Make up your mind, Park51

A couple of days ago we were amused to see Park51 discuss its leadership while the revolt raged in Egypt. When we criticized their silence, their response was:

Park51 seemed to have some form of temporary amnesia. We reminded them that they are in fact a very political organization. Their Imam Abdul Rauf explicitly stated that he supported Israel. His wife Daisy Khan appeared proud during a NYT that she had a relative in the military. Abdul Rauf went on diplomatic missions in middle eastern countries, representing the Department of State.

The interesting trend we’re seeing among House Arabs and House Muslims in reaction to the revolution in Egypt, is one of frantic damage control. Instead of shutting up, as we repeatedly encourage them to do, they are trying to join the party and pretending they’ve been opposing Arab dictators all along. Park51 just said 48 hours ago in response to our questioning why they had nothing to say against Mubarak:

Today Park51 finally joined the bandwagon and chimed in on Christian-Muslim solidarity in facing the police.

Too little, too late.

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