Ray Hanania Doesn’t Mind Taking A Loyalty Oath To Zionism, But Like His Jokes, It Would Be Repetitive

We’re not surprised Palestinian-American Zionist Ray Hanania does not oppose the Israeli cabinet’s decision to approve a bill requiring new non-Jewish citizens to swear an oath of allegiance to Israel as a “Jewish and democratic state.”  In effect, this law is a requirement to declare one’s commitment to Zionism, and a Jewish, exclusivist state in Palestine.

Ray has repeatedly expressed his support for this Zionist objective, and attacked Palestinians for refusing to surrender their inalienable right of return to Palestine.  He thinks adopting this approach makes him appear resonable, realistic, moderate, and pragmatic in sharp contrast with the opposing group of “extremists, radicals, and dreamers” we are proud and honored to associate with.  Ray not only supports the oath of allegiance to Zionism, but he has signaled his willingness to take the oath, “In the meantime, I don’t mind taking a loyalty oath to Jewish Israel. It’s just all words. I’m married to a Jew, Alison, who one day could “return” to Jerusalem. And even though my father, grandfather and the entire Hanania clan are from Jerusalem, I can’t return except as an immigration petitioning for citizenship.”

This Palestinian-American’s commitment to Zionism is indisputable.  I don’t think the Israelis would ever doubt his allegiance to the illegitimate, usurping, and temporary entity in Palestine.  So Ray’s oath of allegiance to Zionism when, and if, he does take it, would be merely another reaffirmation of what he has already, and often demonstrated.

Ray continues to live in a fantasy world when he says he “can’t return except as an immigration (He meant immigrant) petitioning for citizenship.” You’re wrong Ray.  There is only one way to return, and that is through the defeat of Zionism, the liberation of Palestine, and with the rest of the Palestinian people.  If you apologize to them for your behavior, and promise to Ikhras, maybe they would be willing to forgive you and drop you off in liberated Jerusalem on their way to Haifa, Jaffa, and Akka.

Ray did not insert any new Arabic words in his last article, but he did return to his old habit of mentioning his Jewish wife.  The clown of Cicero still believes his marriage to a Jewish woman provides him with unique insight, and credibility when discussing Zionism and the Arab-Israeli conflict.  Someone among those legions of anonymous Ray Hanania supporters we have yet to hear from should let him know his personal status, and the religious orientation of his spouse are irrelevant.  He continues to mention this personal tidbit of information in order to set up the same joke he’s been telling for a few years now, but it wasn’t funny the first time he said it, and it’s still not funny.   I don’t mind Ray’s repeated declarations of allegiance to Zionism which only helps the Palestinian cause by demonstrating the quality and nature of those who support Israel, but I really wish I can limit how many times he repeats the same stupid joke.

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  1. Mahmoud
    October 16, 2010 at 6:44 PM

    Love Love Love the Ray Hanania bashing. Please never stop.
    Ikhras Ray Ya Sahyooni!

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