Ray Hanania Mourns Shimon Peres

Public funeral for victims of the infamous Qana massacre in South Lebanon, April, 1996. Shimon Peres ordered the attack on the UN compound that killed 106 Lebanese civilians earning him the moniker “Butcher of Qana.”

To Poland we belong and to Poland we shall return.

Palestinian-American Zionist and Ikhras Shoe-Of-The-Month award winner Ray Hanania once again reminds us why he is the most disgraced and ridiculed member of the Arab-American community. After the death of Polish, career war criminal Shimon Peres Hanania wrote the following in a Facebook entry:

The death of Shimon Peres has been too depressing for those like me who hope for peace based on Two-States…”

Hanania’s comments are an insult to Peres’ countless victims dating back prior to the establishment of the usurping Zionist entity. It is outrageous and disgraceful for anyone to express such sadness over the passing of one of the most ruthless mass-murderers of the 20th Century, but when such sentiments are expressed by a Palestinian (even a 3rd generation Palestinian-American) they reveal not only a moral bankruptcy, but a  complete and total disconnect and alienation from Palestinian reality.

Hanania followed up his grotesque statement with a reminder to his three (including Ikhras) readers why he is also unanimously recognized as the dumbest Arab in America.

”  I am even more discouraged by the utter inability of most American Jews to view Yasir Arafat in the same light of compassion that Palestinians and Arabs have given to the Israeli-assassinated Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres.”

What!? Palestinians and Arabs “view” [Ukrainian war criminal] Yitzhak Rabin and Peres with “compassion?” What is Ray talking about? And who is Ray talking about? Which Palestinians and Arabs have expressed anything but contempt for both of these racist, mass murderers?

It is simply impossible to overstate the level of contempt and detestation Arabs displayed for Peres, both before, and after his death. When the head of the collaborationist Palestinian (illusory) Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, attended Peres’ funeral, Palestinians watched in national disgust. What followed was a firestorm of condemnation and protest from across the entire Arab and Palestinian political spectrum, including Abbas’ own Fatah faction.

We’re well aware Hanania does not speak, read or understand Arabic, but this obviously ignorant and preposterous assertion cannot be attributed solely to his inability to follow and understand the reaction of Palestinians and Arabs to the death of one of the first generation of Zionist colonizers and terrorists. This statement by Hanania, who fancies himself an expert on Palestine offering native insight into Arab politics, illustrates just how disconnected he is from Palestinians and Arabs.

What explains Hanania’s preposterous assertion is not his ignorance of the Arab world and lack of Arabic language skills. It goes much deeper. Hanania spent his entire life in Midwest America and attended U.S. public madrasas where he was indoctrinated in the ideology of “American exceptionalism.” Arab-Americans like Hanania have internalized the racist double-standards of American political culture which explains how and why they are capable of ignoring and disregarding Arab victims of Zionist terrorism and U.S. wars.

Hanania’s rambling stupidity is nothing new, and his grotesque comments following the death of Peres are not surprising. Ikhras would like to remind Hanania and all Zionists in this country that Arabs remember each and every victim of Shimon Peres. We remember where and when they were murdered. We remember how they were murdered. We remember their names, ages, and faces. We remember the suffering of the families and loved ones they left behind. It is unfortunate that Peres did not live long enough to witness the liberation of Palestine and be brought to justice. His death is no reason for mourning, but it is an opportunity to honor his victims by repledging our commitment to liberating Palestine from the river to the sea and bringing all Zionist war criminals to justice.

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