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More Hypocrisy From CAIR

cairThe hypocrisy of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) when it comes to condemning violence and terrorism is common knowledge by now so it should have come as no surprise that immediately following the news of a terrorist attack in Brussels CAIR rushed to issue a press release condemning the attack and feigning moral outrage. This is standard operating procedure for the ikhras Shoe-of-the-Month award-winning organization which has been consistently selective in which terrorist attacks it condemns and which ones it chooses to ignore. This pattern of behavior has not been difficult to discern. CAIR basically adopts and internalizes the racist double standards of Western governments and media. Acts of terrorism in Western cities receive far greater attention that those in Arab, African, or Muslim-majority countries. Rather than offering a clear moral condemnation of all acts of terrorism regardless of the nationality, race, or religion of the victims and perpetrators, CAIR issues disingenuous press releases that amount to little more than transparent political posturing.