Jim Zogby

Another Long Night Empowering Arab-Americans & Defending Palestinian Rights

Jim Zogby:

In the first place, actions and statements like these send absolutely horrible messages overseas about the inability of American politics to deal fairly with any Middle East issue that involves Israel. And so these behaviors end up undercutting U.S. diplomacy.

Relax Jim, and don’t worry about the “horrible messages” this could send to the Arab world.  It won’t make any difference at all.  By now the entire Arab world understands the U.S. government has never dealt “fairly” (or morally) with the Arab-Israeli conflict, and they harbor no illusions about any change in U.S. policy anytime soon despite your galas and valiant efforts in Washington since the 1970’s.  In fact, all rational, informed people in the U.S. and the Arab world recognize the U.S. Government is the main sponsor of the Zionist colonial occupation of Palestine, and the enabler of all of Israel’s crimes.  After all the death and destruction Zionism has inflicted on Palestine and the Arabs, pretending that somehow a few more anti-Arab, pro-Israel remarks by members of Congress that most people in the Arab world have not heard of will make things worst is not only untrue, it’s downright silly.  We know you want to participate in the Washington discourse, and, therefore, feel compelled to offer an acceptable, mainstream message, but if you can’t be honest with other Americans and speak the truth about the U.S. role in the region, isn’t it better to just Ikhras.

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