Radwan Ziadeh: A Washington-Approved Syrian

Radwan Ziadeh: Fighting For Democracy At the State Department

Radwan Ziadeh is the type of American-approved “democracy and human rights advocate” that gives lectures at the National Endowment For Democracy and receives invitations to the State Department, but does not represent the Syrian people or their aspirations.

Radwan Ziadeh, a signer of the Damascus Declaration, went to the State Department, in Washington, D.C., to hear President Obama assess the current Arab Spring, which has brought forth popular revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt as well as mass protests elsewhere, including in Syria,

Anyone who wants to support the Arab uprisings, promote democracy and human rights, or fight tyranny by appealing to the American government immediately casts doubts and suspicions on their role in what may be a legitimate and worthy cause.  These individuals are quickly dismissed by the same Arab people whose cause they claim to support. This is especially true when it comes to Syria, a country targeted by a hostile US foreign policy throughout its entire recent history.

Despite its endless propaganda about American values, democracy , and freedom, the US government has never been an advocate of such values and a quick review of its foreign policy in any region of the world since the end of World War II shows it has has almost always sought to undermine them.  In the Arab world the US is the biggest purveyor of violence, the protector of the Zionist colonial regime in Palestine, a hostile imperialist power, and the biggest obstacle to freedom and democracy.   If you’re appealing to Washington you no longer have a role to play in any pro-democracy movement especially in Syria where there is an uncompromising unanimity among the people in opposition to American hegemony, and foreign meddling.

The US has opposed the Syrian regime not for its support of “terrorism”, or lack of democratic rule, but for precisely the very same policies which Syrian opponents and supporters of the regime would both support and seek to preserve:  a Syrian regional role based on confronting and defeating the Zionist colonial project in Palestine, preserving Syria’s centrality in the region and its independent decision making,  and a rejection of any foreign meddling in the internal affairs of the country.  Given the US government’s belligerent policies in the region, its abysmal anti-democratic record, and consistent anti-Syrian policies, common sense and human decency would dictate that anyone interested in bringing about change in Syria would begin by a rejection of any US interference.

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