Ribal Al-Assad: Tool of the West

[Ikhras Note: Whether it’s Arab rulers, opponents of Arab regimes, so called human rights and democracy activists, members of the mythical Arab-American lobby, or talentless comedians on the margins of American pop culture, the standard by which Arabs are judged worthy of acceptance remains the same. As the US and its Arab client regimes in the Gulf attempt to hijack the 2011 Arab uprising and set their sights on Syria a clique of Syrians scattered across western capitals have found a new role for themselves in the service of US imperial machinations.  In this special guest submission Ikhras friend Tammy Obeidallah takes a look at the sinister activities of Ribal Al-Assad.]

By Tammy Obeidallah*

Most House Arabs are motivated by a desire for personal wealth, fame, acceptance from the West or perhaps all three. They are despicable sell-outs who undermine the struggles against Zionist occupation and broader Western imperialism. However, there are House Arabs with even more sinister intentions than simple self-indulgence.

Enter Ribal Al-Assad, cousin of Bashar Al-Assad and son of Rifaat—notorious for his role in the regime in the early 1980’s—currently living in Mayfair, England and enjoying the support of the Saudi royal family. Ribal’s pet causes are promoting interfaith dialogue, a two-state solution for Palestine and vilifying Iran. In a May 2010 speech to London’s Rotary Club, he accused Iran of aiming to “create instability in the region by fueling conflict in Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza, Egypt and Afghanistan.”

Ribal founded the Organization for Democracy and Freedom in Syria (ODFS) and directs Arab News Network based in London, broadcasting via satellite from Morocco to Iran. In a 2010 interview with Robert Fisk, Al-Assad stated “My father left Syria because he didn’t want bloodshed. A ‘coup’ means dictatorship and dictatorship breeds corruption and corruption breeds terrorism. We are campaigning internationally for a new Syria.

Such rhetoric and use of foreign media is a manifestation of a destabilization plan allegedly hatched by Saudi National Security Advisor Prince Bandar bin Sultan and U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman in 2008. The plan, outlined on a Syrian pro-government website and referred to by the Zionist Entity’s Haaretz, involved the use of “media efforts funded by European countries but not America.”

Had it not been for this revelation, Ribal would be little more than a laughable caricature, much like the character in the 2005 movie Syriana:  western-educated and pro-“democracy,” as if an Arab cannot be portrayed as “educated” unless he bows to imperialist ideals and western values—or rather lack thereof. Now that Hollywood has played its role in rounding out the American people’s indoctrination of what a “decent” Arab should look like, all that remains is for the U.S. government to add one more puppet to its payroll in the form of one Ribal Al-Assad. As if he’s not there already.

Sadly, this archetype has become the standard by which Arabs can be accepted:  the key to landing an interview on a major news network, the veneer that earns them labels such as “progressive” or moderate,” granting automatic acceptance into the corridors of western power.  These are the Mona Eltahawys, the James Zogbys, the Dean Obeidallahs, the King Abdullahs and the Ribal Al-Assads. Being “westernized” gives Arabs legitimacy, because so many have happily molded themselves into that ideal—the 21st century’s Uncle Tom, or rather, Amo Ahmed. If only Ribal was as benign.

As evidenced in numerous interviews, Ribal is vehemently defensive of his father’s previous role in the Syrian regime:  so much so that it would not be surprising if he had revenge against his detractors in mind. This ominous overtone, along with denouncing Iran as the world’s instigator and advocating giving up over 85% of Palestine, does not bode well for the people of the “new Syria” Ribal—and his Western masters—envision, or the region as a whole.

*Tammy Obeidallah was born and raised in the suburbs of Dayton, Ohio. She graduated from Eastern New Mexico University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. She has traveled to 45 countries including Palestine, Egypt, Morocco, Syria and Pakistan and lived for over a year in Amman, Jordan.

  5 comments for “Ribal Al-Assad: Tool of the West

  1. Khalif
    December 15, 2011 at 5:05 AM

    Thank you very much. Now I am able to join the dots – I did not know about
    this “house arab in Mayfair”

    Some weeks
    back an EU country announced that they are holding contacts with the Syrian
    “opposition”  having had the misfortune
    to meet them I can tell you that that are insane brutal thugs and these eu
    governments give them TOTAL immunity. Open wallet Bandars “pick up the tab” –the
    cursed house of saud. One of the individuals I know (and this is making me sick
    to my stomach –the fact that this individual is responsible for the 1000s of
    dead is the one I shared salt/bread with) had the audacity to tell me that “I
    am going to protest for the Syrian people & i am helping the Syrian people”

    NO not
    protesting for the Syrian people, but lining pockets with Syrian BLOOD MONEY.

    It was
    Friday evening when i saw this individual. I asked if they would like to say
    prayers before dinner. I was in front of the mosque handing out paper print out
    (propaganda against Syrian government). BUT HE DID NOT GO IN AND SAY THE

    the same
    saud built mosque that threatened me and others who wanted to have community
    based activities – help with education, employments, language,…. “we will not
    let you say the Friday prayers” (See the
    blod text above)

    This person
    lost the job, has a partner + kids and has funds to buy/rent a 2nd
    house €900.00/month + bought a used car and was inquiring about a trip to UK+
    has a 1st house for which mortgage has not paid for over 2 years.

    anti-Iran ranting and they do not stop there, US nemesis Hezbollah, Hamas

    and All for
    a worthless fistful of $

  2. Starxyz Light
    November 24, 2011 at 1:22 AM

    I read recently that Ayman Mohyeldin is now working for MSNBC. WTF?!

  3. November 23, 2011 at 8:09 AM

    Finally u are critical of Syria! It is about time you took a stand on that issue – I had heard u were funded by pro Assad forces but maybe not after all. 
    But the writer of this article is horrible. Its vapid prose at best, grammar errors and run on sentences. Her bitterness at being a failed writer undermines her credibility. Can’t you find good writers on this issue especially a Syrian one or actual Arab not this wanna be Arab?

    But thank you for finally standing up for the people of Syria!

    • November 23, 2011 at 11:23 AM

      Maxine or Maysoon, whoever you are, I’d like to know where you got your degree in grammar, Outhouse University? There are no grammatical errors in there, nor run-on sentences and you know it. Your lame attempts at trying to discredit me are futile, as is your worthless existence.

      • Khalif
        December 15, 2011 at 5:09 AM

        Tammy this is the modus operandi when they have no lies left
        For what it is worth – I put in mistakes on purpose
        Excellent reporting – that is what they hate.

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