Rima Fakih has a House Problem

Potential 2012 GOP presidential contender Donald Trump says there “absolutely” is a Muslim problem in the world, and he “couldn’t believe” a mosque is being built near the site of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Any guesses how long it will take for Rima Fakih to denounce Donald Trump’s anti-Islamic remarks? Don’t hold your breath, though we welcome the opportunity to be proven wrong.

Will House Muslim and House Arab organizations criticize Trump or do they feel too indebted to him for providing them with a unique opportunity to feel loved and accepted? The ridiculous jubilation about Rima’s Miss USA title almost made one think these people didn’t give enough hugs from their parents growing up.

If the slightest hint of refusing racism is anywhere near Rima’s mind, she would renounce her title in protest of Trump’s comments. In the mean time, Muslim-American and Arab-American organizations would be well served to note that pursuit of the white man’s approval is an exercise in futility, not to mention self-humiliation.

“I always enjoy being part of Mr. Trump’s events. He is such a wise, down-to-earth individual, and I have learned so much from him.” – Rima Fakih

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