More Hypocrisy From CAIR

cairThe hypocrisy of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) when it comes to condemning violence and terrorism is common knowledge by now so it should have come as no surprise that immediately following the news of a terrorist attack in Brussels CAIR rushed to issue a press release condemning the attack and feigning moral outrage. This is standard operating procedure for the ikhras Shoe-of-the-Month award-winning organization which has been consistently selective in which terrorist attacks it condemns and which ones it chooses to ignore. This pattern of behavior has not been difficult to discern. CAIR basically adopts and internalizes the racist double standards of Western governments and media. Acts of terrorism in Western cities receive far greater attention that those in Arab, African, or Muslim-majority countries. Rather than offering a clear moral condemnation of all acts of terrorism regardless of the nationality, race, or religion of the victims and perpetrators, CAIR issues disingenuous press releases that amount to little more than transparent political posturing.

The CAIR statement released after the Brussels attacks was notable for going beyond the usual political posturing and included this blatant projection of their own characteristic behavior:

“The Washington-based organization also urged media professionals to devote equal attention to such attacks when they occur in other nations. CAIR noted that recent attacks in Turkey took the lives of dozens of people, including two Americans, yet far less attention was paid to those attacks.”

The few of us within the U.S. Muslim community who follow CAIR are familiar with the lack of consistency when it comes to condemning terrorism from the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated contingent within the organization that dominates the decision making process, at least at the national level. While the Western double standards to which CAIR adheres are based on anti-Arab, anti-Muslim bigotry generally, there is another less apparent, sectarian double standard that is unique to the Islamists within CAIR.  When it comes to terrorism in Iraq and Syria, CAIR has refused to condemn any act of terrorism directed against minority sects within Islam, most notably Druze and Alawite Muslims in Syria. CAIR has also never condemned an act of terrorism directed against Shia Muslims whether in Pakistan, Iraq, or Saudi Arabia. In some instances, CAIR chapter leaders have openly expressed support for terrorist groups that carried out sectarian massacres in Syria.

CAIR’s own lack of moral consistency in condemning terrorism makes its call for “equal attention” for all terrorism as galling as it is laughable. The glaring hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy underlined by an ugly sectarianism renders CAIR unqualified and unable to credibly address the racist double standards of Western governments and media. The U.S. Muslim community condemns both.