimatur, was defending much the same way you defend the Bush’s) killing one million Iraqis prior to the 2003 invasion including five thousand children under five each month.

After explaining why Arabs and Muslims should support McCain and not Obama, David confirmed, as if we needed any confirmation, he is not seriously interested in appealing to Arabs and Muslims in this country by saying “Obama is not good for the Arab world, just as he is not good for Israel.”  Is this really an issue for our community?  Since when does anyone in our community care about what’s good for Israel?  And why should anyone care about the usurping Zionist entity?  David says this because he realizes appearing to be anti-Israel in this country will be an obstacle to participating in mainstream politics and becoming a member of the Virginia Republican Delegation, but he will never admit it, just as he will never admit his views render him an outcast in his native Lebanon, the Arab world, and among all people of conscience.

Besides proving his willingness to spit on the graves of millions of murdered Vietnamese and Arabs, David Ramadan, in just two short and silly articles, manages to discuss his Middle-School level understanding of US government, declare his devotion to Republican “values”, demonstrate his support for all of America’s wars, express his concern for the Zionist state, and demonstrate an ability to regurgitate American clichés and slogans.  Good Job David or whatever your real name is.  Now please IKHRAS!

Contributed by Thabit.