Ray Hanania Again Denies Being Sacked By ADC, Continues To Explain His Departure

Palestinian-American Zionist, failed comedian, and interfaith marriage counselor Ray Hanania continues denying he was jettisoned by the ADC.  He is now saying he declined seeking reappointment in order to focus his work on, among others, Ikhras:

He declined reappointment to another one year term on the ADC National so he could focus on his writings to skewer the extremist hate groups like Ikhras, KabobFest and other fanatics

Let’s be clear about what Ray is asking us to believe.  He wants to convince us that after serving one year on the national board of the highest profile Arab-American group in the U.S., his subsequent departure from the ADC was simply an expiration of a pre-determined one-year stint.  As we all know the ADC provides no clear guidelines or transparency when it comes to appointments to leadership positions.  Ray’s presence on the national board was controversial from the very start and caused a backlash among supporters of the ADC. His appointment by the now thoroughly disgraced Safa Rifka (winner of the June 2011 Ikhras Shoe of the Month) was designed to surround the ADC chair with a reliable, easily manipulated political simpleton and sycophant.  By Ray’s own admission he was not even consulted prior to making any decisions regarding, for example, the ADC national convention program.  During his entire year at the ADC there were continuous calls for his removal by ADC supporters and the Arab -American community.  Hanania made several controversial comments regarding Arab-Americans, engaged in cheap sectarian agitation, and was never considered to possess the character or qualifications to serve in a national leadership position.  The low point of Ray’s tenure at the ADC came earlier this year when it was revealed he referred to Arabs as “raghead fags” in a private email which was obtained and published by Ikhras.

If Ray’s term at the ADC simply expired and he was not sacked in a desperate attempt by the ADC to regain some credibility by ridding itself of this angry, and disturbed sectarian agitator, why was he dismissed so quietly?  It’s not as if the ADC doesn’t usually issue press releases thanking people for their service.  At the same time Ray was being tossed into the trash bin the ADC issued this press release thanking outgoing Sarah Najjar-Wilson for her “service as President of ADC, as well as her kind generosity and dedication to our community.”

Ray has been a member of the ADC since it was established in 1980. Why hasn’t the ADC issued a simple press release recognizing his over 30-years of dedication to the organization and thanking him for serving on the national board?  Doesn’t Hanania, an award-winning journalist, Pulitzer prize nominee (NOT), and a pillar of the Arab-American community deserve any recognition or gratitude for his own service to the ADC?

The truth is the folks at the ADC are fighting a losing battle to regain some credibility and relevance.  Although the ADC is beyond repair those who are still hoping to redeem this corrupt and failed organization realize they can’t even attempt to do so while this Zionist clown remains on the national board. They simply had to get rid of him.

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