Letter From A Reader: U.S. Muslim And CAIR Supporter Rejects Call For “No-Fly Zone” Over Syria

U.S. Muslims, including the few that support some of the advocacy work of the Council On American Islamic Relations (CAIR), have begun to speak out against CAIR’s support for U.S. wars abroad. Not only has CAIR supported every U.S. war since its establishment including the wars on Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, it is currently lobbying for a U.S. war on Syria. We received the following letter from a U.S. Muslim which she first sent to CAIR. We do not endorse the assertions or opinion expressed in this letter. It is entirely the viewpoint of the author. We are, however, publishing it in its entirety. It serves as a reminder that although our community may have differing opinions on a variety of issues, all but a handful of self-serving ideologues and careerists would support U.S. wars on Muslim-majority countries. CAIR does not speak for the U.S. Muslim community which stands united with all Americans opposed to U.S. militarism and imperialism and in solidarity with all victims of U.S. wars.

The letter is from Suzy Abu-Nie. Abu-Nie wanted to make it clear she does support the work of CAIR. In her own words she explained “I do like some of their work (civil rights) for helping Muslims in the US but I never like their stance on US foreign policy…Again I do respect CAIR’s work domestically but when it comes to politics abroad, their stance is wrong.”

The following is the full text of the letter she sent to CAIR after receiving an email urging Muslims to support a “No-Fly Zone” over Syria (a euphemism for war) to which she received no response. We are publishing this letter with the permission of the author. Other concerned members of our Muslim community are welcome to send us their thoughts and opinions which we will share with ikhras readers.

Salams Ikhras,

This is my email response to the CAIR email that was sent on the list-serve. Man did they piss me off with their email…

Assalamu alaikum,

Jazak Allahu Kheir for the work you do for the Muslim community in the USA. I am very disappointed with CAIR’s stance on a “no-fly” zone in Syria that CAIR supports. 

It’s not just the Syrian government that is bombing civilians, but the US military has been bombing for months now. The US government is also killing civilians. And the US government, along with their European allies, and Israeli allies (part of the Zionist project) are all working together and coordinating their efforts to destroy Syria, including the hypocritical Muslim/ Arab countries in the Gulf (Saudi Arabia “home of the Hajj”, the UAE, Qatar, to name a few).

Where was CAIR when the US government is still supporting ISIS, or DAESH, financially and militarily???  This is very hypocritical of CAIR. This issue is not about Assad — it’s about the people that are suffering, including the Palestinians in Syria, whom I know personally. And they know the situation first hand. I have been in contact with my Palestinian refugee friends from the Palestinian refugee camps in Syria who have experienced violence from ALL parties in Syria and this is due to the US support of destabilization of a sovereign country that was once Syria. 

Syrians deserve to be free but their right to freedom was hijacked by western interests and corrupted Gulf regimes. Just as was the case in Libya.

For CAIR to align themselves with western interests and the US government, it is making a huge mistake and hypocritical stance. My Palestinian friends from the camps in Syria went through Turkey on those migrant boats and almost died to be safe and got to Europe and dealing with horrible circumstances there. That’s unfair, especially for Palestinians who are refugees fleeing from conflict and don’t hold any passport except for a useless “UN refugee travel document.”

Instead of calling for a “no-fly” zone and asking the USA to “help” (which they won’t anyway because there is NO interest in saving Muslim lives and in fact want Muslims DEAD) you, as a Muslim organization should be helping the civilian population by providing humanitarian aid inside and outside Syria to ALL civilians from Syria. 

The conflict in Syria is not about Assad – who cares about him. There are so many factions that were created by the fitna from the west and now fighting each other, and in fact are being supported by the USA and Zionist entity. 

And you know that. 

It’s fitna and it’s our job to pray and make Dua’a for our Muslim sisters and brothers in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan that were destroyed by the west with financial support by the Gulf regimes.

Your job is to help the civilians and coordinate and organize real tangible projects and call for the Muslims in America to wake up and not be afraid of the US government anymore and pretend to be “so American and red, white and blue.”

Muslims have lost their integrity when it comes to politics and the regional conflicts in our home countries because Muslims here are trying hard to be “as American as apple pie.”

Forget it and let’s take back our integrity and help our sisters and brothers for REAL.

Wa salam,

suzy abu-nie