Ray Hanania Falls Into A Bout Of Depression

Palestinian American Zionist Ray Hanania is very depressed.

“Well, you wonder why you waste your time trying to do good. Does it really make a difference or does it just make you feel good? Or, does it make you just more unhappy doing good seeing that it can be so unproductive sometimes? It’s that whole “You can see the beauty better when it’s next to the bad” theory. Failed hope seems so much more despondent next to successful failure. This is one depressed Palestinian standup comedian writer and Arab father of a Jewish kid”

Of course, this is understandable. The last couple of years have not gone well for the thoroughly humiliated laughing stock of the Arab-American community.  Ray’s personal and emotional downward spiral appears to have begun with this article exposing his often repeated lie he was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Racist, anti-Arab rants, pro-Zionist columns, and cheap sectarian agitation have left him completely discredited among Arab-Americans. His failed comedy career appeared to have officially ended almost a year ago in November 2010 with a comedic debacle in Chicago which sent half the audience home early and forced the person who booked him to apologize for the program the very next day. Although Ray is not the only one who falsely claims to speak Arabic in an attempt to mislead other Americans and present himself as someone with an advanced degree of knowledge and expertise on the Arab world, he must have been embarrassed after his inability to speak Arabic was publicly exposed.  The absurd claims he made about Arab-American leaders across the U.S. contacting him to express their support also became part of his long record of adolescent public behavior.  As time passed his legions of anonymous supporters became fodder for jokes. This was followed by what must have been the two most devastating personal episodes for Ray, the “Hanania Emails” scandal and his humiliating exit from the ADC National Board.

Although what this despicable character and target of public ridicule has endured is well deserved, the cumulative effect of all that’s happened to Ray this past year may have, unfortunately, now lead to a serious bout of depression. At this point it’s important for him to acquire some professional help and prevent any further deterioration of his mental well-being. Publicly whining about his condition on his twitter feed will not help him. The best way for Ray to begin his social, mental, and emotional rehabilitation is to apologize to the Arab-American community and then ikhras.

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  1. October 3, 2011 at 6:45 PM

    I do not have a degree in Psychology, but pehaps I can render an opinion
    diagnosis of what Ray’s problem is based on his own comment of being “an Arab
    father” to a “Jewish kid.”

    First, does it not resonate with Ray that there is really no equivalent
    between “Jew” and “Arab” and that although Ray’s son might be “Jewish,” as
    regards religion, his son is also an Arab because his father is Arab regardless
    of Ray’s religious affiliation. If Ray decided to convert to Judiasm, he could
    be Jewish, but he would still be an Arab. 

    Secondly, this deep depression may be due to the fact that Ray’s son,
    by virtue of his being Jewish according to Israel’s definition, has the
    automatic privilege of living in his father’s homeland, and denying Ray that
    right. It also gives Ray’s wife the same automatic privilege. So poor Ray is feeling
    disconnected and left out.

    Thus, Ray is perhaps responsible for his depression. .

    Rx = Stop supporting Israel as a Jewish state and support the return of the
    Palestinian refugees to their beloved homeland, at least as a starter. Will start you on other remedies later.

  2. Paul1982
    September 28, 2011 at 5:53 AM

    What’s really depressing is that it took a grassroots action campaign to pressure ADC into doing something they should have done on their own. An anti-discrimination group should not be reminded of its core mission. But then again, the ADC has lost its compass ever since AAI’s Jim Zogby’s poisonous influence dragged the whole Arab American grasssroots activism into the gutter of Arab tyrants’ cash. That’s when ADC decided it wants to go after the cash too. 

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