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The statement House Arabs and House Muslims Never Released about OBL

We are US-based Arab and Muslim organizations. We feel a compelling obligation to explain to our fellow Americans the meaning of the US killing of Osama bin Laden.

We take this opportunity to revisit the inconvenient fact that Osama Bin Laden and the Mujahideen were funded and supported by the US to fight the USSR in Afghanistan in the eighties. We recall that Ronald Reagan had called the Mujahideen “freedom fighters” when their interests coincided with the US’s. We remind ourselves that “Between 1978 and 1992, the US government poured at least US$6 billion (some estimates range as high as $20 billion) worth of arms, training and funds to prop up the mujaheddin factions.”

We note that the Mujahideen aligned themselves with the US, convincing themselves of the “lesser of two evils” argument. We recall that Zbigniew Brzezinski said:

The day that the Soviets officially crossed the border, I wrote to President Carter: We now have the opportunity of giving to the USSR its Vietnam war.

We learn an important lesson from this history and note that collaboration with the US is an immoral and counterproductive effort. Collaboration does not shield one from US persecution, neither is it a smart “strategy.” Aligning with powerful empires is foolish and self-defeating. The logic of House Muslims (or “House Negroes” as Malcolm X called the collaborators of his era) is short-sighted and idiotic.

We abhor the subtext of President Obama and Secretary Clinton‘s remarks, implying that the lives of millions of Afghanis, Iraqis and Pakistanis were worth somehow sacrificing in order to locate one ex-“freedom fighter” (as per Reagan’s words). Indeed, the President and Secretary of State did not even pay lip service to the countless lives devastated, weddings bombarded, children orphaned, spouses widowed, natural resources stolen. We condemn the hypocrisy of Secretary Clinton, who feigned concern for “innocent people” who were killed by OBL but not the innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq for whose death she caused as Senator then as Secretary of State, or the innocent people in Palestine and Lebanon whose death by Israeli warplanes she supported. We cannot expect Obama and Clinton to apologize for the war crimes the US committed in pursuit of OBL, as it is not in empires’ nature to condemn themselves.

We are still haunted by the images of our sisters and brothers tortured in Abu Ghraib. The stench of scores of corpses from years of war, occupations and sanctions still fills the air. The emotional trauma of drones still terrorizes children. The dreary, bleak future facing millions of displaced Afghani and Iraqi refugees still shakes our conscience. White phosphorus and depleted uranium’s effects on public health and the environment will last for generations to come. That the US eliminated one of its ex-agents and claimed it was not waging war on Islam while war criminals continue to hold power in Washington and Tel Aviv offers us no relief.

We regret having spent the last decade begging for approval from the US mainstream, inviting US politicians to our conventions, having Ramadan iftars in the White House and embarrassing ourselves in a myriad of other ways. Now that OBL is finally dead, we look forward to freeing up the time we’d spent assuring everyone of our patriotism and swearing on the Qur’an that OBL did not represent us. We will no longer construct our discourse to sooth islamophobes’ racist anxieties. We will spend no more time emphasizing that OBL didn’t represent us than Christians assert that Obama, Clinton, Bush and Blair do not represent Christianity.

Instead, we will work on more urgent matters than pursuing the material comforts of the American dream, such as ending the occupation of Afghanistan, ending the occupation of Iraq, boycotting and dismantling “Israel,” closing Guantanamo, restoring civil liberties, ending US hegemony and racism.


American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee, Arab American Institute, American Task Force for Palestine, Council on American-Islamic Relations, Islamic Society of North America, Park51

White House Arabs

Naji Al-Ali


At its annual convention this year, ADC will be offering a White House tour to the first 100 earlybird registrants. An ADC intern has leaked to Ikhras a transcript of the tour guide’s spiel.

Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of ADC I’m glad to offer you a tour of the White House. You should consider yourselves particularly lucky for this rare opportunity since we’re normally ignored by Obama.

You are prohibited from carrying the following items during this tour: firearms, cameras, inhalers, dignity.

Anyone who asks any questions about foreign policy or civil liberties will be immediately spat on, removed from the premises and lobotomized.

There’s also a new policy requiring all visitors to be barefoot. The White House does not assume responsibility for disappeared shoes.

Please make sure you carry government-issued ID (only US and Israeli governments-issued IDs are accepted). You may be strip-searched, probed and branded. We’ll also need fingerprints, a blood sample, a list of your political affiliations, full disclosure of any and all phobias and embarrassing secrets.

The White House has 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, 412 doors, 147 windows, 28 fireplaces, 8 staircases and 3 elevators. Folk legend has it that Abraham Lincoln’s ghost still roams in the Lincoln Bedroom. There are also rumors that James Zogby lives under one of the staircases.

This used to be Barack Obama’s advisor Dalia Mogahed’s own office. Since the Secret Service realized her last name is derived from “jihad” she’s been doing her job from home via Skype. Ms. Mogahed expressed no hard feelings. Wouldn’t you like to be able to do your jobs in your pajamas?

This is the East Room, where receptions and parties are hosted. This room was literally a nightclub during Operation Cast Lead.

Here is the Diplomatic Reception Room. This is where several US presidents have met with Israeli prime ministers and Arab leaders to ensure US continued unconditional support for Israeli war crimes.

ISNA at the White House

This is the State Dining Room, where the President lets House Arabs and House Muslims eat his leftovers.

Moving on to the Oval Office. This is the United States’ control room. Operation Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom were all conceived and planned here. Ladies and gentlemen, you are witnessing the room where the murder, dispossession and displacement of millions of people are carefully planned everyday. If you thought this was impressive, wait until you check out our Pentagon tour next year (assuming you get security clearance).

This over here is the Prayer Room. The tour will take a 10-minute break to give everyone the chance to pray to US empire.

Thank you for joining us. As a souvenir of your visit to the White House today, everyone gets a piece of rubble from houses the US bombed in Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan or Libya. T-shirts that say “ADC gave me a tour of the White House and all I got was this lousy t-shirt” are available for $24.99 at the ADC headquarters. Have a great afternoon.

“Hanania Emails” Released: ADC Board Member Emails Include Anti-Arab Epithet “raghead” And Reveal Angry, Disturbed Individual

Ikhras recently informed readers we had received a batch of emails sent by Palestinian-American Zionist and member of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) National Board of DirectorsRay Hanania.  At the time we did not release the emails, but did report that in one of them Hanania used the word “raghead”, and published a short snippet that included the anti-Arab epithet.  The emails which were sent from Hanania’s publicly listed email spanned from August 2010 – March 2011, and were part of an extended thread of exchanges between Hanania and an Ikhras reader in Michigan, Mahmoud.  In our initial report we stated we agreed to use Mahmoud’s first name only, but did confirm his full identity, and verified he was the person corresponding with Hanania and to whom Hanania’s emails were sent.

After our report Hanania denied using the anti-Arab slur and claimed the emails were a fabrication.  We then sent a letter to the national office and leaders of the ADC including the President and Vice-President asking them to address the behavior and misconduct of their board member.  We expressed the concerns of the Arab-American community, urged them to give this issue the attention it deserves, and asked them take whatever action they deem appropriate.  The ADC leadership has not repudiated Hanania or taken any action. After Hanania’s denials and ludicrous allegations, the ADC’s refusal to address this serious matter, and repeated requests by our readers we have reconsidered our initial decision and decided to publish the emails.  We warn our readers the profanity-laced emails contain obscene language and vulgar descriptions.  We are releasing them in their entirety and publishing them in context.  The following are the “Hanania Emails”:

The Resolution ADC Never Issued On Board Member Ray Hanania’s Anti-Arab Racist, Homophobic Epithet

Whereas, ADC received evidence on March 21, 2011 indicating ADC Board member Ray Hanania had used the words “raghead fag” in an email to a young Arab-American, Mahmoud, who resides in Michigan;

Whereas, Hanania’s remarks are antithetical to ADC’s mission;

Whereas, ADC is appalled by Hanania’s use of racist and homophobic language, whether made privately or publicly;

Whereas, ADC should have easily surmised Hanania’s anti-Arab racist character by simply reading his Jerusalem Post articles online;

Whereas, ADC is desperate to redeem itself after having supported tyrannical Arab regimes, which were recently overthrown in Tunisia and Egypt, and hosted war criminals at its conventions;

Be it resolved that ADC expels Ray Hanania from its board immediately;

Further resolved that ADC apologizes to the Arab-American and LGBT communities for having appointed Hanania to its board in the first place.

The “Hanania Emails:” ADC Board Member Scandal Update, Ikhras Sends A Letter And Forwards Email To ADC Leadership

Ikhras recently revealed Palestinian-American Zionist, and member of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) National Board of Directors Ray Hanania has used the word “raghead” in an email correspondence.  Hanania denied using the anti-Arab, racist epithet and claimed the emails were a fabrication. The ADC has yet to repudiate Hanania or take any action. Although Ikhras has thus far refrained from publishing the emails we have now forwarded the email which includes the anti-Arab slur to the ADC along with a letter asking them to address the behavior and misconduct of their board member, and an attachment that leaves no doubt as to the authenticity and source of the email.  How can an organization that defines its mission as “combating defamation and negative stereotyping of Arab-Americans in the media and wherever else it is practiced” allow someone that throws around the word “raghead” to serve in a leadership position?  The following is a copy of the letter Ikhras sent to the national office and leaders of the ADC including the President and Vice-President.  Contact the ADC and tell them what you think.

Dear President Sara Najjar- Wilson, Vice-President Nabil Mohamad, and ADC leadership,

We are the co-editors of www.ikhras.com, an Arab-American website dedicated to providing coverage  of Arab and Muslim political activism in the United States.  We recently received a batch of emails sent by Mr. Ray Hanania to one of our readers who subsequently forwarded them to us.  Unfortunately, in one of the emails Mr. Hanania uses a homophobic, racist, anti-Arab, epithet, “raghead fag.”


Since Mr. Hanania is a member of the National Board of Directors of the ADC, we assume this revelation is worthy of your time and attention. We must all agree such language and the sentiments behind it should always be repudiated regardless of the personal background of the person who engages in such expressions. It is especially disconcerting when ugly, hateful references are employed by a member of an organization which, according to its own mission statement, is committed to combating defamation and negative stereotyping of Arab-Americans in the media and wherever else it is practiced.”


Due to their obscene nature and the heavy use of profanity we have not published or otherwise made public any of the emails, but we did inform our readers and members of the Arab-American community about the contents of the emails and released the short snippet in which Mr. Hanania casually hurls the “raghead fag” remark.  Mr. Hanania subsequently denied using this epithet and claimed the emails were a fabrication, a laughable allegation he must know is not true, but nevertheless hopes will create a cloud of doubt surrounding the source and authenticity of the emails allowing him to maintain plausible deniability.


Although we have over ten angry, profanity-laced emails, we are forwarding to you the one relevant email in its entirety which includes the “raghead fag” reference.  The included image leaves no room for any doubt as to its authenticity or that it was sent by Mr. Hanania.


In the interest of candor, we are not members of the ADC nor are we supporters of the organization.  In fact, we have been very critical of the ADC, but we are hopeful that combating homophobia, negative stereotyping and anti-Arab racism in the United States is one issue we can all agree upon.


This is a matter of concern for the Arab-American community, and we believe should also be of concern for the ADC.  We urge you to give it the attention it deserves and look forward to the ADC taking whatever action it deems appropriate.


Qasim Lutfi, Thabit Al-Arabi

Co-Editors, www.ikhras.com

The “Hanania Emails:” ADC Board Member Scandal Update

Palestinian-American Zionist, and ADC Board Member Ray Hanania continues to deny he used the racist epithet “raghead.”

@webwabi Ikhras can’t write very well and it can’t get its facts right so it just lies … it’s a ridiculous claim

The ADC has yet to repudiate Hanania or take any action.  If Hanania continues his denials and the ADC continues to ignore this issue we may feel justified in releasing and publishing all the “Hanania Emails” so the Arab-American community can draw its own conclusions about the self-described “largest Arab-American grassroots organization in the United States.”   The ADC’s mission statement says the group is “dedicated to combating defamation and negative stereotyping of Arab-Americans in the media and wherever else it is practiced.”  Contact the ADC and tell them what you think.

Egypt’s Youth Snub US Officials, Arab-Americans Bow Before Them

The clowns at the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), The American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP), The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), James Zogby, and the other careerists posing as Washington’s “Arab Lobby” can learn something from the leaders of Egypt’s revolutionary youth when it comes to dealing with US officials.

The Coalition of the Youth of the 25 January Revolution rejected an invitation to attend a meeting with Hillary Clinton.  The coalition of six youth groups that emerged from Egypt’s revolution refused to meet with Hillary in protest of the United States’ strong support for the ousted tyrant.  The group said it did not welcome Clinton’s visit to Egypt and demanded that the US administration make a formal apology to Egypt’s people for its foreign policy towards the country in the past decades.  It also added “the Egyptian people are the masters of their own land and destiny and will only accept equal relations of friendship and respect between the people of Egypt and the people of America.” One of the youth leaders told Aljazeera the decision was based on US policies including “US support for regional dictators and the Zionist entity.”

ADC National Board Member Calls Arabs “ragheads”

Ikhras recently received a batch of emails sent by Palestinian-American Zionist, and member of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) National Board of Directors, Ray Hanania.  The emails which were sent from Hanania’s public email spanned from August 2010 – March 2011, and were part of an extended thread of exchanges between Hanania and Mahmoud, an Ikhras reader in Michigan.  We have agreed to use Mahmoud’s first name only, but we did confirm his identity, and verified that he was the person to whom Hanania’s emails were sent.

We have decided to not publish the emails.  We reached this decision after taking into account the right of the Arab-American community to be fully informed about the people who sit on the national board of the self-described “largest Arab-American grassroots organization in the United States.” Although Arab-Americans have a right to be informed about the character and quality of their self-appointed representatives, we believe the obscene language and nature of these emails serve no useful purpose for the community and determined their highly offensive contents were not suitable for publication.

We will, however, release a small portion from a single email which offers a glimpse into the substance and tone of the Hanania emails and confirms he has no qualms about using anti-Arab, racist epithets. In an email sent on November 13, 2010 Hanania referred to Arabs as “ragheads.” In order to not litter our readers’ screens with obscenities we deleted the subject line and the entire email except for the sentence in which the word appeared.

ADC Board Member Defends Saudi Regime

Palestinian-American Zionist and American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) board of directors member Ray Hanania is once again defending the horrific Saudi regime:

Once again, when America needs help, Saudi Arabia is there front and center — and they are still attacked in US media

Of all the problems with the mainstream US media including functioning as a propaganda arm of the US Empire, corporate dominance, ignorance, anti-Arab bias, and sensational, entertainment-driven coverage of current events and non-events alike, it is criticism of the Saudi regime that bothers the clown of Cicero.  The most repressive, obscurantist, reactionary regime in the world and the American-appointed representative of the Arab people and Islamic world has always been the establishment Arabs favorite regime.  Most of these pro-Washington Arabs were not born in the Arab world and were raised in the US on traditional orientalist clichés.  An Arab prince in traditional Arab garb is an exotic sight, and when combined with oil-money contributions to an organization with no grassroots support, and the US government’s approval of the regime, takes on a tantalizing lure difficult to resist.

Hypocrites “Congratulate” The Egyptians: Too Late, Just Ikhras

The reaction of the Washington Arabs to the popular revolution in Egypt has served as a reminder of their hypocrisy and opportunism.  It’s well established that in order for the members of the self-styled “Arab Lobby” in Washington to continue functioning on the margins of the political establishment, and ensure the presence of a few US officials at their annual conventions or galas, they are required to adopt not only the official Washington discourse, but also the mindset and political culture as well.  This inherently racist political culture views the Arab world with contempt.  The Arab or Muslim is viewed as naive and unsophisticated.  Those who hold this view are willing to say anything no matter how outrageous, hypocritical, or contradictory it may be without regard for how such statements may be received or any respect for the ability of Arabs to evaluate the credibility or sincerity of those making the statements.

Now that the popular revolution in Egypt ousted the US-backed dictator the same Arab-Americans that maintained warm relations with the Egyptian embassy in Washington and representatives of the Mubarak regime are eager to “congratulate” the Egyptian people on their victory over tyranny.  In a press release titled “The ADC congratulates the people of Egypt”, the “largest Arab-American grassroots organization in the US” said the following:

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) congratulates the people of Egypt on the successful peaceful movement toward a democracy which culminated this morning with the resignation of Hosni Mubarak as President. ADC also wishes the people of Egypt continued success in achieving the freedoms they seek.

The road to a democratic Egypt is not over, much uncertainty remains; however, the events of today are a big step forward.

This came from the organization that hosted officials of the Mubarak regime.  routinely praised any Mubarak mouthpiece willing to attend one of their events, and at whose conventions the Egyptian Ambassador was a familiar face.  Now that Mubarak is relaxing in a villa in Sharm Al-Sheikh or some other resort, the hypocrites at the ADC are congratulating the Egyptian people on their newly won freedom from the same tyrant whose ambassadors and representatives were hosted and “honored” by the ADC for decades.

During A Friendly Chat With Mubarak's Ambassador Jim Zogby Strikes An Attentive Pose

James Zogby is never one to be outdone when it comes to careerism, hypocrisy, and hobnobbing with Arab officials and ambassadors.  Less than one year ago Zogby was promoting Mubarak’s Ambassador in Washington, and enjoying a friendly chat with him on his weekly talk show carried on “Abu-Dobby” TV compliments of “Shake” Khalifa Bin Zayed.  The former Egyptian dictator’s Ambassadors were also routinely hosted by Zogby’s one-man outfit, and Egyptian officials were Zogby’s partners and collaborators on issues of concern for the Arab-American community he appointed himself to represent.

Despite his well established relations with Arab embassies, including the Egyptian embassy, Zogby didn’t hesitate to issue a statement that including the following:

*IKHRAS BREAKING NEWS* Arab Uprisings Spread To America, Thousands Descend On ADC, AAI, & CAIR Offices In Washington

The uprisings and revolutionary fervor sweeping many parts of the Arab world have now reached the United States. Reliable sources have confirmed to Ikhras that thousands of Arab and Muslim Americans, and their supporters from all backgrounds are descending upon Washington DC for a protest march against the House Arabs and Muslims, and the self-appointed representatives, both individuals and organizations, that have falsely invoked the name of the community in pursuit of the their comfortable, personal careers, and narrow institutional interests.

According to our source who spoke to one of the organizers, once the protesters reach Washington they plan to break up into three groups. One will assemble in front of the headquarters of the Anti-Arab Discrimination Committee (ADC) which was funded with the help of the slimy and shady Saudi Prince Waleed Bin Talal. A second group will assemble in front of the offices of James Zogby’s one-man outfit, the Arab-American Institute (AAI), which has also enjoyed the largess of Bin Talal, receives funding from other Arab oil-Sheiks (“Shakes”as Zogby says), and functions as a public relations firm for the rulers of “Dew-Bye” and “Abu-Dobby.” The last group will gather in front of the National office of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). CAIR has also received funding from Waleed Bin Talal and other Saudi sources, and Nihad Awad has spoken positively about the reactionary, medieval, and oppressive Saudi regime which, not coincidentally, is also the American-designated voice of Muslims worldwide.

The protesters will present the following list of 10 demands to individuals and groups in Washington:

The ADC Should Listen To Dr.King’s “Beyond Vietnam” Speech & Apologize For Invoking His Legacy

The cowardly American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) describes itself as a “civil rights organization”, and the “the largest Arab-American grassroots organization in the United States.”

The ADC is now calling on the Arab community to celebrate Dr.King’s legacy, but until the House Arabs of the ADC stop kowtowing to the political elite in Washington they have no right to celebrate the memory of Dr.King.  The cowards and bootlickers of the ADC which kowtow to the American political elite, invite the representatives of America’s puppet regimes to their events, and bow before the Arab oil-sheiks that support their lousy outfit have no right to invoke the name or legacy of Dr. King.

We recommend to the ADC clique that they listen to the Dr. King’s “Beyond Vietnam” speech which he delivered at New York’s Riverside Church on April 4th, 1967, a year to the day before he was assassinated.  In that speech Dr. King described the United States as “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.”  As they listen they should compare Dr. King’s stance on civil rights and Vietnam with their own understanding of civil rights, and positions on the US war on Iraq, and Afghanistan.  They should contrast Dr. King’s description of America’s behavior in the world with their own parroting of American clichés and rhetoric about the altruistic role of US foreign policy in the Middle East, and the world today.  It’s especially interesting to compare Dr. King’s understanding of America’s client regime in Vietnam with the ADC’s friendly relationships with America’s puppet regimes in the Arab world.

The cowards at the ADC should listen to Dr. King’s words in this speech in order to understand just how far removed they are from the message and mission of Dr. King.  As they listen to this speech they will likely be overwhelmed with a sense of embarrassment and shame for daring to invoke his name or legacy.  That could be a good thing, and maybe they will finally Ikhras.

ADC’s Warm and Friendly Relations with Mubarak’s Egypt

How many representatives of the Mubarak government can you count in this announcement? Just like Mubarak’s government can’t claim to represent the Egyptian people, ADC can’t claim to represent Arab-Americans.

Clifton, NJ | March, 10, 2008 | The Executive board of the New Jersey Chapter of the American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee (ADC-NJ) wishes to thank all of its members and supporters for making the 12th Annual Banquet a magnificent event and a great success….We wish to thank the following officials and dignitaries for joining us at the Banquet and for their continued support:

His Excellency Ambassador Maged Abdell Fatah Abdel Aziz -Permanent Representative of Egypt to the United Nations

His Excellency Ambassador Sherif El Kholy – Consul General of Egypt to New York

Mr. Mohamed Edrees – Deputy Permanent Representative of Egypt to the United Nations

Mr. Ismail Khairat – Head of Press Office of the Permanent Mission of Egypt to the UN

The ADC and Mubarak’s Ambassadors

Egyptian Foreign Minister Amr Moussa proved his mettle as a diplomat March 19 as he adroitly responded to difficult and even hostile questions during an open discussion sponsored by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee at the Los Angeles Airport Hilton Hotel.

On hand with Foreign Minister Moussa was Egyptian Ambassador Nabil Fahmy and Egypt’s Consul in San Francisco Hagar Islambouli.