King Abdullah Continues Hashemite Family’s Traditional Role

No other Arab regime has been as loyal to Zionism and imperialism as the illegitimate regime of Jordan.  In this special guest submission Sumaya Al-Shawish takes a look at how the Hashemite King is spending his time pursuing his families’ traditional role as a puppet regime in the service of Western imperialism and a pliant tool of Zionism.  

Jordan’s King Abdullah II has been a busy man of late.  Last week, he paid a visit to the West Bank for the first time in ten years to meet with Palestinian President and fellow House Arab Mahmoud Abbas. Then he played host to Israeli President Shimon Peres during a brief visit to the Hashemite Kingdom. Next week he is reportedly heading to Washington.

The purpose of the meeting between Abdullah and Peres was to discuss how to revive the “peace process” between Palestine and the Zionist Entity based on the non-viable two-state solution.  According to all accounts, the King chided Peres on settlement building; however, nothing was mentioned regarding the blockade of Gaza, home demolitions, detentions and political prisoners. Not surprisingly, Peres’s office issued a statement describing the meeting as “warm, open and friendly.” Promoting a defunct plan to create a state on two noncontiguous scraps of land representing less than 13 percent of historical Palestine while her citizens are trodden under is bad enough. However, there are suggestions of something even baser transpiring:

In an article published in the New York Times  Ethan Bronner states:

“As post-revolutionary Egypt pulls back from its longstanding role as the bridge between Israel and the Arab world, Jordan sees an opportunity and is using these public visits to make that clear.”

This would explain why Peres’ visit was publicized, although the Israelis were perfectly willing to keep it a secret, according to the same article.

Ever the opportunist, Abdullah was eager to promote his new status as the Jewish State’s “go-to” guy in the region in the wake of the Arab Spring in an interview with Lally Weymouth, senior associate editor at the Washington Post.  When asked about what the Arab Spring meant to Israelis, Abdullah stated:

“It is a disaster. You have seen what has happened in Egypt; you have seen Turkey. We are actually the last man standing with our relationship with Israel. That puts tremendous pressure on Jordan.”

This thinly veiled criticism of governments standing up to Israeli crimes gives even further evidence as to where Abdullah’s true allegiance lies. He knows the very survival of the Hashemite regime is dependent upon the Zionist Entity and western benefactors such as the United States.

When asked if he thought Egypt may break the peace treaty with the Jewish State, Abdullah answered,

“If I were in Israel, I would be very concerned when I look at the regional map.”

So nice that he can empathize with the occupiers.

On the bright side, perhaps his new prominent role in the Middle East will be enhanced by the scheduled opening of Star Trek Land—or the Red Sea Astrarium as it is officially called—in 2014. Maybe, unlike during his guest appearance (See video) on Star Trek: Voyager, Abdullah will even be allowed to speak when he visits the park.

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