SAC Celebrates 5th Syrian “Revolution” Anniversary

CeGgjK2UEAEXUWCThe Syrian-American Council (SAC) is a front group for a minute fraction of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) supporters within the Syrian-American community founded by wealthy Syrian-American businessmen that either chose to leave or were forced to leave Syria in the early 1980s as one of the previous MB campaigns of wide scale violence was quelled by the Syrian Army. For the past five years SAC has presented itself as the Syrian-American voice of the “revolution.” Every March this handful of Syrian-Americans leave their comfortable, suburban American homes for a short vacation in Washington, DC to commemorate the anniversary of the Syrian “revolution.” This year’s all-inclusive package included meetings with the most anti-Syrian, pro-Israel fanatics in Congress to urge them to support a US war on Syria, an evening of music and fine dining at a luxury hotel, an opportunity to listen to a leading propagandist of the Saudi-Wahhabi regime (and a former fighters with Usama Bin-Laden in Afghanistan) that sponsors the Syrian “revolution”, and a couple of hours of waving the French mandate flag in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

After SAC’s fourth anniversary celebration we wrote the following:

“The maintenance of thoroughly debunked lies and narratives as well as the hypocrisy of the entire charade was astounding to watch, and the pseudo-moralistic ranting and sloganeering about democracy and human rights in the buildings and parks of Washington DC rang hollow. Next year SAC will return to this city to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Syrian “revolution”, but they will, once again, do so with very little support from Syrian-Americans. SAC should plan to return to Lafayette Park for many years to come because the Syrian people have decided Umayyad Square will remain off-limits to them and those they represent.”

SAC Supporters Patiently Waiting And Reviewing Notes Before Meeting Member Of Congress To Lobby For A War On Syria

They did return, but SAC’s fifth anniversary celebration was a complete and total failure. Their rally at its height had 200 people, only half of them Syrian-Americans. Last year’s rally which was coordinated with other Islamists at the Council on American Islamic Relations drew a slightly larger crowd. SAC was also forced to cancel an event in Los Angeles when the same Saudi-Wahhabi regime propagandist that addressed their event in Washington DC cancelled. A SAC event which featured the Turkish Counsel General (the MB is nostalgic for the Ottoman occupation of Syria and SAC maintains a close working relationship with Sultan Erdogan’s Islamist government and embassy in Washington) in Chicago was also cancelled.

When it was all over supporters of the “revolution” returned to the safety and tranquility of their suburban American neighborhoods, but not before pledging to continue the “revolution.” SAC’s annual gatherings in Washington DC will continue, but the thoroughly discredited Syria “revolution” narrative no longer attracts many people so attendance at these events will inevitably continue to decline.

Once again we want to remind SAC that Umayyad Square remains off-limits to them and those they represent. Therefore, they should start planning their 6th anniversary celebration. In the meantime, continue begging Zionist fanatics in Congress to support a war on Syria, book your hotel reservations early, and keep waving those flags. “Freedom!” “Dignity!” See you next year!