Park51 Imam: “I am a supporter of the state of Israel.”

Two interesting items on Park51:

First, Professor As’ad Abu Khalil described Park51 as “a gesture intended to appease the mainstream culture.” We couldn’t agree more and we’ve presented a similar argument previously.

Second, Park51 imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s politics have been raising suspicion among the population the Department of State is trying to win over. The New York Times tells us that at a talk he gave in Cairo in February “some questioners were so suspicious that he felt the need to declare that he was not an American agent” because he called for acceptance of the West and normalization with Israel:

Muslims need to understand and soothe Americans who fear them, the imam said; they should be conciliatory, not judgmental, toward the West and Israel.

One inquisitive audience member remarked:

Wasn’t the United States financing the speaking tour that had brought the imam to Cairo because his message conveniently echoed United States interests?

One simply cannot serve two conflicting sides at the same time. The Times quotes Professor Omid Safi characterizing Abdul Rauf as not been outspoken enough on issues “‘near and dear to many Muslims,’ like United States policy on Israel and treatment of Muslims after 9/11.”

According to the Times article, Abdul Rauf subscribes to a Sufi interpretation of Islam. His interpretation of Islam or embrace of any religion or no religion for that matter, is irrelevant to us. What concerns us is the most troubling quote in that article, “I am a supporter of the state of Israel.” We’d argued that “the ground zero mosque will be a breeding ground for ikhras-worthy events”. We rest our case.

Check out our previous articles on Park51.

  8 comments for “Park51 Imam: “I am a supporter of the state of Israel.”

  1. Afriq
    February 4, 2012 at 9:38 AM

    Not the first time an “IMAM” from stateside has been USED to promote american ideology.

    I think it was around mid 2005, an Imam from US was brought to Europe to sell bushism to Muslims.
    We received a call from the mosque “l. come and welcome the Imam of washington” first and last time the mosque admin ever bothered about Muslim issues
    These Imam – I do not know if he was the Imam of Washington but he lectured us for around 30 mins on how America punishes the Abu Gharaib thugs etc

    There were CIA goons present
    I never got to QUESTION the Imam
    the cia broad an Albright like chose who could question the Imam – male 15-45 age range than he was whisked off by the albright lookalike to the next venue
    WE DO NOT TRUST US IMAMS preaching americanism

  2. DrM
    August 23, 2010 at 3:39 AM

    Work well done. If Zionists like Bloomberg, Dershowitz and Zakaria supporting this didn’t raise any red flags, then here is proof positive. Rauf and his wife has been playing pseudo-Sufi card for years, but this is proof positive that the Imam is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They are part of the pro-regressive pro-US and pro-Israeli house Muslim gang which was being heavily promoted by the usual suspects after 9/11. Luckily these past attempts failed, and I’m sure Rauf is now thinking just how did the chickens come home to roost for him…

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