Stop Lying To America: “We Will Not Recognize Israel”

This photo will upset the likes of Ziad Asali, Hussein Ibish, Ray Hanania, and James Zogby and it will infuriate Mona Eltahawy.  It represents 99.9% of Arab public opinion and exposes the lies the House Arabs tell in America.  The Washington Arabs can recognize Israel and collaborate with the Zionist lobby because garnering support among the mainstream media and the exigencies of life on the margins of US officialdom require them to do so, but they do not speak for the Arab-American community and they do not speak for the Arab world. Its time they stop lying to the country they decided to make their home. The Arab world and all freedom loving people everywhere will never recognize the usurping Zionist entity in Palestine. There will never be any recognition of Israel and there will never be any peace with Zionism.  Peace comes after Zionism.

Photo credit: Ashraf Shakah


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