Mona Eltahawy: “Expert” In America, Outcast In Tahrir Square

After spending years dismissing the cause of Palestinian liberation as unimportant, attacking Egyptians for their “near-hysterical hatred” for Israel, and going as far as describing the Zionist entity as “the opium of the Arabs”, Mona Eltahawy is now an expert on Palestine.  It’s no coincidence she was assigned this new role after her appearance at this year’s J-Street conference.   It was only natural that after addressing the racist, Zionist group and adopting the objectives and rhetoric of “moderate Zionism” she would be a sought after speaker on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

“Author Rula Jebreal is scheduled to join Schnabel, journalist Mona Eltahawy,… and Yonatan Shapira,…a former captain in the Israeli Air Force Reserves in a discussion after the film”

Maybe Mona will ask her fellow panelist and war criminal how many bombs he dropped on Arab civilians during his career.   And now that the Egyptian people have made clear their position on Israel she should ask the Egyptian revolutionaries whose voices she claims to represent in America what they think of her views on the Arab-Israeli conflict, and her description of their opposition to Zionism as “near hysterical hatred” of Israel.

Congratulations on your new status Mona.  Along with becoming an American media darling, you’re now an expert on Palestine.  You managed to win the approval and admiration of racist, Zionist groups, and even found time to flirt with Bill Maher.  Your career in America has really taken off, but something else has also happened to you, and back in Egypt among the people of Tahrir Square you’ve now earned the status of outcast.  Was it really worth it?