Omar Baddar Leaves AAIUSA

Ikhras was pleased to learn that Omar Baddar has left his position as New Media Coordinator at the Arab-American Institute (AAI). While we’re unaware of the circumstances surrounding Omar’s departure from James Zogby‘s AAI we believe this can only be viewed as a welcome development. Despite our fundamental disagreements with Omar we have always believed that he, unlike the other establishment Arab-Americans, showed a great deal of sincerity despite his misguided approach to political activism. We hope that Omar’s departure from AAI will be an opportunity for him to remove the political shackles of Washington and join the rest of us shunned miscreants that refuse to cater their political activism and discourse to American political sensibilities. We believe Omar has a great deal to contribute to issues of concern for the Arab-American community, first, and foremost, the liberation of Palestine and ending US-Israeli wars on the Arab world. This will require not only leaving AAI but also leaving behind the model of futile political activism associated with this organization. We also hope that with Omar’s departure from  AAI he will also leave behind his previous hostility towards ikhras.  We look forward to a new relationship in the future, and wish him very best.