More Proof Eltahawy is Wrong on Israel

Mona Eltahawy recently proclaimed at a J Street conference that during the Egyptian revolution:

“not one anti-Israeli or anti-American sentiment was expressed”

Reality suggests otherwise. In what Asa Winstanley characterizes as a “horrible, patronising article,” Amira Hass laments that she was unable to find anyone who would give her an interview.

Me: “Hello, I received your telephone number from the journalist, X.” He: “Please, I’m at your disposal.” Me: “My name is so and so, I have been living in Ramallah for the past X years and I write for the newspaper Haaretz.” He: “No, I don’t deal with the Zionist entity.”

He was polite but determined. And he is not a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hass goes on to describe the categories of Egyptians who refused to give her an interview. While details vary, all categories hold in common categorical rejection of normalization with “Israel,” or even the appearance thereof.

Get the hint ya Mona. Your normalization with Israel is not shared with or appreciated by your fellow Egyptians. Your Arabic is presumably better than Amira Hass’, so how could you possibly still be blinded to Egyptians’ rejection of Israel? If you can’t renounce your normalization with Israel, it’s better to just ikhrasi.

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