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The ADC and the Ambassador of the Arab League of Dictators

Ambassador Hussein Hassouna, who took over the post a few years ago, is as good a man for the job as you could find. With a long history of diplomatic postings for Egypt…”We also work closely with the Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (the ADC). They have just opened in Washington their new premises, and we think this can be a showcase for Arab American Culture. We hope to have some joint cultural activities with them in Washington.”

The “new premises” Hassouna was referring to is the National Headquarters of the ADC which was funded by  Waleed bin Talal, and includes a “Heritage Center” named after the slimy Saudi Prince.

ADC and AAI “Briefing” The Tyrant’s Ambassador

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) held a briefing on Friday in Washington with ambassadors from Arab States…ADC addressed the concerns of the attendees in a question and answer session with the participation of representative from the Arab American Institute….The meeting’s chair, Egyptian ambassador Nabil Fahmy said he will be calling for a follow-up meeting…ADC President Ziad J. Asali said the ADC “is committed to working with the Arab Ambassadors…”

The ADC and the Tyrant’s Ambassador

Cosponsored by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC)…On Sunday, March 8, 1998, the Cathedral held a reception to commemorate the opening of this unique exhibit. The event, which lasted for two hours was attended by about 100 guests from the Washington area, New Jersey and New York, including…the Egyptian ambassador

When Mubarak Came To Washington

This morning President Mubarak is scheduled to meet with US senators and members of the house of representatives interested in ME politics, followed by meetings with American Arab organisations, including the ADC (American Arab Anti-discrimination Committee), Council on American Arab Relations, Arab American Institute, American Muslim Council, American Egyptian Cultural Association, and Egyptian American Council.

ADC: Too little, too late

As of right now, the afternoon of Sunday January 30, the so-called American Arab Anti Discrimination Committe (ADC) has not yet issued a press release showing solidarity with the Egyptian people. Their January 2011 press releases page as of this moment is devoid of any words of support for the brave people of Cairo, Alexandria and Suez. It had been similarly silent throughout the Tunisian revolt. See: The Press Release ADC Never Issued on the Revolution in Tunisia.

In the unlikely event that ADC decides, as Park51 suddenly did, to support 80 million angry Arabs in Egypt, let’s recount a few memories of ADC’s support of the Egyptian state.

Meet Justin Amash: An Arab Zionist And Tea Party Palestinian

Did you know the Arab-American community is represented within the Tea Party crowd?  Justin Amash is the son of a Palestinian father, and Syrian mother.  He performs the role of a thoroughly “assimilated” Yankee Doodle Arab complete with that familiar, American-friendly first name, and even quotes Ronald Reagan.  This Tea-Party Arab is another great example of why we should reject ethnic-based politics.

Amash was the successful Tea Party Republican candidate for the 3rd Congressional District in Michigan.  His views are the extremist version of typical, Republican, right-wing drivel, and not very interesting or original.  He offers the sort of canned rhetoric you would expect from an enthusiastic 18-year old college freshman attending a gathering of Young Republicans for the first time.

Amash is also a Zionist who’s gone out of his way to express his commitment to Israel, and a strong US-Israel alliance.   The father of this  first-generation, Arab-American Likudnik is a Palestinian whose family was driven from its home by Israel, lived in a refugee camp, and then raised a son in America with views on the Arab-Israeli conflict that puts a smile of satisfaction on the faces of the entire National Board of The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

In his Position’Paper’on’U.S. – Israel Relations the Tea Party Palestinian states “The United States has a long and strategically important history of strong foreign relations with Israel. As a member of Congress, I will work to continue and strengthen this relationship. I will also respect Israel’s sovereignty and will not support counterproductive efforts to impose agreements or conditions on Israel. Israel must manage its foreign relations and domestic policies as it deems to be in its own best interests as a sovereign nation.” On his website he sounds very concerned about the Zionist state, and offers another of the boilerplate talking points of the pro-Israel lobby required of any mainstream politician: “Israel’s borders must be secure, recognized, and defensible, and it must be free to respond to hostilities that threaten its people.”

Several elements in Congressman Justin Amash’s personal and political story highlight the weak and despicable nature of the quintessential House Arabs we’re all familiar with by now, and remind us of the stringent requirements for entry into mainstream American politics.

Justin’s father says “the conflict that drove the family from Palestine is in the distant past”, and the family has no contact with relatives in Palestine.  The Amash couple believed that abandonment of any connection to the Palestinian Nakba was a prerequisite to any social advancement in America.  Their readiness to ignore the continuing bloody conflict in Palestine, and turn their back on a people whose suffering they witnessed, and experienced first hand in order to financially or socially succeed in their newly adopted country offers a glimpse into the environment that shaped Justin’s views   This household’s problematic value system explains how a wayward child, just one generation removed from his father’s refugee camp, finds himself among the Tea Party crowd parroting AIPAC talking points.

Justin’s family did everything it can to disassociate themselves, and their children from their Arab heritage, and identity.   The Amash family lived and existed in America as Arabs with an inferiority complex, and this is evident in Justin’s decision to not even mention his Arab background on his official website.  Someone will soon teach him to respond to such criticism by striking a patriotic tone, and arguing for a “non-hyphenated” American identity.  Justin’s parents failed to instill in their son any sense of self-respect or pride in his Arab heritage.  They also failed to provide him with a set of universal values that holds all human beings as equal, or teach him he has no right or reason to feel superior or inferior to any other human being.    Without any sense of personal pride or a solid moral foundation, a few years later the Congressional candidate would become easily susceptible to the exigencies of American electoral politics.  Justin’s parents bear primary responsibility for their child’s inferiority complex, and militant Zionism, but they are not the sole contributing factor to Justin’s personal insecurity, and deplorable political behavior.

The Press Release The ADC Never Issued On The Revolution In TUNISIA

As the largest Arab-American grassroots, civil rights organization in the United States, the Anti-Arab Discrimination committee (ADC) strongly condemns the Tunisian dictatorship and its violent repression of the Tunisian people.  Over the past three weeks over a hundred unarmed protesters demanding democracy, freedom, and social justice have been shot and killed by government forces, and scores of others have been injured by the regime’s thugs.  We have seen disturbing images of unarmed Tunisians beaten in the streets, and hundreds have been swept up in mass arrests.

The ADC is also disturbed by the regime’s disregard for the rights of a free press, and the clamp down on journalists, especially the recent closure of the offices of Aljazeera, the Internationally-recognized and respected, undisputed news leader in the Arab world.

We also strongly condemn the US government for its decades of support for the Tunisian dictatorship, and the other tyrants in the Arab world.  While US politicians, and spokespersons routinely, and hypocritically sing the virtues of democracy and freedom, they have consistently pursued an anti-democratic foreign policy and helped maintain in power the most unsavory of rulers.  We have witnessed similar hypocritical behavior by the US government in the larger Middle East, Latin America, and elsewhere.

In addition to the US invasion of Iraq, and support for the usurping Zionist entity in Palestine, American support for these dictatorial regimes has always been a leading cause of anti-American sentiments in the region.

We call on US foreign policy makers to stop meddling in the internal affairs of the Arab states, and immediately end all support for all Arab dictators.  American financial aid to these corrupt police states must end along with any military assistance, intelligence cooperation, and training of government security forces, and death squads.

We also call for an immediate end of the US occupation of Iraq, and Afghanistan, and the removal of all US military bases from the Middle East.  Agreements with undemocratic, US-client regimes do not legitimize any American military presence in those countries.  Only democratically elected governments, expressing the aspirations of their people can consent to the presence of foreign forces on their soil.

We call on the Arab-American community to join us in a show of solidarity with the Tunisian revolution and to protest US support for Arab tyrants.  We will be meeting in front of the Tunisian embassy in Washington DC.

Arab-Americans Support The Tunisian Revolution!

Down With All Arab Tyrants!

No US Support For Arab Dictators!

US Out Of The Middle East!

Letters to Santa Claus

Dear Santa,

This Christmas, please ensure continued aid to Israel considering that the treacherous BDS movement is picking up steam. Could you replace the late Shake Soccer with a dozen greedier and more racist oil princes for me to befriend? I’d also like to be promoted from my current position as a DNC committee chair; I’d like to become President Obama’s valet. Let me know if you have a shortage of elves so I send you a couple AAI interns. And if you have time, could you by any chance look in to your lineage to see if you have any Arab ancestors?


James Zogby

Dear Santa,

Can you get an Arabic dictionary for Christmas so I put it under my pillow and learn the language by osmosis? And do you still give out “integrity packages”?


Ray Hanania

Dear Santa,

Though I support the French niqab ban, this Christmas I would like to ask you for a niqab. I’m too embarrassed to show my face for having normalized with Israel.


Mona Eltahawy

Dear Mr. Claus,

I’ve already scored dinner with Michael Oren. If you could arrange for me to dine with any living relatives of David Ben Gurion, Golda Meir and Moshe Dayan, that would be awesome. Could you also get me a copy of “Sufism for Dummies“?


Hussein Ibish

Dear Santa,

More young Arab-Americans in the US Army, CIA and FBI, please! Surely our occupied brothers and sisters in Afghanistan and Iraq will understand our obsession with proving loyalty to the stars and stripes. While you’re at it, could you get Barack Obama to acknowledge our existence? It hurts our feelings when he doesn’t return our calls.



Assalamu alaikum Brother Santa,

We’d like a fatwa that it’s ok for Muslims to work for the FBI and enlist in the Army. We already encourage it, but an official fatwa would make more Muslims feel comfortable joining to fight our important war against Afghans and Iraqis. Also, please tell us who your Jewish counterpart is so we complete our interfaith outreach for this year. Rest assured we won’t bring up Zionism.

Wa alaikum assalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,


Hi Santa,

Concentration camps for every Muslim-American outside who doesn’t belong to my organization, please. I’d also like to see an American flag shrouding the ka’ba if it’s not too much trouble.

Zuhdi Jasser

Santa, how the hell are ya!

Could you get Geert Wilders to endorse my book? Having Daniel Pipes and Alan Dershowitz support it is great but not enough.

An Arabic Rosetta Stone would also be nice so I learn how to pronounce “madrasa” and “ijtihad.”


Irshad Manji

Idea for this post inspired by the witty article by David Macaray at: http://dissidentvoice.org/2010/12/letters-to-santa-claus/

Disorganized Priorities (as usual)

A number of groups organized a protest today outside the White House to oppose the wars on Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen and support Wikileaks. Veterans for Peace, GetUp!, Code Pink, Chris Hedges and Ray McGovern were among the organizers and speakers. Braving snow and very cold temperature, the activists also demanded the release of Bradley Manning and an end to civil liberties erosions.

One wonders why housies* weren’t the groups leading, or simply participating in or even promoting, this effort. What could they have possibly been busy with?

ADC was busy congratulating Qatar on hosting the 2022 World Cup. It also organized another, you guessed it, gala.

Ray Hanania was advocating for the two-state solution on the pages of the Jerusalem Post; an approach that concedes 78% of historic Palestine to Zionist settlers.

James Zogby was tied up promoting his book as well as an upcoming J Street event.

Feisal Abdul Rauf was chatting with the New York Times about his 40-plus year-long career of begging for tolerance from Zionists in the form of interfaith sessions.

Mona Eltahawy was addressing the TEDWomen audience. She spoke about everything there is to know about Muslim women in a nutshell except for the fact that they’re on the receiving end of US bombs and depleted uranium and bear the brunt of oppression under occupation in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine as widows and mothers of shattered, displaced, tortured families.

The American Task Force on Palestine‘s plate was full, hosting war criminal Tony Blair.

David Ramadan’s was too busy advocating for a “a strong Reagan Republican President in 2012” and a “strong US presence and role worldwide.”

Rima Fakih joined World Wrestling Entertainment celebrities to entertain members of the U.S. military at Fort Hood, Texas.

Irshad Manji was discussing the existence of  God on the pages of the Global and Mail.

Zuhdi Jasser’s American Islamic Forum for Democracy was celebrating “the dismissal of a lawsuit filed by Nasser Al-Awlaki, father of Anwar Al-Awlaki, represented by Jameel Jaffer of the ACLU and the Center for Constitutional Rights” over the use of targeted killing of American Citizens.

Who has time for serious anti-war activism with schedules as busy as these?

* “Housies” is short for House Arabs and House Muslims, equivalent to Malcolm X’s “House Negro” and “Field Negro.”

The Press Release ADC Never Issued About FBI Raids

Cartoon by Naji Al-Ali

The Anti-Arab Discrimination Committee condemns itself in the strongest possible terms for having failed to issue a press release expressing solidarity with the political activists whose residences and offices were raided by the FBI on September 24, 2010. Our September and October press releases have been void of even the mildest criticism of the FBI’s heinous actions.

We were reminded of our failure to uphold the values we pretend to care about in light of the recent federal grand jury subpoenas issued to pro-Palestine activists in Chicago on Friday December 3, 2010.

Who Cares?

The King of “Saudi Arabia” has arrived in the United States for medical treatment.  The official Saudi Press Agency says the 86-year-old monarch was greeted by Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal and a number of top Saudi officials after landing at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport on Tuesday.   The Servant of Zionism and Imperialism is to be treated for a herniated disc and a blood clot.   Paid mouthpieces for the ruling family have been reassuring everyone that the King is fine, but no explanation was offered as to why the richest oil-producing country in the world the last few decades does not have adequate medical facilities capable of treating the barely-intelligible ruler of the most oppressive regime in the world.

Arab analysts said that even if “Saudi Arabia” did have adequate facilities and personnel, the ruling family prefers the King be treated in a country where they can find atleast a few Arabs and Muslims who actually care about the health of this ignorant and ruthless dictator.  The only few concerned individuals were found outside the Arab world in Washington DC.  As Abdullah was arriving in New York members of the “Arab and Muslim lobby” in the US canceled all their planned events and rushed to a hastily planned, joint-meeting to determine the appropriate course of action.  What occured after that meeting is the following:

The Press Release ADC Never Issued About The Wikileaks Document Dump

ADC denounces the US government’s cover up of torture, rape and murder by Iraqi authorities, as whistleblower site Wikileaks recently indicated. ADC is horrified, though not surprised, at the revelation about the murder of civilians at US military checkpoints during the occupation.

ADC condemns in the strongest possible terms the US government’s denial of body count claims and its cover up of the violent, unjustified deaths of about 150,000 Iraqis as per Wikileaks.

ADC Silent About FBI Raids

The American Anti-Arab Discrimination Committee, more commonly known as the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), has yet to condemn the past few days’ FBI raids on anti-war activists. The self-proclaimed “civil rights organization committed to defending the rights of people of Arab descent” has yet to release a statement denouncing these scare tactics intended to intimidate both Arabs and those in solidarity with Arabs.

Other groups, like the Minnesota-based Anti-War Committee, have organized emergency demonstrations. It’s been five days since the raids and we haven’t even seen a press release from the ADC, which is somehow considered “at the forefront in addressing discrimination and bias against Arab-Americans wherever it is practiced.” Oil sheikh funding probably comes with lots of strings attached.

Perhaps the ADC, having hosted the FBI repeatedly at its conventions, doesn’t want to alienate its friends at the Bureau? Who would run FBI workshops at ADC conventions? But wasn’t the point of establishing relationships with FBI prevention of civil liberties violations like these raids? That “strategy” of kowtowing to the establishment, if the purpose was indeed to protect Arab-Americans, didn’t work out too well, did it?