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Ziad Asali Relapsed Into Peace-Processing, Says Israel “Most Successful Model Of Modern Nation-Building”


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Palestinian-American Zionist and head of the now defunct Arab wing of the pro-Israel lobby, Ziad Asali, has had a relapse into peace-processing. It’s been years since the Ikhras Shoe-Of-The-Month winner “Ziyaaaaaawwwd”, as he likes to be called, has donned a black-tie tuxedo to prance around the Ritz Carlton Ballroom with Hussein Ibish at ATFP “galas”, but he still includes “founder and president of the American Task Force on Palestine” in his bio. The ATFP closed shop back in 2014 after the Washington-based peace-processing industry collapsed and anti-Palestinian groups and repressive GCC regimes cut off all funding. Writing in the same Saudi-Wahhabi regime rag that prints Ray Hanania’s drivel, “Ziyaaaaaawwwd” took the reader on a trip back into time with stale slogans and cliches that serve as a reminder of both, a bygone era, and the Palestinian traitors it left in the trash bins of Washington DC hotels.

The weak, vulnerable and needy state of Israel of 1948 has expanded, consolidated and built a regional powerhouse through decades of war and peace. It is now a regional superpower guaranteed to have a qualitative military edge, and a global technological superpower. It also has one of the most agile global political networks, including within the Middle East. In short, a most successful model of modern nation-building.

Ray Hanania Claims Christian Arabs Joining The “IDF”

Palestinian-American Zionist Ray Hanania

Palestinian-American Zionist Ray Hanania

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Ray Hanania comes out of mourning over Shimon Peres to continue his campaign to divide Christian and Muslim Palestinians. The disgraced Palestinian-American Zionist and anti-Muslim bigot has been doing all he can to divide Palestinians and Arabs along religious lines in order to better serve the interests of the usurping Zionist entity. Although the irrelevant clown in Midwest America will have no impact on Arabs or Arab-Americans, it is important to remain vigilant by exposing and condemning such efforts. Two years ago Ray began calling on Christian Arabs to join with Israel in an anti-Muslim alliance. He even started a Facebook group to “Save Arab Christians.” The group is made up of 10 people, including all of Ray’s friends and relatives. As if to claim his call has been answered he now preposterously claims that more and more Christian Arabs are joining the same Zionist occupation army that has been ethnically cleansing, occupying and murdering Palestinians, both Christian and Muslim, since 1948. All Palestinians, indeed all Arabs, understand their enemy is not each other, but the Zionist colonial entity. That is why all Palestinians and Arabs remain united and determined to liberate Palestine from the river to the sea. Zionist propagandists have failed to divide Palestinians, and there is no reason to worry that an irrelevant and shunned outcast in Midwest America will succeed in what far more capable and smarter Zionists failed to achieve. Nevertheless, Ikhras will continue to highlight and expose these aberrant voices lest anyone mistakenly conclude they represent even a minute fraction of Palestinians.

Ray Hanania Mourns Shimon Peres

Public funeral for victims of the infamous Qana massacre in South Lebanon, April, 1996. Shimon Peres ordered the attack on the UN compound that killed 106 Lebanese civilians earning him the moniker “Butcher of Qana.”

To Poland we belong and to Poland we shall return.

Palestinian-American Zionist and Ikhras Shoe-Of-The-Month award winner Ray Hanania once again reminds us why he is the most disgraced and ridiculed member of the Arab-American community. After the death of Polish, career war criminal Shimon Peres Hanania wrote the following in a Facebook entry:

The death of Shimon Peres has been too depressing for those like me who hope for peace based on Two-States…”

Hanania’s comments are an insult to Peres’ countless victims dating back prior to the establishment of the usurping Zionist entity. It is outrageous and disgraceful for anyone to express such sadness over the passing of one of the most ruthless mass-murderers of the 20th Century, but when such sentiments are expressed by a Palestinian (even a 3rd generation Palestinian-American) they reveal not only a moral bankruptcy, but a  complete and total disconnect and alienation from Palestinian reality.

12 Reasons To Pelt Ray Hanania With 12 Pairs Of Shoes

73171437For the last few years the widely ridiculed Palestinian-American Zionist Ray Hanania has repeatedly made the absurd claim he is constantly attacked by Arab and Muslim Americans and the Palestine solidarity community simply because he is a Christian and/or because he is married to a Jewish woman. We at ikhras have often been the target of this smear-mongering and malicious mudslinging. Just this week the Ikhras-Shoe-Of-The-Month award winner launched another bitter attack on ikhras claiming we are “anti-Christian” and that we have “done more to undermine and destroy the Palestinian movement for freedom than anyone else!!!!” Our readers, including both supporters and detractors, recognize this is a completely baseless and ridiculous allegation unworthy of any direct response. It is, however, an opportunity to remind Ray why he has become a thoroughly disgraced and shunned outcast among the Arab and Muslim American communities and all Palestine solidarity activists. The following are twelve reasons to pelt Ray with twelve pairs of shoes and none of them are related to his or his wife’s religious persuasion. They are listed in no particular order.

More Stupidity From Ray Hanania

HananiaikhrasThere is a reason Palestinian-American Zionist Ray Hanania is known as the dumbest Arab in North America, and lest anyone attempt to unseat him from that position, he regularly adds to his stupidity. In his latest effort to maintain a safe distance between himself and any potential challengers Ray is calling on Palestinians under occupation in Palestine 48 to form a peaceful Civil Rights movement to confront ethnic cleansing, colonialism and occupation:


This is a totally absurd statement, and if, by any stretch of the imagination, one manages to come up with parallels between the two struggles, they would be so generalized and decontextualized to render them utterly meaningless. Statements are not merely a collection of words. They convey meaning and provide the structure within which we understand the subject matter. The struggle in Palestine is not a Civil Rights struggle and the language of Civil Rights is misleading and distorts the ongoing 68-year old Palestinian Nakba.